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Lora Boswell, Frist year Ravenclaw

Lora Boswell, Frist year Ravenclaw



Lora is short and skinny with messy shoulder length black hair and dazed crimson red eyes. She usually wears a gray hoodie with black jeans and barefooted.


Lora is seen to be extremely lazy most of the time from her being tired all the time. She actually is quite intelligent despite how tired she maybe as shown from her over doing simple tasks but she can be quite forgetful about seemingly random things. One of her more fun quirks is that she loves to confuse people by acting weird or asking strange questions that either don't have a real answer or ones the person won't know the answer two.


Adrian Boswell\Father\Vampire\Unknown

Clara Boswell\Mother\Pure-Blood\Alive


Lora spent most of her early childhood inside and reading with barely any human interaction with her being very quiet and unsociable. She grew up with only her mother with her because Adrian Boswell her dad ran away and hasn't been seen since. Lora never had any real friends when she was young because of a combination of her hating going out into the sun from the heat and parents not wanting there kids around a vampire even if she's only half vampire although she does love blood pops.  And ever since she was two she is always tired and exhausted no matter how much she sleeps or when. A side of that is her eyes always look dazed and unaware making her look like she's under the Imperius Curse. But her second most noticeable quirk is her downright hatred for foot wear of any kind because she always trips on her third step even if it's just socks.
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Lora Boswell, Frist year Ravenclaw