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Kendra Yanagi No Ki, First Year Ravenclaw


Kendra Yanagi no ki was a Japanese student before her parents moved her to america when she was 5. Kendra mostly forgets her mother tongue but can remember a few words. Kendra Of course is very pale, but not a vampire. Her sense of style is all over the place. and usually wearing crazy colors other then her house colors. but that's okay. she hopes to be the best botany student in class due to her excessive curiosity about plants and life in general. her personality is very bubbly and will definitely cheer anyone up once she steps in the room! Kendra definitely would sacrifice her pride and everything to make her friends laugh and be happy. once you meet her, Kendra is quite shy and doesn't talk much. once she trusts you her personality bursts out. when she was little her mother would surround Kendra's room with plants, they always flourished when near Kendra. that's when she realized she was magical, Literally.
when she was admit into Hogwarts. Kendra was so happy and excited

Kendra Yanagi No Ki, First Year Ravenclaw


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Arceus Powers
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Kendra Yanagi No Ki, First Year Ravenclaw


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