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Felicity Greenwich, First Year Ravenclaw.

[ - HISTORY ♡ ]

 Felicity Anne Greenwich was born on the fifth of February, 2007. She's eleven years old, and is an Aquarius, according to common Muggle astrology beliefs. Felicity was born to a Muggle mother, and a Wizard father, making her a half-blood. Her father was appropriately shocked, and ecstatic, to find that his daughter possessed his same magic. He began to teach her the simplest things from a young age, preparing her for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the same school that he went to.
Felicity is a proud Ravenclaw, with a mind that can hold endless information and fun facts about just about anything. She has learned plenty of useless information, as well as very important things. You could ask her anything, and she would be able to answer correctly most times. You could say that she's a younger Hermione Granger.

 Felicity never went to Muggle school, and instead told her neighbors and Muggle friends that she was homeschooled. She did get along with most Muggles effortlessly, though, considering her mother is one. She does know basic Muggle knowledge though, and has played plenty of trivia regarding the knowledge with her mother on her phone - a Muggle invention.

 Felicity is lucky enough to have an older sibling, though he's not magical. Winston Greenwich is her older brother, aged at sixteen years old. He's a Muggle, and he's also taught his younger sister quite a bit himself. He knows all about the magical world thanks to being in a magical family, otherwise it would be extremely illegal for him to know of the existence.

  It would most likely be worth mentioning that she is also a twin sister. Her sister, Elizabeth, was born just twelve minutes after Felicity, and the two have been close throughout their entire lives. Even though Elizabeth is a Hufflepuff, and Felicity a Ravenclaw, the two still make time for each other. She'll do anything to protect her, despite being the shorter of the two.

 Unknowingly, Felicity also possesses a family trait. This trait is called 'Seeing', which is seeing into the future, when important decisions are made including her. Said visions shouldn't happen often, certainly risking the witch or wizard's sanity. Most Seers tend to be female, with very few males obtaining the trait. This could be why it passed her father, and went on to her. She first discovers her ability while on a stroll around the Grounds, and she passes out, having a vision of herself looking into the Mirror of Erised. Of course, none can be too sure of this happening for sure, the future is such an unstable time, but most of the time, Seers visions do, in fact, happen.
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[ - Felicity Greenwich ♡ ]

Felicity Greenwich, First Year Ravenclaw.


Samuel Barry Greenwich :
SAMUEL BARRY GREENWICH was born on March fourteenth, in London, England. He was born and raised there, and then relocated to Aberdeen, Scotland, after graduating from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as a Ravenclaw. Due to his relocation, he was introduced to a beautiful woman, who captured his heart instantly. This woman happened to become his wife, and then the mother to his children, which he loves dearly. He currently works with the Ministry of Magic, as an Auror. He still lives in Aberdeen to this day, and is the father to Felicity.

Winston Fredric Greenwich :
WINSTON FREDRIC GREENWICH was born on September ninth, in Aberdeen, Scotland, to Samuel Greenwich and Lorelai Jones. He was born non-magical, to a wizard and a muggle, or in his words, a human. He didn't know of magic until Felicity started showing signs, which their parents then had to explain to Winston was magic. At first, he was kind of afraid of his little sister,  even though she was nothing older than a toddler, but he eventually warmed up, and became a big brotherly figure for her growing up. He never treated her differently for being a witch.

Henricus Fredric Greenwich :
HENRICUS FREDRIC GREENWICH is eighty years old, born on January twenty-fifth, in Paris, France. He immigrated to England when he was a teenager, where he met his wife and made his family. Henricus is Felicity's grandfather, whom she's only met a few times. They only ever see each other on holidays due to the timing of her new schedule, and the distance they'd have to travel to see each other regularly. Regardless, Henricus loves Felicity like she was his own daughter. He is retired from working for the local magical hospice. Henricus also attended Hogwarts, and was a Hufflepuff.

Magnolia Anne Greenwich :
MAGNOLIA ANNE GREENWICH is the wife of Henricus, aged at seventy-eight years old. She also graduated from Hogwarts, and was a Ravenclaw. She took care of Felicity plenty when she was growing up, and oftentimes made the trip out to see her. It's a miracle that Magnolia is still alive, considering her health hasn't been the best throughout her life. Currently, she is under care at her home in England, nearing the end of her life. Felicity isn't aware of this, though.


Ainsley Susanna Sinclair-Greenwich :
AINSLEY SUSANNA SINCLAIR-GREENWICH was born on October thirtieth, and is the mother of Felicity and her brother, Winston. She was born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland, but was quick to move to Aberdeen when she was accepted into a university there. Being a muggle, she didn't know of magic, or that her potential future husband could possess it. She fell in love with Samuel as quickly as they got married, and had children. She loves Felicity to the end of the world.

William Winston Sinclair :
WILLIAM WINSTON SINCLAIR is eighty-one years old, born on August eighth, in Cheshire, England. He had always been very anti-fantasy, so when Felicity was discovered to be a wizard, it was natural that the family kind of stopped visiting him. Because if he found out, he would probably disown her as his granddaughter, or something. He's very strict and set in his old ways, and always has to be right, or else he'll get highly frustrated, and give you the silent treatment until you tell him he was right, even if he wasn't. Felicity never did quite like William - they don't get on too well in the first place.

Lillian Rose Sinclair :
LILLIAN ROSE SINCLAIR is the mother of Ainsley Sinclair-Greenwich, and the grandmother of Felicity Greenwich. She is way more easy-going than her partner, William, and that could be the reason that the two divorced before they were even forty. While William is living in Cheshire, Lillian is quite enjoying life in Paris, France, which is the main city of her home country. She writes to Felicity as much as she can, even though during the times where Felicity is in Hogwarts, the replies are highly delayed. Lillian believes that Felicity is in private school. 


Bloom Silverton:

Bloom and Felicity met on unusual terms. Felicity found Bloom crying at the Quidditch Pitch, and walked up to her to ask if she was alright. After a long conversation of crushes and friendships, they decided that they should also form a club between themselves - the Adventure Club. Felicity thinks that Bloom is deserving of everything good, and she wants their friendship to last for decades. 

Reid Kovacs:

Hopefully, the third part to the trio that she's hoping to get together to be the Adventure Club. Reid and Felicity met on unusual terms as well. He was walking, and bared witness to Felicity falling into a vision (quite literally). He made sure she wasn't dead, and that she was comfortable, and didn't exactly end up leaving, either. Felicity thinks he's very kind, which is suiting for a Hufflepuff. She hopes that they can develop a strong friendship.

Chloe Rose Baggins:

She considers Chloe a friend, considering she was the first person she met after crossing through to Platform 9 3/4. She has no current opinions on the girl, but she finds her to be very kind.

Ben Eckenrode:

She finds their relationship to be somewhat.. unique. They get on alright, but she mainly teases him about his relationship with Bloom, or brings it up in some way to see what kind of reaction she can get out of him. She thinks that he's very prefect-y, if not sometimes weird, or clumsy (like the time he almost fell off of his broom... or did he fall off?).

Stassie Franco:

She met the Ravenclaw in the Abandoned Toilets. At first, she thought that she was a ghost, as did Stassie about her. She has no current opinions on the girl.

- To be Added.
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[ - Felicity Greenwich ♡ ]

Felicity Greenwich, First Year Ravenclaw.

[ - RPGS ♡ ]
Note: Not in any particular order, unless in the 'FINISHED' threads.

Felicity's first real experience at Hogwarts! She sat upon the stool in front of the school, and despite the Sorting Hat debating between placing her in either Gryffindor or Ravenclaw, it finally settled on Ravenclaw with a little nudging from Felicity.

The Ravenclaw Table [ FINISHED ]
After the Sorting, Felicity takes her rightful spot at the Ravenclaw Table in the Great Hall. There, she meets Ryan Brixton, Ben Eckenrode, Josephine Tindall, and other Ravenclaws. She left to go to the Common Room, and settle in.

Seeing Explorations [Private] [ FINISHED ]
Felicity was on a walk on the grounds, when she falls over out of nowhere! She has her first vision, and she wakes up to find a Hufflepuff robe on top of her, and a boy next to her. She is then introduced to Reid Kovacs for the first time, and makes a new friend!

Felicity is at the Quidditch Pitch, and Bloom Silverton comes along! The two are acquainted, and Felicity helps comfort her from her hurting because of Reid Kovacs. The two bond deeply, and Felicity opens up to Bloom about her first vision. They agree on going to the Library the next day, to research.

Study Shenanigans! [Private] [ FINISHED ]
Felicity has put a group together with the help of her twin, Elizabeth, to study Transfiguration - amongst other subject. This group then proceeds to do fun things together rather than study, but they still teach each other a lot about the subjects during the wild ride, which just ends up being Ben making flowers appear out of thin air!


After dinner in the Great Hall on the first day, she heads up to her dormitory, which is where she meets the girls she hopes she can become great friends with throughout the many years they'd be residing with each other!: Grace Vale, Dymphna Teague, Emma Jones, Alice Livery, Rosalie Weaver, and others!

In which she further develops her relationship with Ryan Brixton! The two first flirt with each other, though Felicity was quite awkward. The mark of the beginning of a very interesting relationship.

Felicity is unable to sleep due to homesickness. She treads down to the Common Room to go through the books since she was bored, and gets surprised by Venice Smith and Dymphna Teague when they claim that they, too, are unable to sleep! Further develops the relationship between the three.

Felicity decided to inspect an abandoned restroom on the second floor, but she gets mistaken for a ghost by Stassie Fresco. After reassuring each other that the other isn't a ghost, they proceed to try and figure out just why these toilets were abandoned.

On a walk around the school grounds, Felicity decides to lay down and cloudgaze. Through doing so, she meets Luella Deighton, a Slytherin who really hates her house, and doesn't even classify herself with it. Hopefully, through this thread, Felicity will be able to meet others as well.

Felicity decided to go up to the Astronomy Tower later in the night. There, she comes across a girl she met at the Ravenclaw Table, Josephine. 

A practice thread between a mentee and mentor.

- To Be Added. // W.I.P.

[ - Felicity Greenwich ♡ ]