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Alessandria Gray, First Year Hufflepuff.


Name:  Alessandria Carson Gray

Date of Birth: 12th of June

From:  Burmingham, England.

House: Hufflepuff


- Curly blonde hair

- Light blue eyes with darker blue specks

- Freckles all over her cheeks and nose

- Small and petite frame

- 4'9

- Button nose with pixie-like facial features


- Bubbly

- Kind

- Caring heart

- Smart

- Ambitious

Family History: The Gray family takes residence throughout Burmingham, with Ruby and Adrian Gray (Alessandria's parents) working for the Ministry Of Magic along with every Uncle, Aunt, Cousin that you could count in the Gray family because working for the Ministry Of Magic is the 'Only career a Gray should be pursuing' and we have yet to see a day when a member of the Gray family did not work for the Ministry. All Gray's down the line are housed in Slytherin and will expect nothing less while maintaining a high end Pure-blood status.


Relationships: Christy Blake, First year Hufflepuff.
Voilet Shanks, First year Hufflepuff.
Alison Frost, First year Gryffindor.
Sophia Montgomary, First year Gryffindor.
Lucy Hector, First year Hufflepuff.
Alicia Jobling, First year Hufflepuff.

"I don't know where I'm going from here. But I can promise you, it wont be boring"