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Barbara Davis, First Year Slytherin



Barbara Davis was born to Aidan Davis, a pure blooded young American wizard who'd made his way into Cornwall due to his hatred of how things were done in America- and Anneth Davis (nee Broadbent), a local Muggle woman born and raised in rural Cornwall whom ran a bakery there. Her parents hit it off almost immediately after a night on the town, Aidan's musical talents being the first thing to catch Anneth's attention... And sometime after their initial fling, Anneth found out she was pregnant. It was a consequently quick wedding, but Aidan's enemies still knew where he was... And struck when he thought he'd settled in perfectly well, Barbara only a five year old child at that point- having literally just had her birthday on April 3rd. He had done his best to be there for his wife and daughter until then, even to the point of revealing his Magic to both of them.

After that, Anneth chose to pack up and move on elsewhere in England- eventually making her way on up to Stocksfield by the end of the year with Barbara in tow. It was a rough life the next few years, Anneth having to take odd jobs to make money and care for Barbara mostly on her own. Her needs came second to her only child's, and so despite growing up poor Barbara was quickly spoiled rotten.

The young child still grew up with a fascination with her father, however, and any little bits of him she could glean from her mother were greatly appreciated. She began to use the codes in his codices of  personal journals, reading through his journal entries in attempts to understand the wizarding world he'd been a part of. Whilst she and her mother both knew she was destined to be a witch, Barbara was impatient. Those investigative skills she learned in interpreting her father's journals proved to be quite useful in areas of science such as geology, chemistry, and pure mathematics- and so in her school she became known as the little genius, getting into spats with the other kids and driving the teachers insane because they did not know how to cope with her behavior.

Her mother Anneth was all too relieved when she found out Hogwarts was, in fact, a boarding school- for neither she nor Barbara had received much information on it at all from Aidan's journals.

-to be continued/constant work in progress-

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