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Stephen Flux, First Year


First Year  |  Hufflepuff 

31.3 cm cherry wood and phoenix feather

Muggle-Born  |  English  |  London, England

Stephen was born 11 years ago on July 15th to John and Leah Flux. His parents are muggles who live successful lives. His father is a businessman working in London and his mother is a homemaker.  Stephen has two older muggle brothers, Christopher and Joseph. Christopher is just beginning his career as a mechanical engineer and Joseph is finishing his last year at university.

Stephen is rather tall for his age with blonde hair and ocean blue eyes. His childhood was much like every other boy growing up in London. He went to grade school and was an intelligent boy. Stephen had a few friends but struggled sometimes in social situations. He enjoyed being alone in the woods exploring and adventuring. He has a very active imagination. He tends to put others before himself and always tries to do what is right.

Ever since Stephen was a young boy, his parents knew there was something ‘different’ about him, however they could never figure it out. When he was 5, Stephen’s parents were taking him to the theater when they were almost struck by another car. Stephen was fast asleep in the back seat when Leah noticed the car coming right at them. Then, as if Stephen sensed something wrong, he awoke just as the car was about to crash into them. Suddenly, the car disappeared and instantly reappeared on the right side of the road. This was one of a handful of unexplainable experiences the Flux family had witnessed around Stephen.

Having no knowledge of ‘magic’ and ‘wizardry’, John and Leah were very shocked when they read Stephen’s letter from Hogwarts. Skeptically, they followed through and soon realized there was a whole other world they had never heard of. The world of magic. They are supportive of Stephen’s pursuit of magic, however they still get uncomfortable when asked about Stephen’s whereabouts by their close friends.
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Stephen Flux, First Year

[ R E L A T I O N S H I P S ]

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Stephen Flux, First Year

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