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Crone Pendragon; First Year



Her younger sister, her fish seller mother, her fisherman father, a bright harbour house and twenty cats of assorted colours. This is, and always will be, what home truly feels like to Crone. 

Home feels like the warm embrace of brilliant Bristol sunlight as it dances upon the waterfront, rainbow reflections shining along the body of water from the brightly pigmented neighbourhood, in which this muggle-born has spent her whole life blessed with. Born into an English family, she is the eldest of Mr and Mrs Pendragon's twins by a whole fifteen minutes. Unlike Crone, Araminta is full of zest and life like the young, invigorated whippersnapper that Mother had always promoted. Crone was never the expressive type and is highly grateful to have a sister that could make up for double the personality. In some ways, Crone's thoughts always seemed to be said by the straightforward Araminta, even when she didn't admit them to herself.

She wanted to keep it that way. No matter what, Crone would protect her light of Bristol happiness. No matter what.

For eleven years, the Pendragons have been living a happy, content life. Business had never been better, especially now that the twins had a bigger vocabulary and had inherited the Pendragon's tongue of persuasion. Crone loves fishing, swimming and boat driving as much as her father does... But there have been many warning signs during her childhood that proved Crone wasn't simply just fond of the water in the most ordinary of ways. She seemed able to control the pattern of the water, able to ripple still harbour water into waves without even touching it, able to channel the fish towards them through creating currents in the water 'using mind-power', as she once tried to explain to Father. It was certainly a ridiculous notion - but there was no denying it, something strange was up with his daughter. Afraid the Pendragons would suffer prejudices of being crazy in a society where their approachability was crucial for business, the muggle parents have kept these magical eccentricities to themselves. Perhaps they were just seeing things.

But then the messenger from Hogwarts came knocking, explaining these crazy feats of nature as an innate witchcraft that should be learned to control. Crone was skeptical - leave my perfectly fine life for the dank, dark streets of grey London? No way in hell! But when there's a will, there's a way, and Araminta showed plenty of will to be excited about magic. Their parents had a lightbulb moment, slightly afraid in the past of their powers, thus positively advocating their move to London in hopes that they could come back more in tune with their abilities. All the Pendragons wanted was for everyone to live a fulfilled, easy life, after all.

So, on second thought, perhaps this wasn't such a bad idea. Maybe she could learn to use her powers to further protect Araminta, who also needed support in doing something so out of their comfort zone.

Despite moving to this obscure place called 'Hogwarts' in hopes to do something so crazy as become a 'witch', Crone was curious about her peculiar gift. Maybe she could become a better fisherman than her dad from all this. Doubly curious about the history of magic, since apparently it's an actual thing and not just a form of fiction anymore, Crone tentatively prays that this new boarding school can provide at least one tenth of the comfort from back home. Without the abundance of fish and cats, Crone reckons that it'll be hard to find much comfort 'ere.

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Crone Pendragon; First Year


Araminta Pendragon - Crone's dear younger sister, the yin to her yang, the excitement to her sarcasm. Mess with Araminta and Crone will not forget it. 
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Greetings, it is I, your resident jellyfish - I'll rest nicely in your hands, but get too close and I'll sting your face.

Crone Pendragon; First Year


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Greetings, it is I, your resident jellyfish - I'll rest nicely in your hands, but get too close and I'll sting your face.