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Elzabeth Gillan/ First Year/Ravenclaw

Name: Elzabeth Gillan
House: Ravenclaw
Age: 11
Wand: 27,0 cm cherry wood and unicorn hair
School Year: 1st year
Patronus: N/A
Species: Human

History: Elzabeth grew up in Bristol England with her mother and father. Her father was a wizard, her mom a muggle. Living in a muggle town and with a wizard parent was difficult, to say the least, but they made it work.

Her father worked for the ministry of magic law enforcement, so he took his job seriously and often would lecture Elzabeth on things he had seen people do that day. Her mother took on the job of a nurse, sometimes it was fun having parents with important jobs, some times it wasn't.

She was only a toddler when she had started to show signs of magic, sometimes making toys float or food fly when she was upset. When her father found out she was going to be a witch he was enthralled, her mother, on the other hand, was a little upset. All she wanted was for her daughter to live a normal life, far away from all the magic issues her father had complained about once he got home for work.

Elzabeth, on the other hand, was beyond happy to learn there was another world out there, another bigger and more magical world than the one she had called home since she was born.

Now she was at Hogwarts, a school to help her refine her magic skills as much as she would allow it. Even though she was a little homesick at times, she loved it here and wouldn't change it for the world.
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E. Gillan

Elzabeth Gillan/ First Year/Ravenclaw


Hope Ables - Friend, she was there for Elzabeth when she got homesick.

James McMurtry - Best Friend

Lark Flaer- Best Friend

Gem Stuart- Best Friend

Catriona Staverly- Friend

Teiki Laurent - Aquatences

Stella Rose- Enemy


Margo White- Friend

Illowy Mangard- Acquaintance

William Dubios- Freind


Savannah Rose- Enemy

Lamik Fillestar- Friend/Crush
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E. Gillan

Elzabeth Gillan/ First Year/Ravenclaw

(Note that other than them being filtered through the year, they may be out of order)

List of RPs:


I may not list some of the forms I've taken part in due to them not going anywhere or someone not responding. Those who are not included do not count to the main story line of Elzabeth Gillan.

First Year:

Saying Goodby = Finished

Tackled First Thing = Finished

A New Buddy = Ongoing

Sorting Ceremoney 2019 - 2020 = Finished

Ravenclaw Table 2019 - 2020 = Uncertan

Owling Home = Finished

A sleepless night = Finished

Too Short To Reach = Finished

All this, over a book? = Finished

Slumber Party Haul!= Finished

The Order Of The Dawn = Finished

Catching A Friend = Finished

The Plan = Finished

New Day= Ongoing

Something Fun= Finished

Movie night = Finished

Dress Swap! = Finished

The Masquerade Ball = Ongoing

A Bad Spot to Study = Ongoing

Twelfth Time's A charm . . . ? = Ongoing

Second Year:




Fourth Year:


Fifth Year:


Sixth Year:


Seventh Year:

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E. Gillan

Elzabeth Gillan/ First Year/Ravenclaw


Stamina: 6/10
Evasion: 7/10
Strength: 5/10
Wisdom: 8/10
Accuracy: 5/10

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