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Siege Aramastus Bal, Third Year Gryffindor


Full Name: Siege Aramastus Bal
House: Gryffindor
Age: 14
Wand: 25.9 cm Cherry Wood and Unicorn Hair
School Year: First Year
Patronus: N/A
Species: Human

Face Claims
Portgas D. Ace
Leo Valdez

Voice Claim
Taron Egerton


His eyes were open at around four-thirty that morning. He could feel nothing but the strained muscles he regularly cultivates, per the instruction of his step-father, Edward. It wasn’t easy growing up under the care of a former Special Boat Forces Captain. Especially with a history like his.

Before meeting Edward, Siege was no different than the street urchins of the alleyways of Glasgow. Sure, he had a place to sleep in the orphanage, yet what he did during the day, the sisters could not control. He could only really be described as unruly, rowdy, and someone could look at and tell where he was headed for the future. He wasn’t headed for much, other than perhaps years of juvenile detention and then jail itself. It was a bleak future for a hopeless kid.

It seemed as if every single day he came back with bruises, battle wounds he called it, and he wore them with pride. His very stare in itself gave a language that spoke in utmost eloquence within the realms of intimidation. He stood at an aberrant height of four feet and nine inches at age ten and weighed in at a healthily and absurdly fit range. His piercing green eyes showed no innocence to them, and he wasn’t going to be treated like he was just some everyday punk. He fought endlessly, even the boys older than him. He didn’t care where, or who, as long as he asserted himself and made sure that he was never disrespected...No matter what anyone, including himself, may say, it was truly a cry. A cry for attention. A cry of frustration. A cry for help. A cry that a passing man from London would answer.


It had been hardly a year since the two mismatched personalities met. On one hand, the freedom-seeking boy was always up to no good, whilst the disciplined and disciplinarian adoptive father was always cleaning up after and cleaning up the boy’s atrocious behavior. One thing can be sure though, neither of them regrets the bonds they have built over that time. It was tough love that Edward gave and tough love was what Siege needed to be straightened out. In such a short period of time, he became studious to a degree, spoke with clarity, losing his Scottish accent in the process, and became physically refined. That was mostly due to his constant trouble-maker thought, an aspect that the Captain could never truly stamp out...The boy loved his freedom after all.

When the boy did do some of his old school classic devilish tricks, he’d employ some of his old disciplines when it came to handling the boy. This would come in the form of push-ups, curl-ups, pull-ups, and running, all calisthenics that Siege didn’t exactly mind performing. Sure, at first it was a pain, but as time went on, this became a habit...A habit that made disciplinarian measures to be increased, as the boy became awfully fit...As much as he complained, he had to admit that he felt better and better every time he went off and worked, whether he was there being punished or not.

Edward saw himself in the boy and Siege feels gratefulness for the man, despite what he may project out there. No matter who his real father was, no matter what may happen to him, he’ll always consider Edward as his father, and he was Edward’s son.


Age twelve, and already at the gates of a world thrust upon him through the fluctuating words of a mystical letter. He found himself awaiting at the tracks for the train that would take him to the magical world soon...He felt exhilaration and excitement at the thought of this new world. He would remember everything that his father taught him. Yet he can never let go of his free spirit, almost bursting at the seams, as the sound of his future came bustling in carrying forth the wave of wind of fate itself.
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Siege Aramastus Bal, Third Year Gryffindor

The Trunk
Official Stat Sheet
STAMINA: Four (4)
AGILITY: Five (5)
STRENGTH: Ten (10)
CONTROL: Four (4)
ACCURACY: Four (4)
Spells Learnt
Spell: Fire Spell | Incendio
Class Learnt In: Herbology Lesson I
Tangent Moves: Upper Body and Lower Body Strikes
Spell: Tickling Spell | Rictusempra
Class Learnt In: Gryffindor Event
Spell: Red Sparks Spell | Periculum
Class Learnt In: DADA Lesson I
Potions Learnt
Potion: N/A
Learnt In: N/A
Proficiency: N/A
Times Attempted: N/A
Times Succeeded: N/A