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Christy Blake, First Year Hufflepuff


First Year  |  Hufflepuff 

23,5 cm, cherry wood and dragon heartstring

Muggle-Born  |  Scottish  | Edinburgh, Scotland

Christy was born 11 years ago on November 22nd to James and Mary Blake. Her parents are muggles who live successful lives. Her father is a university professor teaching zoology, working in Edinburgh, and her mother is a caretaker - she usually has all the neighborhood children over while their parents are away at work. They also have many animals on their large piece of land that she cares for - horses, chickens, . Christy has an older muggle brother, Alexander, and a younger sister, Olivia. Alexander has just finished secondary school, and has been accepted to a university, which he has started about the same time Christy started at Hogwarts. Olivia is still in primary school, but she is already top of her class.

Christy is rather tall for her age with curly, brown hair and bright blue eyes that seem to glow in the sunlight.  Her face is oval-shaped, with big cheeks, and freckles all over her cheeks and button-nose.  When she truly smiles, she lights up the room - her eyes sparkle and her smile is as big as can be. She's very shy, but will open up to someone who she thinks actually cares to know about her. When she does open up though, she's caring, kind, and extremely loyal. 

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Christy Blake, First Year Hufflepuff

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