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Archer Dunn, First Year Hufflepuff


The 11 years before the arrival of the letter that would change his life forever, Archer's life could not be more... muggle-like. Born the only child to loving parents, a doctor and a housewife, the curious boy lived like most London boys would. He had an affinity for math, love for football and reading, good humor and a soft kind heart. He would go to school, sometimes with some grumbling, go home late dirty and scuffed, and either played with his friends or get engrossed in a good book or video games.

Fantasy books were Archer's go to literature. He would sometimes be lost in his own active imagination, pretending that he was a hero in one of these fantasy worlds, fighting monsters and being adored by the people. Then one day the fantasy world came to him. Naturally, in the beginning, despite the odd manner in which the letter was delivered, the boy thought that it was all some great prank, either by his friends or his parents. With each new event however, he started to believe. His father was the last to be convinced, repeating that it had to be a scam, over and over again.

When the truth sinks in, Archer felt like the luckiest boy who has ever lived. His dad's excitement was a close second. Unsurprisingly, Archer's mother was fraught with worry of her only child living alone in a world with strange magic and creatures. But it only took one look at Archer's face, and the dreamy look behind his eyes, for her to sigh and agree for him to come to Hogwarts.

That day marks the day where the mundane, changed to the fantastic.

As a boy, he was shy with unfamiliar people and situations, but very talkative when he gets into the groove. His dad always complains about his curiosity, claiming (jokingly?) that the first word Arched had ever uttered was "Why?" His mother on the other hand would remark (like all mothers do) on what a kind heart he has, and how he would always be ready with a helping hand, and (to Archer's embarrassment) how he would cry while watching Disney movies. Archer himself would claim that he was a leader, a joker, and all around great guy.

Everyday, Archer learns something new about himself, piece by piece creating a complete image of who he is.

Archer is slightly taller than the average eleven years old, with a skinny body from running around the football field a bit too often. He would be best described as a bit on the "lanky" side. His complexion was tan as a nod to his South Asian heritage from his mother's side. Wide eyes of hazel or dark brown color, depending on the position of the sun, sits below thick eye brows. His nose was prominent and his lips thin, although most of the time people would find it grinning. Though young, Archer's jawline was forming to be quite defined and masculine often leading to some people thinking him older than he was. His face was topped with brown short-ish hair, longer and styled on the front.
Stamina: 6
Agility: 4
Strength: 3
Control: 7
Arcane Power: 5
Accuracy: 5
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Archer Dunn, First Year Hufflepuff

  • Ruby Westfall - A strange girl he met on the Hogwart's Express. The first Wizard Archer has ever met resulting in many misconceptions regarding Wizards.
  • Vera Webster -  A less strange girl, met on the same train. Archer is not sure how he feels about her yet.