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Lucille Stoatland - First Year Ravenclaw


  •  The Stoatlands
    The Stoatlands are what make Lucille so nervous. Hailing from Ulster, or Northern Ireland, Ireland, the Stoatlands of Ulster as they were called were ferocious wielders of the wand, known for having children who excel in both Dark Arts and the Defense against it. They were good people when they are not on the field of battle, and but they were never people people either. Harsh, rude and violent is a negative way to see the family, but those who get past their sarcasm and sometimes indecent violent behavior, they would find a friend with strong beliefs and a fierce loyalty. The Stoatlands were also all from Hogwarts and have a fierce reputation of being sorted into either Hufflepuff or Gryffindor. Under their rough demeanor lies a charming and kind person. However as the days of darkness have passed, the Stoatlands have retired to a more peaceful life style of being Hunters and Farmers.
  • Early Life
    Lucille was born to Maxil Stoatland and his wife Helga Duran. Both are currently aurors for the Ministry of Magic in Britain and thus barely spent time with Lucille after her birth. Instead she got taken by her much older family. While it was the clan castle, it was hidden from Muggle eyes as a deep forest that Muggles never paid heed to. Merely all they see is the forest and a farm with sheep. The castle itself is like any castle. It is cold in the morning, cozy at night. It is lit up with charms and the occasional fireflies. The halls are decorated with beautiful dark green banners with the Stoatland's mark on it. Lucille grew up as a kid, scared. The large halls towered over the small girl and some parts of the castle were dangerous, like the kitchen. However she grew accustomed to being outside on the farm than being in the cold confines. Lucille also grew up around generally the elderly, who told her heroic stories of their past. As a young girl of course, she grew up with plenty of fantasies of one day being a hero. However something changed her mind.
  • Childhood
    Lucille grew an interest in magical creatures. It all started when she found a signed copy of Newt Scamander's Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them that her dad left behind. After reading the book, she became obsessed with the idea that there are creatures, both amazing yet dangerous, out there. It would make her quite the heroic figure, and would get the attention of her parents. However fearing she might act rash, her grandparents tried their best to deter her from trying to go out and to find a Common Welsh Green or something just as dangerous. Instead they tried to direct her attention to Defense Against the Dark Arts, to try to inspire her to be an auror. They were successful, but not as successful as they wanted to it to be, Lucille is now torn between two future occupations she wants, an Auror and Magizoologist.

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