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Siege Bal, First Year Gryffindor


Full Name: Siege Aramastus Bal
House: Gryffindor
Age: 14
Wand: 25.9 cm Cherry Wood and Unicorn Hair
School Year: First Year
Patronus: N/A
Species: Human

Face Claims
~Portgas D. Ace~
~Leo Valdez~

Siege's Voice
Voice Claim: Taron Egerton

Stamina - 5
Siege likes to get things done as fast as possible, at least when it came to fights. So it's no surprise that his endurance is certainly not his best weapon. Street fight usually last from seven to ten seconds after all, and it's usually who hits first.
Agility - 7
Agility was, and still is, one of the major parts of what makes up Siege's fighting style, which is hit like a tank and hard to hit. Though he's not as agile as he could be, he manages well enough in fights to dodge a punch or two.

Strength - 14
Siege's strength is what is most surprising about him, stronger than most kids his age, he hits like a tank indeed. Though he took this strength away from Ed's punishments whenever he got in trouble...Damn, those push ups were a pain.

Wisdom- 7Wisdom, an aspect that Siege must learn throughout his time alive in the world. As of now, his impulses and emotions are still in the way, though his time in Durmstrang may have changed him. He's improved significantly since his first year in Hogwarts, and his acts are more guarded now, for better or worse.
Arcane Power - 5
Now Siege definitely isn't someone who deals massive Arcane output on an enemy, preferring using his strength, rather than magic. Being quite the young carrier of Dante's Curse he cannot maximize his output as well as using magic as another way to wear down the opponent, a burn here, a burn there. Either way he definitely isn't gonna be the average duelist...

Accuracy - 7
Siege does have a decent amount of skill in accuracy, I mean in order to win fights you have to land a punch against your opponent right? So yeah, it's not one of the major things he wants to work on yet, but it is certainly an integral part of him and how he handles fights...

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Siege Bal, First Year Gryffindor

The Trunk
Official Stat Sheet
STAMINA: Four (4)
AGILITY: Five (5)
STRENGTH: Ten (10)
CONTROL: Four (4)
ACCURACY: Four (4)
Spells Learnt
Spell: Fire Spell | Incendio
Class Learnt In: Herbology Lesson I
Tangent Moves: Upper Body and Lower Body Strikes
Spell: Tickling Spell | Rictusempra
Class Learnt In: Gryffindor Event
Spell: Red Sparks Spell | Periculum
Class Learnt In: DADA Lesson I
Potions Learnt
Potion: N/A
Learnt In: N/A
Proficiency: N/A
Times Attempted: N/A
Times Succeeded: N/A