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Helle Wynne // Ravenclaw // First Year

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Helle Wynne // Ravenclaw // First Year

Old Roleplay
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[Character Build]

Away From Home - [When Helle left home to Hogwarts] ☑

Father, - [Letters from Helle and her father] ☒


Sorting Ceremony - [Helle was sorted into her house] ☑

The Ravenclaw Table - [Helle assaults an innocent student after losing her hair and apologizes after her temper tantrum {Page 1 - Page ?}] ☒

First Year Potions - Helle meets Delilah Stewart and become potions partners with each others, discussing about current event happenings in Hogwarts. ☒
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Helle Wynne // Ravenclaw // First Year


[At this current moment, Helle Wynne do not have any form of relationship with anyone at the school; will be updated on at a later date.]
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Helle Wynne // Ravenclaw // First Year


"My personality? I suppose if you must know it. I sure hope you do not plan on using such information to attempt at some form of bonding of ill gain with me. I already had to deal with someone attempting to blackmail me into doing their homework."

Helle Wynne has a mouth filled with just sarcastic words and a mind only filled with knowledge. It was no wonder how she was a mix between becoming either a Slytherin or a Ravenclaw. She came from a line of Ravenclaw-Slytherin mixes. She appears unapproachable at first, however, after getting used to whatever inane nonsense with someone, she will come to tolerate them and will actually attempt to search for them before classes to briefly tell them...

That they are a numbskull.

It's no wonder why she has trouble creating friendships across the school, especially with her being mostly nervous as she bolts around the hallways with much taller upperclassmen passing her by and nearly tripping on her small form. She does have her qualities though, easing into giving, what she considers a friend, notes and simple academic advice to ensure they don't get expel for poor grades.

But be warned, due to her lack of relationships and care for her peers, punishments such as denial trips to Hogsmeade won't affect her, or having points taken away. She, as quoted usually "I can very easily just obtain them back. Take as many as it please you." , which only makes it harder for her friendships to blossom if they were in the same house as her. Because of her boredom and trouble sleeping, she will lurk the halls of the school or be found sitting in bed reading one of her many class books or an actual book to read. Being caught by staff or perfects doesn't concern her whatsoever.
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Helle Wynne // Ravenclaw // First Year

"Do I really have to confide my past tidings? Very well, if it'll hurry me back to my daily studies."
Helle Wynne grew up in a family that bare very little interest in much of anything that happened in the outside world, whether it be a mad man with intent of killing of all the Muggles in existence and replacing them with all wizards and witches, or if baby blue curtains certainly being 'in' for the spring season. None of it matter to any of them. And thus, rarely was there a Daily Prophet newspaper that dwell in the family household. Because of this issue, Helle was rather out of touch with students her age over the course of growing up.

She wasn't one to befriend other students her age, anyway. She would prefer reading with no ironic tense on the history of Muggles more than who is currently holding hands with who. Well enough, she was able to keep her very eyes instead onto her studies, as her father and mother once did as they graduated from their respective magical schools. 

Helle Wynne has a mastery in almost all her studies at Hogwarts, doing well in attempt to appeal an outstanding grade average compared to her peers. However, she had not planned a career in mind yet for herself, only wishing to keep herself at the very top of some unknown ladder, whether it to be to appeal to her parents, or to have validation to view the students around her as a chore to her livelihood. 
"Perhaps I'll push a career to be a professor. None of my peers bother to challenge themselves as it seems. And I fear that once my life span is over, the wizardly world will be full of numbskulls who forgotten how to cast a spell at all."