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Marcia Kingsleigh | Third Year | Slytherin


Full Name: Marcia Erin Kingsleigh 

Age: 14 Years old 

Date of Birth: April 24th, 2006 

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Blood Status: Half-Blood

Nationality: Scottish

Hometown: Inverurie, Scotland (Aberdeenshire)

Close Family: Iain Kingsleigh (Father), Siobhan Kingsleigh née MacCuthais (Mother), Kilian Kingsleigh (Brother)

Wand: 25,8 centimeters (10''), mayhaw wood and unicorn hair.

Patronus: -


While she is rather short and squishy for her age, her smile can be be even broader. She inherited the dark green eyes from her father Iain, although not his flashily red fuzzy hair. With her mother Siobhan being a bright blond pure-blood, she's stuck with dirty strawberry blond hair, which she keeps unbound and short hanging to her shoulders.



Marcia was born in Perth to Siobhan and Iain Kingsleigh where she lived for five years until her father bought a cottage in Inverurie due to his work. Their house stands almost alone with their neighbors a few minutes walk away. There are only a few older magical household with no children, so Marcia grew up surrounded by muggle children. This resulted in her having a vast knowledge about muggle culture and their way of life. She is part of an old pure-blood family but she never felt like one, since her mother never forced her to indulge in their ways.

Marcias grandparents would have loved to see their grandchildren more often but they respected the wish of their daughter and kept their distance. Nana, however, wouldn't listen and visits Marcia occasionally to see the youngest child of the MacCuthais grow up.

Her magical talent formed itself shortly after they have moved to their new home, when Marcia watched her mother tend one of the many patches in their vast garden. To her mother's misery she let the weeds grow over and over again, laughing while her mother tried to uphold a firm gaze although she was proud of her daughter discovering her magical heritage.

The garden became one of Marcia favorite places to be, and it is now a hobby to care for the flowers, vegetables and wild herbs growing in their garden, which resulted in her having a broad knowledge about how to tend various flowers.

When she isn't outside she usually can be found in the kitchen where she creates dishes and pasties with the help of her mother. She enjoys good food, which shows due to her uninterested in sports of all sorts. That changes, when she discovers that she has the talent to fly, so she tries to get into the House Team as a beater. Maybe Quidditch isn't as boring as she thought. 


Marcia is a happy child but she needs a well structured environment. She hates surprises as well as to be caught off guard, which is why she tries to have a plan for everything and every situation. If confronted with an unexpected situation, she quickly tries to ponder her options. Acting spontaneously or the thought of being unprepared makes her anxious.

She tends to babble when she's nervous, since awkward silence only makes her feel more uncomfortable, but she will turn silent when she feels that someone is predjudiced against her and Slytherin.

As much as she loves to be out in nature she hates to be around water. Since she accidentally fell heads first into the deep pond in their garden she hates to be in the water and it makes her uncomfortable to stand near it to this day. Because of her fear she never learned how to swim. Did I mention she hates water?

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Stamina: 4 | Evasion: 6 | Strength: 9 | Wisdom: 5 | Arcane: 2 | Accuracy: 9
Stamina: 3 | Agility: 6 | Strength: 15 | Control: 11
Marcia Kingsleigh

Marcia Kingsleigh | Third Year | Slytherin

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Stamina: 4 | Evasion: 6 | Strength: 9 | Wisdom: 5 | Arcane: 2 | Accuracy: 9
Stamina: 3 | Agility: 6 | Strength: 15 | Control: 11
Marcia Kingsleigh

Marcia Kingsleigh | Third Year | Slytherin



Iain Kingsleigh | Father | 51 years old | psycho therapist | Muggle

Iain Kingsleigh is a bald man with broad shoulders, who looks more like a football player than a therapist. He was married once and has one son from his previous relationship.

As a father, he stands out due to his endless patience which he developed during his time as a therapist. He works at home with his office being an addition to their home.

He loves his daughter and teaches her how to read people's mind by looking at them and by hearing what they have to say. Together with his wife, he works at alternative medicine that they mix out of their own grown herbs and plants.

He grew up as an only child with his parents, who were simple middle-class workers. His mother was a sewist and his father a fisherman. They lived in Crail, a small fisher village, until his father went missing on the sea. Iain was 13 when his father was declared dead and he and her mother moved to Perth in hopes of a better job.

Iain studied hard to fulfil his dream of his own medical office. At first he wanted to become a surgeon but after an incident involving him, a deep papercut and an extended consciousness caused by said papercut he gave up on being a surgeon but not on medicine altogether.

He met his first wife during his study and they married before graduating, shortly before their son Tristyn was born. However three years after their marriage they decided to end it since they both had been too busy with their work and had lost each other on the way. Tristyn stayed with his mother, while Iain visited him every weekend. Tristyn is now 24 years old and he hasn't spoken with his father for over ten years.
Siobhan Kingsleigh née MacCuthais | Mother | 37 years old | Kindergartener | Pure-Blood

The MacCuthais are a pure-blood family living in Scotland. With two older brothers she never had to wear the burden of becoming the next heir but instead was free to live her life to the fullest. As former Gryffindor, she loved to travel the world after she'd finished her Hogwarts years.

Some of her peers mistake her for a Malfoy since she has their typically appearance with grey eyes and shining blond hair. Her grandfather has told her that she looks like one of their ancestors who apparently were an outcast Malfoy for being the bastard child of some unknown heir. The ancestor never bore the name "Malfoy" but was theirs by blood and therefore inherited the MacCurthais his genes.

By their distant relative's standards the MacCurthais are hardily classified as "pure-bloods". They married half-bloods and muggleborns alike, which is why they weren't included with the other pure blood families on the Sacred 28. A fate that they shared with many families throughout Wizarding Britain, who also weren't considered "pure-blood" by radical standards.

Siobhan considers herself as wizard born, rather than pure blood, but she has stopped correcting others when they referred to her as a MacCurthais pure blood.

Siobhan is an adventurous woman who isn't afraid of trying something new, very much the opposite of her daughter. Her favorite subject at Hogwarts was Care for Magical Creatures which she took her NEWTS in. After Hogwarts she had trouble in finding her place since she wasn't needed to uphold the family line. For years she travelled around Europe and to some extends Asia, where she worked for food and enjoyed to be free.

One day when she was in Perth to visit her brother who had recently became a father, she'd met Iain. She never had been to a cinema and wanted to try it, but was completely lost, until Iain had shown up and never left.

She loves falconry and hunts with her buteo Peadair whenever she has the time. Instead of an owl, Peadair usually delivers her mother's letters.
Kilian Artair Kingsleigh | Brother | 18 years old | Ravenclaw | Half-Blood

Kilian is the first child of Siobhan and Iain, born in December 2001. He is the spitting image of his mother, wearing his blond hair long. He was a cheeky boy, driving his parents up the wall when he was young. His magical talent showed early, when he was only three years old and angered by his parents. He wasn't allowed to leave the house during a summer storm, so he made the storm appear in his room.

His demeanor changed once his sister was born. He loved to make her smile, although he was annoyed with her constant babble at times. It was he who should have watched her the day she had fallen in the pond, but he was distracted playing ball with some of his friends. Her cries for help should brand themselves on his memory. He jumped into the water to help her out, but he never knew how long she had been struggling to keep herself up. To this day he feels guilty for neglecting his duty to watch over her and promised to protect her from now on.

He studied hard and eventually was sorted into Ravenclaw, leaving the ruffian boy behind for good. He aims to become a magical healer, driven by his wish to take Marcia's fears away from her.
Aonghus MacCuthais | 75 years old | Grandfather | Owner of Fine Fibres and Fabrics
Aonghus is the patriarch of the family and owner of their family business. The MacCuthais began with weaving and spinning, a modest farmer's family from the rural side of Scotland, some hundred years ago. They are now known for their fabrics and delicate patterns, providing most of Englands clothes, including the robes of Hogwarts' students.

He is no man of words, preferring the silent solitude of his office or to play on his accordion. Thanks to his height and lean body he is intimidating for both, his family and employees. He was a strict father, who demanded that his children would make the best out of themselves. 

Although he doesn't show it, he loves his children and grandchildren and it saddens him, that he isn't allowed to spend more time with his grandchildren. He wouldn't talk to them much either, but he would play for them, if they wished for it.
Caitrìona MacCuthais | 77 years old | Grandmother | Owner of Fine Fibres and Fabrics

Unlike her husband, she loves to be around people and it's her secret hobby to invite families from all over for lunch or just to talk. In the firm, she is the contact person for everyone, although she usually can be found in the design area, creating new patterns. Every pattern she would create by hand. 

She is a loving grandmother who misses her children and her grandchildren. She often talks with Nana, who understands her longing for her family.
"Nana"  | Unknown  | Family Ghost

The family ghost, who everyone simply refers to as "Nana". Noone knows her name, and she herself has long forgotten how she was called when she was alive. Beiris Ruthais. 

Nana lived while the Romans invaded Britannia, during which she was Matriarch of a tribe of Caledonians. She was married to the son of another clan's chief, but she considered him to be a moronic excuse of a man, taking the mantle of leadership herself. She bore him four children, one of which would reach adulthood and eventually would become the ancestor of the MacCuthais. 

Although she is dead for centuries, she still looks like a ravishing woman in her thirties. She wears a waist long leather tunic with a simple belt over a woolen dress. Around her neck she wears a short scarf, which is held by a metallic brooch. The brooch has similarities with the MacCuthais crest. Her whole body is painted with dark marking, that once where blue, but now look grey.

She died an unnatural death, when her husband brought poisonous herbs for lunch by mistake and put them into the soup hanging over the fire, which went unnoticed by Nana. She had just delivered her fourth child only a month ago and was still week from the birth, so the poison worked its way through her body. No healer could help her, and she died a slow and painful death. Only hours before she would close her eyes forever, she dragged herself away from her deathbed, spitting blood now and then staining her tunic and scarf. With her last strength and wish for vengeance she prepared a poison, far more lethal than the herbs could have ever been, which she forced down her husbands throat, taking him with her. She never practiced magic, but she would learn a few centuries later, that she had forced him to drink the poison with her raw magic influence. 

The blood stains are still visible, and Nana still hates men to this day, even her own descendents, and compares them with the Picts (who are the only humans she hates more than men). She cares for her female "children" a lot and she watches over them. She became the Family Ghost of the MacCuthais and now followes them wherever they go. 

Alma Malvado  | Dormmate | Friend
They met at their very first day, being the first two to enter the dorm. They both share a love for muggle literature.

Bailey Byrne | Dormmate | Acquaintance
They haven't talked much yet, but Marcia want to know more about her. She seems to be a quiet person.

Katya Petrov | Dormmate | Acquaintance
They haven't talked much yet, but Marcia wants to know more about her. They share a room, yet it seems Katya doesn't want to be around anybody.

Edric Banes |  Friend
They met on the grounds, when he had approached her sitting in the  grass. She began to like him during the Blossom Ball, where they shared some quiet moments.

Dymphna Teague | Acquaintance
They met on the grounds near the lake. Dymphna seems to be nice and Marcia can see herself enjoying her presence.

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Delilah Stewart

John John

Ben Eckenrode
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Stamina: 4 | Evasion: 6 | Strength: 9 | Wisdom: 5 | Arcane: 2 | Accuracy: 9
Stamina: 3 | Agility: 6 | Strength: 15 | Control: 11
Marcia Kingsleigh

Marcia Kingsleigh | Third Year | Slytherin

The Trunk
Stats: Third Year

Stamina: 4 | Evasion: 7 | Strength: 13 | Wisdom: 10 | Arcane: 2 | Accuracy: 9

Stats: Second Year

Stamina: 4 | Evasion: 6 | Strength: 9 | Wisdom: 5 | Arcane: 2 | Accuracy: 9
Broom: Nimbus 2001

Spell List
Knockback Jinx [Flipendo]
Sneezing Hex [Steleus]
Curse of Bogies [Mucus Ad Nauseam]
Fire-Making Spell [Incendio]
Dancing Feet Charm [Tarantallegra]
Mending Charm [Reparo]
Red Sparks Charm [Periculum]
Green Sparks Charm [Verdimillous]
Smokescreen Spell [Fumos]
Severing Charm [Diffindo]
Levitation Charm [Wingardium Leviosa]
Softening Charm [Spongify]
Packing Charm [Pack]
Tickling Charm [Rictusempra]
Glasses Mending Charm [Oculus Reparo]
Bubble Producing Charm [Bullarum Immortalem]
Levitation Charm [Wingardium Leviosa]
Wand-lightning Charm [Lumos]
Locking Spell [Colloportus]
Unlocking Charm [Alohomora]
Umbrella Spell [Pluvia Velo]
Matchstick to Needle [Conmutocus] 
Untransfiguration [Reparifarge]
Extinguishing Charm [Extinguo]
General Counter-Spell [Finite Incantatem]
Avifors Spell [Avifors]
Color-Changing Charm [Colorvaria]
Clothing Color-Changing Charm [Multicorfors]
Hair Color-Changing Charm [Crinus Muto]
Blindfolding Spell [Obscuro]
Tongue-Tying Spell [Mimblewimble]
Disarming Charm [Expelliarmus]
Bluebell Flames [Caeruleus Inflamarae]
Hot-Air Charm [Aer Calidus]
Fire-Making Spell [Incendio Duo]
Slug-Vomiting Charm [Slugulus Eructo]
Flower-Conjuring Spell [Orchideous]
Ascension Spell [Alarte Ascendare]
Descension Spell [Descendo]
Potions List
Cure for Boils
Herbicide Potion
Forgetfulness Potion
Antidote to Common Poison
Wiggenweld Potion

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