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Sapphire Riddle | First Year | Slytherin

Full Name: Sapphire Kirilyn Riddle
House: Slytherin
Age: 11
Wand: 27.5 centimeters, cherry wood and dragon heartstring
"Pliable, very effective for unspoken spells, perfect for defense spells." ~Garrick Ollivander
Wand Arm: Right
School Year: 1st year
Patronus: Lynx, Raven, Crow, Thestral, or Augurey
Species: Parselmouth/Witch
Date of Birth: April 24, 2007
Birthstone: Diamond
Zodiac: Taurus
Thestral: Yes
Boggart: A doorway leading into a dark, shadowed room that holds untold horrors - Fear of the unknown
Nickname(s): Sapphi, Gemstone (her adoptive parents)
Favorite color: Ocean blue
Hobbies: Writing, reading, drawing, imagining odd situations, flute
Favorite book: Cinder (Lunar Chronicles)
Pre- Hogwarts History
"Part 1"
Henry Riddle was a young Gryfinndor with flaming red hair and bright, idea-filled emerald eyes reflected his personality that would later represent his jealousy of others. He was a kindred spirit, and he loved to invent new things. That was, until he turned eleven and received his letter of acceptance to Hogwarts.

Esme Lark was a pure-blood Ravenclaw who had an amazing and prosperous life at Hogwarts, yet she was a person who was quiet and had very few friends. Her parents were both Slytherins who hoped that she would never be kind to a soul in the House of the Lions. They were wrong, of course, but they weren’t rude to Gryffindors. Esme had dark hair that spiraled in curls to her hips, and golden eyes that made many wary of the introverted bookworm.

As the two progressed in their years at Hogwarts, they came upon a predicament. A boy, James, was throwing curses at Henry’s little sister. Hexes, jinxes, and once the dreaded Cruciatus curse. It had Henry extremely vexed, so he wanted to do something to protect his sister.

“Diffindo!” He screamed at the other boy, moving his wand so precisely that there was no way that the spell could have missed. James would suffer from a deep cut to the stomach, but Henry wanted to do more. His green eyes blazed with uncontrollable anger, at least until another spell was spoken:
It was the soft voice of a girl who never spoke her ideas. The soft voice of a genius. Henry turned, his wand flying out of his hand, and his eyes met the golden irises of Esme Lark. “Don’t hurt him,” Esme said carefully, not wanting to anger Henry further. Henry calmed down, not wanting to harm the Ravenclaw. It would seem that all was well.

That was when the two were in their Fifth Year at Hogwarts. Estella was in her third. Two years later, Head Girl Esme Lark and Prefect Henry Riddle began dating. Another thing that happened during the duo’s Seventh Year was certainly a depressing topic: the untimely death of Estella Riddle.

It was not a magical death, but rather an accident. Estella had contracted a serious illness, and she couldn’t fight it off. Henry was barely able to pay his last regards as she passed away on Friday, January Thirteenth.

Esme and Henry’s relationship made it a long way, thirteen and a half years, before they were finally ready to welcome a child -- or rather two -- into their family. On April 24, 2007, Koko and Sapphire Riddle were born to two very ecstatic parents. The girls couldn’t have looked more different, Koko seeming to take after her mother’s side of the family, while Sapphire took after Henry’s maternal grandmother, with her snow-white hair and the eyes that gave her her name.

For exactly three years the family lived happily in a large estate in Cambridge. Those days were filled with games, laughter, and love, until the wizarding population in the city began to gradually die off. First it was the older wizards, and it was able to pass off as old age. Then it passed to the middle-aged ones, and even the Muggles began to realise that something was terribly wrong. Esme and Henry did, too, and they tried to get themselves and their children out of the mess, but it was already too late.

On the exact day of their daughters’ birth, Henry and Esme Riddle were struck down by the Ministry in order to stop the disease from spreading. The two girls were separated, Koko being adopted into the family of the Wreaths, and Sapphire into that of a wealthy muggle family, the Graces. The girls wouldn't see each other again for almost eight years.

"Part 2"
Sapphire was adopted into a rich muggle family that had no knowledge of her magic, though she didn’t know at the time either. Her parents, unlike her sisters, quite liked Sapphire and her overworking brain.

Her sisters’ hate for her didn’t bother Sapphire, who at three years old could do things usually seen in a 1st grader. She started retracting from the world anyway though. The child could handle a little chaos. Since they were a muggle family and no one else besides the twins suspected she was magic, she didn’t know why the two hated her. They never said it plainly or even implied it, but she knew they hated her, no question. She could oftentimes sense their emotions, something that the girl was good at, which she always thought could be linked to the hatred towards her.

When her magic had first broken the surface, she was 7 ½, swinging her legs under a table as she watched an engineer make a robot head. He’d accidentally sprung one of the security mechanisms and Sapphire had watched it come down towards his hand while she was frozen and silently screaming no.

The twins hated her even more afterwards, and they tried to tell their parents about what a freak their adoptive sister was. When she received her Hogwarts letter, she was partially devastated because she hadn’t ever know anything else. In fact, she would even miss the twins (and her extensive collection of books).

Able to mold to the best possible personality
Occasionally caring


Sapphire loves reading and looking into interesting thing, and writes stories of things that could never happen. She likes engineering and can be very dextrous when she wants to. She will tune out the world when she's doing something. She enjoys looking into the secrets that are mostly hidden and finds comfort in the outdoors. She's quite good at playing the flute, which is one of her hobbies. She also speaks fluent spanish. She loves messing with people's heads but will not do so to get what she wants.

Sapphire has short white hair that seems to glow in the middle of the night, and bright blue eyes that seem to stare into your soul. She has pale skin that never changes and she hardly ever eats, and when she does, she doesn’t eat a lot. She almost always looks tired and disheveled, like she spent all night studying for a simple test, which she would do.
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"I'm definitely not a pyromaniac," said the girl holding practically surrounded by flames and grinning like a madwoman.

Sapphire Riddle | First Year | Slytherin

The Sly:
Koko Riddle - Friend/sister
Ruby Reyes - Not sure yet

The Wise
River Dewlight - Friend

The Brave
To be determined. I don't know anyone, to be honest.

The Kind
Shay Hickerson - Acquaintance
Donnovan Perrywinkle - Friend

"I'm definitely not a pyromaniac," said the girl holding practically surrounded by flames and grinning like a madwoman.

Sapphire Riddle | First Year | Slytherin


Strength: 7
Agility: 8
Control: 7
Stamina: 8