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Liv Majestic, First Year Slytherin

Liv was born in London, England, but moved to Galway, Ireland when she was just 3 years old. She always knew she was a witch, but she didn't really think anything of it. Her parents kept Hogwarts a surprise from her and she didn't find out that it existed until she received her letter. She was quite relieved when she found out a school for magic existed because she had no idea what to do with her power or how to discover it. She didn't know what being a witch meant until she got her Hogwarts letter, despite being a pure-blood. Of course, she was well aware of being a witch, but she didn't exactly know what that meant to her. 

Liv is ambiverted. Although she loves talking to people and finds social situations wonderful to be in, she still enjoys alone time and sometimes she won't be in the mood to be social, and she can be very reserved. She's a bit awkward, actually. She loves to write stories, and of course she can't live without books. She wants to become a Potions professor after she graduates Hogwarts, or become a writer for The Daily Prophet. Liv is ultimately a friendly person, but sometimes she comes off as sarcastic or sassy. She's mean when she has to be. She really cares about others and she's a good listener. She loves to give advice and listen to people's stories. She enjoys to travel.

Liv is 5'2. and she has long brown hair. She wears black glasses, and her skin is tan. She has hazel eyes and her face is heart-shaped. She's slim. She has freckles around her nose area, but they aren't too visible unless you're really up close to her. 

Hakuna Matata—what a wonderful phrase!

Liv Majestic, First Year Slytherin



-Venice Smith 

-Reid Kovacs
-Mary Swan

-Kendra Ackerman
-Aileen Johnson

Hakuna Matata—what a wonderful phrase!