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Tsukiko Celeste; First Year Slytherin.

About Tsukiko:

Tsukiko Celeste

English, parents are Japanese/English.



29,9 centimeters, cherry wood and phoenix feather.

 Care of Magical Creatures.

Description and Origin:

Tsukiko Celeste had been the offspring of two well known wizards, but life was not the party people would assume she was having. Her parents were strict, locking her away when she showed signs of being abnormal. She played with fire, faced ravenous beasts head on, and practiced small spells without their permission. She was secluded while she was growing up, leading to her resentment towards her parents.

Tsukiko wasn't very social, given she was isolated since being a toddler, but that didn't stop people from being drawn to her. She had an attractive personality; she was witty, bold, and free-spirited. Upon receiving her acceptance letter, her brain went from grey to the prettiest of golds. She was now allowed to be the person she wanted to be, along with her other Slytherin classmates. Dreaming would no longer be a problem, and she would be able to express herself.

Her black hair was shorter, and she had bangs placed right above her dark eyebrows. She had yellow-ish green eyes, just like her father. A delicate nose, full lips, and a sharp jawline. She took care of herself, resulting in clear ivory skin and white teeth. Self care was one of her top priorities. Tsukiko was always dressed head to toe in black; it was her style. Wearing makeup at the solid age of eleven was frowned upon, but she loved the dark blacks and greys she would place around her eyes. It made her eye color pop even more than it already does.

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Tsukiko Celeste; First Year Slytherin.

Relationships and Memorable Encounters:

She has not been around many people since birth.
She hopes to build relationships and have memorable encounters.

With magic and a dash of glitter, anything is possible.

Tsukiko Celeste; First Year Slytherin.

RPGs Started, Left, Ongoing:
  1. Joined two class RPGs.
  2. Joined a couple RPGs scattered around the Great Hall, Great Lake, and Small Hall.

With magic and a dash of glitter, anything is possible.