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Violet Shanks- First Year Hufflepuff

Violet Aria Shanks

Date of Birth: 14th of June

Blood status: Pure-Blood

From: The outskirts of London

House:  Hufflepuff

~Shoulder-length brown hair
~Stormy blue-grey  eyes
~Fair, pale skin
~Slim all over
~Shorter than the average 11  year old girl

~Very clumsy
~Can be a little loud and crazy
~Kind and caring
~Accepting of all
~Super friendly
~Tries to be funny even though shes probably not

History of The Shanks: The Shanks are a long line of pure-bloods, scattered across England and Scotland. Her parents Timothy and Aria Shanks were both sorted into Hufflepuff and was not so secretly hoping that she too would be sorted into Hufflepuff. Most of her older family that attended Hogwarts were sorted into either Hufflepuff or Slytherin. Although many wizards and witches in her family despise of this trait that both her mother and father possess, she too possess the ability to look pass the blood lines and accept all magic folk as equals.

“We’re all bloody inspired”