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 REVAMPING  Rorie Thompson ❁ Second Year Gryffindor

trying to get back into being active on hio after a crazy hiatus! hit up my discord if you want, buttercup#7148

also this ency is being redone by me, so uh, sorry for the bad organization and weird aesthetic... :P
owls are always open for roleplaying, questions, comments, conversations, etc!
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 REVAMPING  Rorie Thompson ❁ Second Year Gryffindor

The Trunk

Character Statistics: 

Strength: 5

Agility: 10

Control: 8

Stamina: 7

 REVAMPING  Rorie Thompson ❁ Second Year Gryffindor


f u l l n a m e
Rorie James Thompson

b i r t h d a y
February 13, 2007

c u r r e n t a g e

n i c k n a m e s
Ro Ro, Roar, Roo, Lion

h e i g h t

w e i g h t
70 lbs

b u i l d

s e x u a l i t y

a p p e a r a n c e
(just like the avatar!)
hair- brown with lighter strands, slightly wavy, medium length
eyes- light green
skin- very light tan
scars- one long one running from wrist to elbow, another small one curving under her ankle bone, and another going from the left side of her neck down to meet the diagonal of her right scapula

w h e r e t o f i n d h e r
Rorie spends a lot of her time:
-in her dorm
-in the Gryffindor common room
-going to classes
-hanging out with friends
-out exploring the secrets of the castle
-in nature
-working jobs for the headmaster and other professors for extra money
-Practicing her music
-in the rehearsal room
-At club meetings

s t y l e
hair: Rorie's hair is actually quite tame, unlike her personality. It falls in very slight waves and doesn't take much work to take care of.
clothing: Rorie doesn't wear her uniform at all unless going to classes. She hates the feeling of being formal, it's too unfamiliar for her. She dresses like a tomboy quite often, and also wears anything that can cover up her scars when possible
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 REVAMPING  Rorie Thompson ❁ Second Year Gryffindor


m a t e r n a l
British | Poor | Unlucky | Kind | Optimistic | Happy-Go-Lucky | Caring | Thoughtful

p a t e r n a l
Walean | Wealthy | Prestigious | Petty | Generous | Reckless | Brave | Loyal

r e p u t a t i o n
Nonmagical | Poor | Ghetto | Kind | Generous | Brave |Unlucky

i n f o r m a t i o n

James Thompson was born and raised in Wales, moving to London for university. There, he fell in love with a poor girl from a ghetto, Meredith Shae. His wealthy parents, however, were not happy. They took back his college funds and broke all communication with him, forcing him to drop out of school. He married Meredith still, and they were happy together, living poorly but with optimistic attitudes, both parents working at a small animal shelter in London.

p a r e n t s

mother ~

Meredith Shae-Thompson, age 33, has short, curly blonde hair and blue eyes, as well as fair skin. She is an ectomorph, not very tall either. She is quite shy but fearless when it comes to protecting what she loves.

Rorie's mother had a lot of stress after the sudden disappearance of her husband. After all, she had three kids to take care of. Rorie, extremely empathetic, picked up on that, and offered to do whatever she could to help out. The two were close, providing support for each other as they toughed out the world, and became very close with her mum.

father ~

James Thompson, age 35 if alive, had wavy brown hair and light green eyes, lightly tan skin. He was a mesomorph, muscled and strong but still lean and quite skinny. He was careless and outgoing, always going out of his way to brighten up the lives of other people, though he could certainly be a threat if you got on his bad side.

Rorie misses him everyday, and is constantly told that she's the spitting image of James. She inherited his personality, his looks, his charming smile, seemingly his little clone. He taught her most of what she knows about music. The reason that he vanished one day is still unknown.

s i b l i n g s

little sister ~

Kara, age seven, is exactly like her mother. The stunning blue eyes, curly blonde hair, and fair skin paired with the shy but loud attitude. The one thing she seems to have gotten from her father is the muscled build. She is extremely popular, the queen bee of her school. She is bossy and stubborn, and quite mean more often than not, save for her friend group, which she is extremely loyal to. In short, she's one of those girls, pretty but acting mean. She really isn't though, Kara is quite the sweet girl when she shows her real self. She struggles in school despite all the effort she puts in, and Rorie tries her best to tutor the girl.

Rorie is Kara's role model and she aspires to be like her older sister someday. The two are often in useless quarrels, but Rorie looks out for her baby sister and if anything were to happen to Kara, her older sister wouldn't know what to do.

little brother ~

Eden Thompson, age nine, is a quiet boy that is always found with his nose in a book. A brainiac and know-it-all, Eden has wavy blonde hair, a mix between the two parents, and blue eyes and fair skin like his mother, as well as an ectomorphic build.

Though he is constantly trying to prove Rorie wrong or scold her for being reckless, the two siblings do love each other behind all their fighting.
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 REVAMPING  Rorie Thompson ❁ Second Year Gryffindor


It was a cold and brutal morning in the hospital of London, and Meredith Thompson had just given birth to a young girl, which she and her husband James decided to name Rorie. Rorie was a small baby, unhealthily underweight. She would stay like that her whole life.

By her second birthday, a little brother had been brought into the world. In Rorie's mind, the sole purpose of her parents having another child was to have something to annoy her as she did them. Two years later, her little sister was born, aggravating Rorie even more. Even as a four year old Rorie had a short tolerance for some things.

At the age of four, Rorie showed her first sign of being magical. Her parents were surprised, of course, as they didn't have a drop of magical blood in either of their families. Yet, they embraced her differences and raised her all the same. By seven, her capabilities were broadened, and she could demonstrate her abilities whenever she wanted. At school once, she used them to steal ten containers of chocolate pudding from the kitchens.

When Rorie was seven, her father abandoned her and her family, leaving just some belongings and young Meredith to take care of and support three children behind. Rorie tried to help whenever possible, working jobs for extra money. But there wasn't much she could do as a young child.

All throughout her life, Rorie had been into music. Listening to it, playing it. It was a hobby she and her father shared. When her father left, or died (who knows?), who taught her a lot of what she knew about many different instruments, she worked even harder in memory of him.

Rorie often went to her parents' workplace, a small animal shelter where they would rescue and heal creatures before finding them nice homes. The years she spent there really developed her ability with animals and nature.

Life in the ghetto was hard, Rorie had one meal a day and had about five outfits in her closet. All the clothes, of course, were either hand-me-downs or clothes thrown away by other people, no need for them anymore. She almost always had dirt on her face and only got to clean it off once a week in freezing water from a bucket. School was hard too, as she had to walk several miles to and from each day and put up with constant bullying.

Rorie spoke in a weird way, not the normal British accent. Hers had a tweak to it, a bit sloppy yet at the same time easy to understand.

Rorie spent lots of her free time as a child outside, playing in the London ghetto, the only place she had ever known. Even if she had only been out of the ghetto ten times or so, with Rorie's navigational skills, a great strength of hers, made it so she knew the streets and subways of London like the back of her hand. The dark alleys were lined with trash, the buildings shabby and their roofs starting to collapse. She felt that the ghetto was her giant playground, and would often find new ways to spend her time like climbing on the roof and hopping along the buildings. Her ways of playing were quite often extremely dangerous. She knew all of the kids in the ghetto, but her best friends were Calvin Oakes, a fellow eleven year old with a big imagination and carefree nature with auburn hair and brown eyes with light pale skin, as well as Stella Rose, a girl she had met as a toddler who is a Huffle at Hogwarts with Rorie now. They would embark on ruthless "adventures" around the ghetto, exploring and getting into trouble.

By her eleventh birthday, Rorie had grown into an extremely small but charming young girl, optimistic in the face of darkness, cracking jokes to lighten even the worst moods. Maybe this cheerfulness and immaturity was created to hide the fact that inside, she was a lot more mature, caused by losing her father and having to help support her family, and having to live in a depressing state. When her letter from Hogwarts came, Rorie was elated and so was her mother. Her siblings, however, weren't. They were also magical and extremely jealous of the privilege.

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 REVAMPING  Rorie Thompson ❁ Second Year Gryffindor


p e r s o n a l i t y

a good three word summary of Rorie's personality is bold, rambunctious, and immature

p o s i t i v e
curious - observant - thoughtful - energetic - enthusiastic - relaxed - excellent communicator - friendly - popular - funny - childish - kind - outgoing - extrovert - spirited - not easily swayed - loyal - thoughtful - dreamer - romantic

n e g a t i v e
short attention span - ADHD - hyperactive - unpractical - overthinker - emotional - independent - immature - loud - rambunctious - silly - impulsive - spontaneous - overprotective - carefree - too kind sometimes - petty - sarcastic

a b i l i t i e s
good with tactiles - social - kind - musician - creative - good with nature - good with animals - great navigator - athletic - flyer
"By her eleventh birthday, Rorie had grown into an extremely small but charming young girl, optimistic in the face of darkness, cracking jokes to lighten even the worst moods. Maybe this immaturity was created to hide the fact that inside, she was a lot more mature, caused by losing her father and having to help support her family, and having to live in a depressing state"
-taken from History
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 REVAMPING  Rorie Thompson ❁ Second Year Gryffindor


b lo o d s t a t u s

h o u s e
Gryffindor lions

c u r r e n t y e a r
Second year

w a n d
30,3 cm walnut wood and snallygaster heartstring

f a v o u r i t e s u b j e c t
defense against the dark arts

r o l e s
none yet

h a n d w r i t i n g

s i g n a t u r e

h o u s i n g
Gryffindor girls first year dorm ~ Hermione Granger

m i r r o r o f e r i s e d
Her father coming back and her family living happily

b o g g a r t
Her father telling her he abandoned the family because of her

a m m o r t e n i a
fresh snow, coffee beans, her father's cologne

c l u b s
Enchanted Souls Band
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 REVAMPING  Rorie Thompson ❁ Second Year Gryffindor



acquaintances ~
Frey Fairchild
Rorie and Frey have had some good chats, and she's pretty friendly with the boy.
friends ~
Sonya Carlson
Sonya and Rorie have really helped each other through some struggles, through tears and problems and drama.
Dymphna Teague
Rorie thinks of her as an older sister and mentor.
close friends ~
Stella Rose
Rorie has a whole lot of positive history back home in London with this girl. They were practically inseperable as kids.
Kit Manheim
Rorie's dormmate, Kit is definitely the girl to turn to if Rorie ever needs to get glammed up.
Sadie McAfee
Rorie and Sadie are generic good friends, they run a club together.
best friends ~
Elena Jones
Where does one even start here? After collaborating on a school project, these two have been partners in crime.
Hugh Lowe
Hugh and Rorie are pretty legendary, one being a bit more sane than the other. Which one that is, we might never know. But recently there's been a bit of gossip circulating about something or other...
Talia Piper
Bunny Piper... Tal, nicknamed Bunny by Rorie and her friends, is the rainbow sunshine happiness that Rorie needs to brighten up her life.
crush ~
maybe Hugh???? Rorie doesn't really know right now, tune in next time :p
enemies ~
Anastasia Beckett
Rorie just... no, Rorie just does not like Ana's guts at all.
Landon Riley
This one's complicated. Friend turned enemy, sometimes the two are civil, other times downright hating each other.

If you would like to roleplay and get one of these ranks, or you have and I haven't added you, send and owl and I will consider adding you.
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 REVAMPING  Rorie Thompson ❁ Second Year Gryffindor


WINGS ~ Well Intentioned Necessary and Gifted Students


Enchanted Souls ~ a band

Clubs Timeline -
Enchanted Souls Band Information Page - ongoing
WINGS Club Information Page - ongoing
Enchanted Souls Auditions - ongoing
ES Meeting 1 - ongoing
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 REVAMPING  Rorie Thompson ❁ Second Year Gryffindor


f i r s t y e a r


Rorie didn't know what the heck to expect coming into her first year, leaving everything she's ever known behind, and not knowing what she was about to walk into. But at the end of the day, she regrets none of it.

Talia and Puck... Rorie couldn't have asked for better people in her life. They made this scarily new and unfamiliar place feel a bit more welcoming. In a way, with these two, Rorie had a home. And even if there were people who could try to bring the Gryffie down, Rorie never gave them a chance.


Peace and Quiet - abandoned
Practice Makes Perfect - abandoned
The Dorm Of Hermione Granger - ongoing
The End Of A Long Day - finished
The Journey - finished
Orange Peels and Dove Wings - abandoned
Best Friends? Or Worst Enemies? - finished
Homesick - finished
Sending Love - finished
Late At Night - ongoing
From The London Ghetto - abandoned
Call of the Wild - ongoing
A New Haven - abandoned
Excuse Me!!! - ongoing
Nature Walk - finished
New Memories, Old Books - finished
Squid Sighting - ongoing
The Opposite Of Good - ongoing
Like Sisters - ongoing
Squid Sighting - ongoing
Heavy Rain and Disdain - finished
No, Dot's My Nickname - ongoing
Smirks and Songs - ongoing
Common Room Sleepover - ongoing
Willygeed? - ongoing
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Of Lions and Letters - ongoing
Opposite Evils - ongoing