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Mary Swan, First Year


& Additionnal Information

First Year  |  Hufflepuff 
29.5 centimeters, cherry wood and unicorn hair

Stats | Stamina: 4 - Agility: 7 - Strength: 4 - Control: 7 - Arcane Power: 3 - Accuracy: 5

Pure-blood | British | Mayfield, England

Mary was born and raised in the small town of Mayfield. It's a village where muggles and wizards can be found so she knew about both worlds from little. 
Both her parents attended Hogwarts, her father, Marc Dawson was in Slytherin house while her mother, Adelaïde Pierce was in Ravenclaw. Her father is working at the Ministry of Magic, and her mother is working as a nurse in St Mungo's. They met at a ball for the Minister of Magic birthday. They had first a boy, Alexander Swan who is 3 years older than Mary. He attends Hogwarts and is in the Ravenclaw house. 

Mary is of a normal high for her age. She has long dark hairs and brown eyes. Her skin is very pale and is getting sunburns very quickly. She is very talkative and social. She feels more comfortable surrounded by her friends than alone, that's why she hopes she won't have difficulties to find friends in Hogwarts as she only knows her brother. 

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Mary Swan, First Year






||Work in progress ||

Mary Swan, First Year


☐ = Still running ; ☑ = Finished ; ☒ = Abandoned

Compartment #25 - Hogwarts Express 
Exploring the Grounds - Great Lake
1st Year Girl Dormitory - Girl's Dormitory Hufflepuff

The Hufflepuff Table - Great Hall

|| Work in progress ||