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Darren Hurst, The Keeper of Keys and Grounds



INACTIVE | This character has moved to America to reunite with his daughter.

29 | Hufflepuff Alumni | Hogwarts Groundskeeper & Caretaker | Divorced

EARLY YEARS: Being academically accomplished with two kids, a white picket fence and a dog - from the outside, the Rey family is living the dream. However, their children have been forgotten in their quest for greatness. Darren and Daniel Rey were raised mostly by nannies while their parents basked in the limelight of their careers taking off at the Ministry. They would have to do something amazing to get their parents to notice them. Eager to please, Darren excelled in his schooling at Hogwarts and with only a year left, he knows he has to find something interesting enough to keep him motivated and important enough to make his parents proud; something to brag about and make them pause for a moment. The truth is, he doesn’t know who he is as a person and is at loss for what he would offer the world. It’s a lonely world to live in, especially when one doesn’t see a way out.

ADULT LIFE: After leaving school, Darren spent a few years back home, working a desk job of all things. Absolutely miserable at work, he spontaneously applied for the Groundskeeper position at Hogwarts and got the job! Still in a position of wanting his parents to be proud, he explained the situation to them. Though they disproved, he ultimately decided that he wanted to do what made him happy. His happiness mattered more than their pride. Finally, he was taking a chance on his own happiness, branching out from the family and he couldn't be more excited. In his groundskeeper position, he has officially been working at Hogwarts for nearly ten years now. Though, it has caused him to lose the love of his life (which you can read more about below), he doesn't regret his decision to stay within the position.
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Darren Hurst, The Keeper of Keys and Grounds



DAUGHTER; SABRINA HURST; Until her arrival at Hogwarts, Darren had only seen his daughter during the summer months and for some holidays. Though when he was unable to see her, he would send her trinkets in the mail (such as a daisy necklace) and letters when he could. 


DAUGHTER'S FRIEND; REID KOVACS; His daughter's childhood friend from Derby that he met in September when he took them both school shopping. Though they've only known one another for a short time, he has heard a lot about Reid over the years and feels closer to him already.

EX WIFE; JUNIPER HURST; When he met Juniper, it was a match between their parents (though he didn't know it at the time) as they had met through his work at the Ministry where Darren had a boring desk job. After a few years of dating, the two had an extravagant wedding but soon after moved to Hogwarts, where Darren planned on starting a new life for himself that he could be happy and proud of, as Hogwarts Groundskeeper. Not even having been married a year, Juniper left him for unknown reasons, likely due to her parent's influence (unconfirmed) and her hatred for living in the cabin. Shortly after, she wrote to Darren to tell him that she was pregnant but would raise their daughter within her lifestyle. *He took her last name when they married as he had a feeling that his family would disown him someday.

ESTRANGED FAMILY; Darren's parents, brother and the rest of the Rey family are no longer in contact with Darren after his refusal to continue his work at the Ministry (which they had used their connections to get him the job). They feel that his work at Hogwarts is too low a position for one with such fine qualities and breeding. While Darren isn't sure how to feel about their disownment of him (he expected as much), he does miss his brother Daniel, who has followed into their parents footsteps into the Ministry.
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