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Emily Bennett, First Year Slytherin

Emily Bennett was born on September 9 and the only child of a wealthy pure-blood family.  She has silky blond, shoulder length hair which she normally wears down, but does occasionally tie back with a ribbon.  When not dressed in wizarding attire, she can be found wearing one of her favorite muggle outfits.  She has grey eyes and a clear complexion.  She does not wear makeup of any kind, except for some chapstick.  She is a petite girl with a height of 4 foot 6.

Her father Craig was in Slytherin House when he was a student at Hogwarts and is very protective of her.  Emily does not know anything about her mother.  She was killed when Emily was three years old.  Emily and her father live together in a large manor that has been in her father’s family for many generations.  Emily has spent her entire life in the Wizarding World and has rarely been to the muggle world.

Her parents met one day when her father was in need of certain ingredients and had to go to a shop in DIagon Alley which happened to be where her mother worked at the time. After her mother had packed up the ingredients, Craig asked her out. A few weeks later, he proposed and they got married shortly after. About a year later, Emily came along.

Emily is very knowledgeable in potions and herbology.  Her father Craig is a potions master who brews and sells potions to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft And Wizardry and to St.  Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries.  Emily often helps her father brew potions and gather ingredients from around their property.  They have their own potions laboratory set up in the basement of their home.  When she isn’t in the potions lab, she enjoys playing Wizard’s Chess and Exploding Snap with her father.

Emily is a neat and organized young girl who cleans up after herself and puts things back in their rightful place.  She does not like seeing messes left unattended.  Luckily, there are several house-elves who are treated with respect and are willing to do anything their masters want.  They keep the manor spectacularly clean.

Emily Bennett, First Year Slytherin



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Emily Bennett, First Year Slytherin


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