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Aurelia Bezuidenhout | Second Year | Gryffindor

Currently off the site on Hiatus. Forgive the atrocity of a mess my encyclopedia is right now. I have made almost everything is invisible colour=#ffffff00, it’s meant to be and I’ll leave it like that for now. Don’t fret as it will be revamped entirely when I return (yes, I will return).

Table of Contents

i. Basic Information
ii. Personality Traits
iii. Family Background
iiii. Trunk of Records
v. Other Relationships
vi. Roleplay Thread List
vii. Hogwarts Timeline
viii. Future Appearances
viiii. Character Tidbits
X - Ooc Information

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Aurelia Bezuidenhout | Second Year | Gryffindor



Full Name
Aurelia Estelle Schütte-Bezuidenhout

Auri | Bezu | Ree

Aw - ree - lee - uh |
As - tell |
Shoot - eh |
Bur - sh - ow - dahn - how - t |


Bright Blue Eyes | Light Freckles

Collarbone Length | Brown

Tall | Ectomorph | Lean
5'1 ½ | 101 lbs


Gryffindor | Best House Ever

School Year
2nd Year | 2018 - 2019

Gryffindor Writer


Cherry Wood | Phoenix Feather | 28 cm

Raphael’s Diary | Mother’s Perfume
Rainfall | Freshly Washed Hair

Corpse of Raphael Bezuidenhout
Blue Eyes | (adoptive) Parents’ Neglection

Aurelia Aurita | Moon Jelly


12 | August 25th

½ Dutch | ½ German

English Accent

Pureblood | O-

Heterosexual? | Female

Pre-Hogwarts History
On a breezy August Autumn morning, a crying baby was born to two proud pure-blood parents. They had named her Aurelia, which was translated into 'the golden one' from latin, as the leaves shedding from the beautiful trees outside the mansion were golden. Or at least that was what her parents told her that is, lies they were.

Aurelia grew up with a (unbiological) brother whom she'd do everything together with. He was only three years older than her but from the young girl's point of view, he was a superman figure. The bonds between the two were so close that it made other children envy their relationship. Raphael was the very few people in her life who could pull a smile on her face even when she was not in a very good mood. When Mr and Mrs Bezuidenhout were busy at work, the two children never got bored as long as they had each other.

When her parents got busier, Thellea reluctantly resulted into putting Aurelia and Raphael into a local muggle school in London, England. Thellea wasn’t sure if her adopted Daughter had any magic yet, therefore put her in a muggle school instead of magical as a reassurance in case Aurelia turned out to be a squib. She didn’t want Aurelia to be alone and therefore sent Raphael in with her.

Aurelia was quite an anti-social child in her early years and had gotten picked on by her pre-school classmates constantly. If it wasn't for her brother defending her ever so often, the bullies would most likely have pestered her even further. Her brother became her refuge, a person the young girl would run to in times of trouble.

Aurelia's life was flipped when Raphael disappeared from her life. On a cold winter evening, a family of four left the Christmas themed mall with smiles on their faces. Until the two impulsive children of the family decided to play a game of tag. The girl had managed to 'it' her brother not long after he himself had tapped her. She was fast for a seven year old. Then as the boy was chasing Aurelia down a long flight of stairs he had stepped on a clump of snow. He had slipped. Everything seemed to be moving extremely slow as the body tumbled down the many steps. It laid motionless at the bottom of the stairs even when her parents came to help. Until now, Aurelia still thinks that she was responsible for her own brothers death even though she clearly knows it was an accident. Physiologically, it damaged and haunted her. She changed. Her adoptive parents had as well and began setting expectations for her like never before. It seemed her childhood ended right in that month, she was expected to act maturely like an adult, make decisions how a proper pureblood would.

Soon after this incident, her parents decided to switch Aurelia’s schooling to Cheshire, England where it was less populated. This school however was torture for Aurelia after. These classmates kept with their bullying. They had shoved her to the ground, pulled on her hair and Aurelia was also affected by the nasty comments that they had insulted her with. Aurelia never informed her parents about it as she was afraid it might worry them further. She also refused to tell the teachers about it as her parents would be undeniably notified about it. She was to suck it up maturely like an adult.

Like always, her parents were busy and she was asked to wait at the nearby playground after school. The anti-social girl sat on one of the benches envying other children play. One day, a group of teens, came up to the lonely girl and invited her to hang around with them. As gullible as most seven year olds would be, she agreed. The group of three had seen her sitting lonely on the same bench everyday that they had asked her to join them while waiting for her mother to pick her up. Even though to most Seven year olds, they were considered scary looking. However, Aurelia didn't think so. A strange bond was created with Aurelia and the three teenagers. They had became something like her second family, one to temporarily replace the loss of her brother.

Everyday for almost four years after the school bell rang, she would join the same group of kids at the local skate park nearby and return to the playground about an hour later just in time for her mother would pick her. Aurelia enjoyed the company of these kids even if they taught her stuff kids her age shouldn't be hearing. They had also taught her to skateboard and how to defend herself. Though they were somehow a bad influence for the young girl, she had enjoyed their company and they had enjoyed hers.

After the years of waiting, Adebard and Thellea was convinced that Aurelia was non-magical until something odd happened on a spring’s day. Having grown of with the street kids for quite a number of years, she had learnt many things from them including self-defence. The girl finally mustered the courage to give one of the bullies a bloody nose and didn't hesitate to give the others a few bruises. However, a tiny girl was still no match against a group of four, they had chased her, but the girl was fast, dodging the things they threw at her as well as sprinting down the corridors. Unfortunately, she had became cornered shortly after. Aurelia was scared and vulnerable. But one of the bullies was instantly flung a few feet backwards when she had laid a hand on her. Stunned, the other bullies went to inform the Teachers who had later notified Aurelia’s parents.

Her parents, after hearing what their ten year old had to say, knew that it was a magical occurrence. Though they were utterly disappointed that she handled the situation with violence, they were very much relieved to know their adoptive Daughter possessed magic. After three months of homeschooling and preparation for school, an owl with an envelope in its beak knocked one of the many windows of the Bezuidenhout Mansion. It was an invitation letter to Hogwarts.
to be updated

Thellea and Adebard took her and cared for her as their own daughter. Besides her blue eyes, there is nothing else similar in appearance to her parents. Even then, her parents fed her lies and fake stories to protect her from the truth that she was not born of their blood and flesh. They introduced their new child to the rest of the family. The young girl stole the hearts of all the relatives whos eyes fell upon her. They soon accepted her and considered Aurelia a child of the family even if she was adopted.

On summer 2018, Aurelia was rumaging through the dusty shelves in the attic. That was when she found a hard cover notebook, with childish written words scribbled on it's pages. Then it was when she realised it was a diary of her late brother Raphael. The brother who haunted her for years. Soon she would know all the secrets that her parents had swept under the luxurious fur carpet.
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Aurelia Bezuidenhout | Second Year | Gryffindor



Sensible | Meticulous
Inquisitive | Dependable
Logical | Protective

Disloyal | Apprehensive
Grudge-Bearing | Uptight
Vindictive | Assertive

Likes and Dislikes

Outdoors | Skateboarding | Ballet

Dislikes / Fears
Incendio | Disappointing Parents
Chocolate Frogs | Blue Eyes


Swim | Cook | Knife Throwing l Drawing

Baking | Self-defence | Vocals

Contemporary Ballet | Acting | Journaling | German

Skateboarding | Ballet | Dutch | English


⫸ Appearance

Aurelia stands at 5’2, an average height for a twelve year old girl in Hogwarts. She has a healthy scalp of light brown hair cascading a few inches down her collarbone, a soulful pair of blue eyes and freckles lightly dusted across the bridge of her nose. One thing noticeable about her is that when she smiles, you can see her teeth gleaming with silver studs of her braces. Aurelia is a neat girl and always brushes her hair before going out and keeps her nails trimmed short.

Aurelia mostly dresses formal casually on an almost everyday basis. Her family, has been influenced slightly by the muggle fashion ways, so Aurelia fancies cotton t-shirts, denims, and wool sweaters. Shorts, as her mother had says was improper for young ladies to be wearing and Aurelia respects that decision to avoid their disappointment.

She doesn’t take on the traits of any of her mother or father as she is adopted but is unaware of it (as for 2017) though she does get frequent comments that she doesn’t look like her parents. Even though she and her mother both have blue in their eyes, the shade doesn’t match. Her mother is greyish blue while Aurelia’s is ocean. Her father has brown hair but it’s so dark that it may often be seen as black while hers is unmistakably light brown.  It doesn’t bother her much that she doesn’t look like either of her parents, she just think that there’s something to do with genetics and biology. Little does she know the truth about her adoption (as for 2017).

⫸ Personality
Aurelia generally appears faintly aloof and mature at first glance due to her upbringing as a pureblood. It’s better to have thick skin than to be taken advantage by others. She can be intense and assertive and often come across as uptight or stuck up. She might behave so for many reasons, wether it’s prefect duties or if she is defending a cause. It’s also the main reason why she doesn’t click well with many people; the first impressions.

The Gryffindor is very serious when it comes to doing her duties as prefect. But if you happened to cross paths and give a her a smile, she’d definitely be one to return another. She is much more outgoing when you get to know her, especially when she isn’t stressing out about her duties or schoolwork. Being a prefect is not very easy and stresses Aurelia out at times. Fortunately, the girl is not rash in decision making and often tries to deal with situations as smoothly as possible.

Generosity and protectiveness is something you would not expect from an intense girl like Aurelia. It might even surprise you. There are a few students whom Aurelia feels needs her guidance and protection. Its especially so as a prefect, where she has a sense of duty to the school and to protect.

Aurelia was put in a muggle primary school before she entered hogwarts. Due to being adopted, her parents wasn’t sure of her blood status and therefore thought that it was more reassuring to put her into a muggle school in case she did not possess magic. Another reason to this was because of their safety. Because of this, Aurelia knows math and science as well as all the things taught in grade 1 through 4. She is also familiar with muggle electronics and even has a mobile phone her parents gave to her to use only for emergencies. She almost never uses it nor does she know how. Her house, protected with a magical spell is filled with muggle gadgets like wifi, computer, television ect. Most of which Aurelia has no idea how to operate.

⫸ Wand Traits

“Ideal for casting defensive and protective charms, it suits wizards which have a clear mind and heart.”

28,0 cm | Phoenix Feather | Cherry

Phoenix Feather
This is the rarest core type. Phoenix feathers are capable of the greatest range of magic, though they may take longer than either unicorn or dragon cores to reveal this. They show the most initiative, sometimes acting of their own accord, a quality that many witches and wizards dislike.

Phoenix feather wands are always the pickiest when it comes to potential owners, for the creature from which they are taken is one of the most independent and detached in the world. These wands are the hardest to tame and to personalise, and their allegiance is usually hard won.
Cherry Wood
This very rare wand wood creates a wand of strange power, most highly prized by the wizarding students of the school of Mahoutokoro in Japan, where those who own cherry wands have special prestige. The Western wand-purchaser should dispel from their minds any notion that the pink blossom of the living tree makes for a frivolous or merely ornamental wand, for cherry wood often makes a wand that possesses truly lethal power, whatever the core, but if teamed with dragon heartstring, the wand ought never to be teamed with a wizard without exceptional self-control and strength of mind.
Aurelia’s Opinions
Aurelia fell in love with the aesthetics of the wand as soon as her eyes fell upon. It had a firm but comfortable grip and was flexible too. What was more beguiling was the fact that the wand grew comfortingly warm against her palm whenever she held it. Olivanders had described the wand to be ideal for casting defensive and protective charms which suited Aurelia since she didn’t quite like the thought of using offensive spells. However, Aurelia didn’t know what Olivander meant when he stated that it suited witches with a clear mind and heart. The girl was a bit too excited upon receiving the wand that she hadn’t bothered to clarify what he meant by that.

One of her Aunts had encourage her to give the wand a name in order to strengthen her ‘bond’ between the object. Aurelia didn’t believe that wands had personality at first but as she continued using her wand, she came to realise that her wand indeed had temperament. After about 6 months with her wand, Aurelia gave it a German word as a name, Nachsicht. The word Nachsicht, Naa-Sick-H, has two different meanings. One forbearance, the other, indulgence.

Wands born of the Phoenix was known to act to their own accord and Aurelia couldn’t deny that it was true from the months of experience with her wand. Nachsicht meant Forbearance and the definition of Forbearance was restraint, self-control. Nachsicht knew how to control itself from hurting others too badly as if it was aware if the spell was used in offense or defense. Nachsicht was great at casting spells, more specifically spells used for the purpose of self-defense and protection. If the spells cast were used for the purpose of offense, duelling for example, it would cast them with slightly lesser power. It was an effective wand but wasn’t an ideal duelist’s wand.

Aurelia also noticed that Nachsicht was effective in casting utility spells like Pluvia, Scorgify as well as pack. These seemed like the spells which was used to indulge in. So there was another part of it’s name.


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Aurelia Bezuidenhout | Second Year | Gryffindor


『 ❦ Bezuidenhout ❦ 』

Dutch | Netherlands | The Hague

Pure-blood | Dutch Ministry of Magic
Relations with Schüttes | Slytherins

『 ❦ Scütte ❦ 』

Germany | Mönchengladbach

Pure-Bloods | Wealthy Businesses
Talented Dancers | Powerful

Background Information

The Bezuidenhout is a notable family name with a long line of purebloods tracing back all the way to the late 18th century. The Bezuidenhout has a respected Dutch heritage from the Netherlands. The earlier generation are known for migrating to England in big numbers during the time of World War II where Germany then wasn’t an unpredictable neighbouring country. There were also better wizarding jobs in England as the waizarding community in Netherlands then wasn’t as big. Some were found suitable to work in the ministry of magic and till this day the Bezuidenhout are known for many of its members working in the British Ministry.

However, not long after during the Second Wizarding war, the Bezuidenhout were suspected to have served Voldemort during his time of reign. All who have been questioned had denied this saying they have been against him instead of with him ever since the first wizarding war. Those who still had suspicions had attempted to look through the records and no evidence were found of the Bezuidenhout had sided Voldemort were found. Skeptics say that due to their reputable positions in the ministry of Magic, they had managed to clear all and alter all the records. Still, no proof was found and the family still denies this.

The Schütte, though small in numbers, are very well known throughout the wizarding industries. Striving businesses are owned by this family especially Schütte Inc, a company founded by them and is currently blossoming with wealth. Rumours have that if the Schütte were to die out, there would be a small dent in the economy. The Schütte are daunting and aren’t afraid to venture into different industries to see what can benefit them and wether the odds are in their favour. Their trading tactics are so strategised that they almost always get what they wish.

Behind all the hard work, the Schütte values highly of family. They have a very strong bond and are extremely loyal to each other. They frequently have family gatherings and still up hold their German tradition. This factor is sometimes envied by other families. Being small in numbers, the Schütte values privacy and hides their addresses as best as they can. They rarely host parties and galas but do attend them when invited.

The Cottage
The Bezuidenhout cottage is not a cottage but rather a mansion in the middle of nowhere. Adebard and Thellea Bezuidenhout built this mansion by transfiguring it from a hill. It took 17 months for the two to perfect the architecture as well as install the necessary furniture, wifi and technical appliances.

They have protected it with a spell similar to the one put within the brick wall of platform 3/4 and its unlikely for anyone to discover it. Only Adebard, Thellea and a few other trusted relatives knows the exact location of the cottage and therefore are able to aparate there which is the only known way to get to the Mansion is by using the apparition spell besides the Floo System which is located in the basement and guarded by a trusted house elf as well as an advance muggle security system.

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Aurelia Bezuidenhout | Second Year | Gryffindor

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Aurelia Bezuidenhout | Second Year | Gryffindor


Character Statistics
Stamina | 5
Evasion | 12
Strength | 5
Wisdom | 9
Arcane | 5
Accuracy | 9
Race & Abilities
Full Human

Spells Learnt
Fire-Making Spell | Incendio
Flame Conjuring Charm | Incendio Duo
Slug-Vomiting Charm | Slugulus Eructo
Exinguo | Fire-Extinguishing Charm

Wingardium Leviosa | Levitation
Lumos | Wand-Lighting Charm
Nox | Light-Extinguishing Charm
Tarantallegra | Dancing Feet spell
Mending charm | Reparo
Alohomora | Unlocking Charm
Colloportus | Locking Spell
Pluvia Velo | Umbrella Spell
General Counter-Spell | Finite Incantatem

Verdimillious | Green Sparks Charm
Periculum | Red Sparks Charm
Mucus Ad Nauseam | Curse of Bogies
Flipendo | Knockback Jinx
Fumos | Smokescreen Spell

Avifors | Bird-Transforming Spell

Rictusempra | Tickling Charm
Stelus | Sneezing Hex
Pack | Packing Charm
Spongify | Softening Charm
Diffindo | Servering Charm
Bullarum Immortalem | Bubble-Producing Charm

Potions & Ingredients
Potions Learnt
Mental | Forgetfulness Potion
Physical | Cure for Boils
Enviromental | Herbicide Potion
Physical | Antidote to Common Poisons
Mental | Sleeping Draught
Mental | Drowsiness Draught

Ingredients Learnt
Standard Ingredient | Valerian Sprigs | Mistletoe Berries | Lavender Sprigs | Grounded Chamomile | Flobberworm Mucus | Bezoar | Grounded Bdellium | Wormwood | Aconite | Asphodel | White Dittany | Dittany of Crete | Moly Plant | Moondew | Puffapod Spores | Monkshood | Snake Fangs| Billywig Stings | Wolfsbane | Horklump Juice | Lionfish Spines

Potions Obtained

Ingredients Obtained
Asphodel •
Aconite •
Dittany •
Lavender Sprigs •
Lionfish Spines •
Mistletoe Berries •
Snake Fangs •
Valerian Sprigs •
Wormwood •
Wolfsbane •

The Trunk
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Aurelia Bezuidenhout | Second Year | Gryffindor

]font=ht tps://image.ibb.co/eTYp4d/img_hp.png]
School Relationships

Stage Three
Friends | Enemies | Complicated

Ami Proccopio
Friends | Brash and Blunt | Hufflepuff
The girl is one of the feistiest Huffle in Hogwarts. Aurelia admires her opinionated views.
She is really a great person to be with and is great at quidditch. Hufflepuff, she’s nice but not somebody you’d like to mess with.
Anastasia Beckett
Enemies | Stubborn | Gryffindor
Aurelia doesn’t quite know why this girl dislikes her but neither does Aurelia after the dispute in the Gryffgazette office.
Though she and I may be seem like we’re on good terms, prefect and all, we aren’t. Not after she had attempted to falsely frame me on the Gryffgazette once.
Bloom Silverton
Enemies | Rude and Disrespectful | Ravenclaw
Was very rude to Aurelia during the forbidden sleepover and even dared to threaten her.
If you had seen how disrespectfully she treated me in the sleepover we had in the Forbidden Forest, you’d definitely wouldn’t want to have her as a Friend. She had even threatened me.
Emma Hill
Enemies | Two Faced | Ravenclaw
The typical high school dramatics between them will never end. Sometimes they’re nice to each other most times they attempt to make the other’s life miserable.
Honestly, I can’t say how our rivalry began. It just did. I do think she exists simply just to annoy me and to make my life miserable. I try to avoid her but we just keep having so unfortunately encounters.
Mari Haynes
Friend | Naive | Hufflepuff
They first met in the party Aurelia was about to call off after that was the incident in the abandoned bathrooms and Aurelia feels a need to protect her like a little sister.

Stage Two
Negative Acquaintance | Friendly Aquaintance

Alexx Helm
Negative Acquaintance | Up Tight | Slytherin
Though alright, Aurelia doesn’t like her because her parents are Deatheaters. She also punched another Gryffindor in the library, which Aurelia is not happy about.
She sent me to detention once... well maybe I deserved it but she’s the Daughter of a death eater. They say she’s nice and she’d even invited me to a sleepover but still, I don’t quite trust her yet, maybe I may never.
Amadea Campbell
Friendly Acquaintances | Helpful and Selfless | Hufflepuff
A kind Huffle who helped her to the Hospital wing when Aurelia was jinxed and like almost every prefects, attempts to prevent conflicts.
Amanda Sparrow
Neutral Acquaintance | Feisty | Ravenclaw
Generally nice but uses her prefect status in attempts to intimidate others in order to solve conflicts. Aurelia has nothing against her at the moment.
Andrew Vanes
Friendly Acquaintance | Sociable | Slytherin
Aurelia had met home once in her old primary school when he came up to her to return the Remembral that she had dropped. Somehow, it still remains in his possession.
Celynne Gray
Friendly Acquaintance | Wise | Ravenclaw
Intelligent Ravenclaws, speak of wisdom. Gave great advice when Aurelia needed it. Her voice is also beautiful when she sings.
Elena Jones
Negative Acquaintance | Harsh | Slytherin
Elena dislikes Aurelia strongly probably due to influence from Anastasia Beckett even though Aurelia doesn’t quite feel the same way towards her.
Howard White
Friendly Acquaintance | Sociable | Hufflepuff
Aurelia knows him as Howie. Aurelia supplies him Forgetfulness Potion but does not know the reason to why he requires it.
Hugh Lowe
Acquaintance | ~ | Gryffindor
Anastasia’s greatest possession. Aurelia ‘uses’ Hugh to get on Anastasia’s nerves. He’s obnoxiously tall for a twelve year old.

Stage One
Passing | Acquaintance | Interviewed

Ben Eckenrode
Passing | Dangerous | Ravenclaw
Whatever everybody says about him not being the masked man, he is still dangerous to Aurelia.
Cecily Queen
Acquaintance | ~ | Ravenclaw
In the same group for Trick Or Treating. Currently no strong opinions.
Daniel Weaver
Acquaintance | ~ | Slytherin
In the same group for Trick or Treating. Sat in the same Hogwarts Express compartment.
Marissa North
Acquaintance | Anti-Social | Hufflepuff
Sat on the same thestral carriage to Hogwarts (2018). No strong opinions other than that she’s pretty shy.
Max Avery
Passing | ~ | Gryffindor
Writer-in-Chief of the GryffGazette and Headboy.
Scott Alexander
Acquaintance | ~ | Gryffindor
Interviewed him multiple times for Gryffgazette. Sat on the same thestral carriage to Hogwarts (2018).
Serena Towers
Acquaintance | ~ | Hufflepuff
In the same group for trick or treat. Currently no strong opinion besides that she has quite popular.

Hogwarts Staff
HoH | Professors | MoM

Non Playable Characters

『 ❦ Street Kids ❦ 』

Brother Figure | Reckless | Daring
Tall | Blonde | Blue eyes
Street kid | 20 | Muggle

Classy Tea
Close Friend | Caring | Courageous
Dark Brunette | Dark brown eyes
Street kid | 19 | Muggle

Close Friend | Apprehensive | Strategic
Dark Haired | Dark eyes
Street kid | 19 | Muggle

『 ❦ Family (direct) ❦ 』

Adebard Bezuidenhout
Adoptive Father | Business Man | Dutch
43 | Dark Brunette | Green Eyes
Hogwarts Graduate | Pure-blood

Thellea Bezuidenhout
Adoptive Mother | Schütte Inc. | German
Light Blonde | Blue-Grey eyes | 42
Hogwarts Graduate | Pure-blood

『 ❦ Family (Distant Maternal) ❦ 』

Leotasandra Schütte
Grandmother | Schütte Inc | German
Light Blonde | Blue Eyes | 68
Durmstrang Graduate | Pure-blood

Heidi Osttänzerin
Aunt | Ministry of Magic | German
Light Blonde | Blue-Grey eyes | 35
Beauxbatons Graduate | Pure-blood

Heinrich Schütte
Uncle | Schütte Inc. | German
Dirty Blonde | Grey Eyes | 35
Koldovstoretz Graduate | Pure-blood
If your character has met Aurelia but is not on the list, please shot me and owl stating where they have interacted including a link to the thread and I'll add you in. I will also remove those who are inactive from the list. Here’s a chart below to know where you fall under. If you wish to climb up the stages, you’d have to request for more rps with me.

Stage 1a | Passing
Aurelia has only one or no threads with you and hasn't interacted or conversed much with you or at all. She has seen you around in passing (event threads etc.).

Stage 1b | Acquaintance
Aurelia has had interacted or conversed with you. Thread fairly neutral.

Stage 2a | Friendly Acquaintance
Aurelia has meet you multiple times but doesn't know you enough to call you a friend. Threads are relatively positive.

Stage 2b | Negative Acquaintance
Aurelia has meet you but doesn't get along well with you. She doesn't know you well enough to call you an enemy or rival.

Stage 3a | Friends
Aurelia knows you well enough to call you a friend. You have helped each other and maybe even shared a secret or two.

Stage 3b | Enemies
Aurelia doesn't like you. She tolerates your presence reluctantly. 70% of her thoughts about you are negative.

Stage 3½ | Complicated
The friendship is hanging loosely and is unpredictable. There is somewhat discords now and then. You have passed stage 2 but don't fall under the categories a or b, somehow.

Stage 4a | Frenemies

Stage 4b | Best Friends
She trusts you with her secrets and talks to you about a lot of things (mostly gossips) She is involved positively with you in many things. She is unashamed to cry in front of you.

Stage 4c | Crush
Congrats the beautiful brunette has an eye on you. She would constantly think about you with a lot of positive feelings.

Stage 5a | Romatic Relationship
Aurelia trusts you with her heart and is constantly thinking of your wellbeing.

Stage 5c | Complicated Relationship
Oops, what happened here? Unpredictable. You'd never know, it complicated.
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Aurelia Bezuidenhout | Second Year | Gryffindor

Thread Tracker

First Year
2017-2018 | 11 Years Old
Hogwarts Express
Aurelia hops on the express to Hogwarts. She sits in the same compartment with a few other first years.
Sorting Ceremony
Aurelia enters Hogwarts and finds out which house she would be for the next years of her life.
Rictusempra Tag
A game of tag, but with a twist. The tickling hex causes to be dragged front the quidditch pitch.
A Friendly Match
Aurelia organised a pick up quidditch game but it didn’t turn out as well as she thought it would be.
Snowball Fight
Aurelia participated in a fun game of snowball wars. Unfortunately, a Hufflepuff got injured and the game came to an end.
An adventure with both the Gryffindor and the Hufflepuffs, led by Professor Cazarez and Lear it turned out to be a disaster as well as Aurelia getting burnt in the back.
BlossomBall 2018
Another disaster. The boy she had invited to the ball had almost burnt the whole room down.

Summer Break
July - August | 2018
Howl (Werewolf)
A game of Mafia during the summer camp. Aurelia gets ‘killed’ on the second day. Drama with Emma starts to brew as usual.
The house of the Infurius
Aurelia’s bunk for the summer camp and gets a special toy, a laughing top. During the night they hear strange noises.
Dusk to Dawn
After the summer camp, Aurelia attends a sleepover with a few other girls hosted by Alexx Helm in a creepy abandoned mansion.
Runic Adventure
Aurelia is invited to go to attend a learning journey hosted by Professor Ayers down into the dungeon.
Falmouth, Cornwall
Aurelia goes on another vacation, this time to the town of Falmouth. Aurelia gets lost, a helpful boy gives her directions.
Madam Malkins
Aurelia makes a trip to Diagon Alley accompanied by her busy Mother in order to get the necessary stuff for the new year at Hogwarts.

Year Two
2018-2019 | 12 Year Old

Hogwarts Express
Aurelia arrives just in time on and finds a compartment at the back of the train. She meets a few first year and a second year Slytherin.
Dorm of Lily Potter
Aurelia isn’t very happy about being put in a new dormitory. She becomes cold and uneasy towards her new roommates.
An undesirable Discord
Aurelia accidentally steps on a necklace and crushes the object. The upset owner of the object, a Slytherin first year then approaches her, accusing her of destroying it on purpose.
Ugly Truths
Aurelia discovers that she is adopted through her late brother's diary. She is not able to accept the truth and is approached by a ravenclaws
A Historical Transformation
Aurelia approaches one of the new professors to ask about the change in syllabus as well as to introduce herself.

Gryffindor Sleepover
Aurelia participated in an event sleep over hosted by the new head of house. She interacts with a few people and becomes involved in a pillow war.
Shards Of Icy Blue
Aurelia gets an anxiety attack due to a few blue eyes students. They attempt to help her but in the state she is in, she doesn’t let them.
An Open Door
Aurelia goes to the potions classroom where a ‘secret potion’ event is held. She approaches the new professor in order to ask him if she could borrow a few ingredients to brew a Forgetfulness Potion.
A Vail of Trouble
Aurelia is interrupted by a Ravenclaw when she attempts to brew a vial of forgetfulness potion and is annoyed that she stays and bothers her.
Detention #1
After the incident in the potions classroom Aurelia gets her first detention. With who? None other than the person who got her into the mess in the first place.
Treat or Trick
Aurelia joins a group to go trick or treating, however, it’s not as simple as how she expected it to be. Plenty of riddles wait ahead.
Forbidden Sleepover
Aurelia is upset that her parents didn’t bring her to the actual Oktoberfest in Germany so she attends the Sleepover event instead. However, things doesn’t go as smoothly as a Ravenclaw bothers her with an undeniably rude comment.
Baking Workshop
Aurelia attends the baking workshop, one of the Oktoberfest event. Due to her recently injured hand, Howard White pairs up with her to assist her.

Glory Getting
In the writer’s office, Aurelia finds herself accused of something she was not guilty of by an uptight first year. As an older year, she plans to put her back into her place.

All’s Fair Continued from Glory Getting, Aurelia seizes the moment to take revenge on Anastasia when she least expected it not in the way she would have expected.


A Smile That Glimmers
Who knew that celebrating the birthday of a dead sibling would make someone so down. Perhaps the creepy girl up the tree can make her smile.
Winter Chronicles
The lost of Raphael’s diary has made Aurelia miserable. Upon finding out that it had been in someone else’s possession all along, rage and fury follows.
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Aurelia Bezuidenhout | Second Year | Gryffindor

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