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Rosalie Weaver, First Year Ravenclaw

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name: Rosalie Elizabeth Weaver.
birthplace: Cirrane, England.
birthdate: October 11th.
accent: Southern British English.
hair: Light brown.
eyes: Pale blue.

wand: 30,7 cm chestnut wood and phoenix feather
house: Ravenclaw
year: First
status: Muggle-born
patronus: Unknown
boggart: Unknown
amortentia: Unknown

Rosalie was born to secondary school Spanish teacher Amelia Weaver and her husband, Ellis Weaver, a British veteran who left the army when he found the “love of his life”. She had lived in Cirrane all of her life, never having to endure the struggles of moving and having to make new friends in a new town. She herself only had one true friend in the small English town, Sophie. Sophie was, to be frank, the only one at her relatively small grade school who didn’t mind the sometimes hurtful and blunt things that sometimes spewed out of her mouth.

Rosalie never knew of the wizarding world, and nor did the people she was surrounded with. So, when she first experienced her first sprout of magic, it was blamed on her rapid imagination. What else would it be? Magic only existed in fairy tales, not in real life. That was, until she got her letter. At first, her dad just thought it was those meaner kids at school playing silly games with his daughter, but the amount of detail and the fact that this “Diagon Alley” actually existed was too much to just blame it on school children.

When Rosalie had to tell Sophie she was “transferring schools”, her friend got mad. The conversation quickly escalated into a fight, and needless to say, the two weren’t friends anymore. Rosalie’s parents were still rather weary when sending her off to this “Hogwarts”, but nonetheless, there she is now, ready to start her seven years of magical schooling there.