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Ciara O'Conner, First Year


Wand: 26 cm || Aspen Wood || Dragon Heartstring || Inflexible, attracted to energetic wizards/witches and will easily be wooed by another if its owner becomes lazy

Appearance: Standing at one hundred forty-seven point three centimeters and weighing forty-one point three kilograms is young Ciara O'Conner! She has what's known as a lean column figure, which is described as having narrow shoulders, flat/small chest, small and non-defined waist, and narrow hips and flat bottom. Her skin could be described as having a creme complexion, meaning Ciara is a bit on the fair side. She's been shown to burn a tad easily and redness is often shown on her face when she goes outside. Moving on to hair, it is thin and slightly wavy, making it easy to brush through, but split ends appear often. The colour of her hair is an ash brown, which appears to be darker in some lights. Length of hair reaches her chest, and it frames her heart-shaped face quite well. The brunette's eyes are described as almond protruding tapered in shape and sapphire blue in colour. Nose would be called a small hero. Naturally pale pink lips are thin in shape.

Personality: Slow down there hotshot! Ciara is known to be an ambitious female. If she has her mind set on a goal, there's really no stopping her from doing everything she could to achieve that dream of hers. Although this trait shows how determined she could be, it also shows that the brunette can be considered overly-fixated on a goal, close-minded, or even stubborn. If you tell her not to do something, she'll do it anyways. Want her to do something your way? That's cute. Ciara's the type of girl that that doesn't back down from her beliefs, even if they are wrong. Her mother often states she gets this trait from her father. Impulsive is another trait that fits her. She's usually swayed by her emotions and acts without relying on her intellect. This trait also results in her being extremely reckless. Her acting before thinking also causes the blue eyed girl to be a bit of a hothead, in other words, quick to anger. The fastest way to make her mad is damaging her pride or hurting someone she was close to. The eleven year old is also a social butterfly, as shown by her outgoing nature. She's cheerful as well often seen with a smile on her face and is a person who can lift up anyone's spirits, though that is most likely an exaggeration, since it was said by her dad. The brunette can talk to strangers with easy and therefore making friends is a breeze for her. Most people expect Ciara to be an airhead, thanks to being a hothead, but this just isn't true for the most part. Of course she's smart, but not intelligent in absolutely everything. She'll struggle the most in subjects such as History of Magic but shine in ones like Herbology. However, Herbology would most likely be a breeze for the eleven year old since she takes a great interest in plants, seeing how her mother is a florist. Ciara is very good with memorizing flower language and symbolism. The young girl seems to be moralistic as a result from being raised properly. She doesn't just stand around if someone's being picked on or what not, though this could be due to being impulsive, she'll rush to and protect the victim in that situation no matter what. Childish is another one that suits her. An example of this would be letting her emotions guide her instead of logic or being a bit sore if she doesn't get the highest score or if her house (as she doesn't show that much interest in sports so she won't be trying out as a second year most likely) loses a match or a house cup. Her last trait would be curiosity. Ciara is as curious as a cat! Hopefully curiosity won't kill the cat  this time though. But at least this nature of hers means she has a thirst for interesting knowledge that can't be quenched.

History: On March Twentieth (the day of the spring equinox for the Northern Hemisphere), Ciara was born to Brendan (wizard) and Caitlin (nee Ward) O'Conner (Muggle) in Waterford, Ireland. Of course the young female was told by her parents her heritage of being a half-blooded witch, and she seemed to accept it well. She was six when she started showing signs of magic. It was with a simple flower known as the iris. As Ciara was fond of flowers, it was really no surprise it happened with a plant. Anyways, the plant was a seedling at the time, but when the blue-eyed girl touched it, it grew and bloomed. Her parents, especially her father as he was relieved to see she wasn't a squib, were proud of her when she took the potted plant and ran excitedly to show her parents. For the most part, Ciara had as normal of a childhood that a half-blood could in the Muggle world (as that is where her father met her mother and they decided to stay). However, her hotheadedness often got her into arguments when she saw saw someone being bullied, and because of this, she often got hurt. Not that she really cared though. When the letter from Hogwarts came, after she turned eleven of course,  she couldn't have been happier to go, ready to learn how to be the best witch she could be!

  • She notes that Auror would be an amazing and interesting career that suits her personally (if she calmed her temper and matured a good bit that is). However, Healer is a nice backup choice for her.
  • Her favorite flower species include gladiolus, amaryllis, narcissus (which is also her birth flower), oleander (even though it's the most deadly plant in the world), peony, and forget-me-not.
  • Has the absolutely worst luck with technology. Good thing she really doesn't need it being a witch.
  • Is the go to girl if someone needed advice on flowers to give to a loved one.
  • She loves books that are mysteries and adventures.
  • Ciara has Hyperopia (far-sightedness) and wears contacts. She does have a back-up pair of glasses that she'll start wearing in Potions.
  • Personification of :lol: 
  • MBTI - Extroversion || Intuition || Feeling || Perceiving - ENFP

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Ciara O'Conner, First Year



I’m just going to be whoever I’m going to be and keep on walking on the path I’ve laid in front of me.
-Ciara O'Conner

Ciara O'Conner, First Year



I’m just going to be whoever I’m going to be and keep on walking on the path I’ve laid in front of me.
-Ciara O'Conner