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Venice Smith, First Year Ravenclaw

Venice Angelique R. Smith


September 21st | English | Glasgow, Scotland
24.3 cm, Cherry Wood and Dragon Heartstring | House: Ravenclaw | Pure-blood


Seraphine Rose abhorred her life as a witch. There was constant trouble, the need to protect themselves, always a worry someone will no longer come home. Seraphine came from a line of Aurors and Healers, it was an important job - the risks part of it. When her sister and husband died while on a mission to save a muggle town from a dragon, she knew she had enough. It wasn’t the life she had wanted for her new family. Joseph is Seraphine’s confidante, he is also a muggle. He accepted a then-pregnant Seraphine and took them under his wing. It became their mission to keep their family as far from the wizarding world as possible.

They lived a fairly ordinary life. Seraphine was able to work as a nurse in the city where Joseph resides. Since turning her back on her family, she also refused to go into any place within the wizarding world. She had to start from the bottom to provide for her family. For convenience, she uses some magic to make household chores easier to finish. For protection, her wand is kept in a safe under her bed. Despite the circumstances, it is sometimes evident that Seraphine and Joseph hold no strong love for each other - but they do care for each other. Being a witch was something Seraphine knew she will not be able to keep from Venice forever.

Venice is a very observant child. She always thought there was something odd about the sink and how it seems to clean itself as mother chops some vegetables. It may be thanks to her muggle upbringing, and very plain lifestyle, that she’s curious and fond of tales in books and movies she would explore in one of the centers in their community. (Her favorite movie is Matilda.) She always played as though she had magic, as though she was meant to. She knew her mother never liked magic and would dismiss any conversation on the topic. She keeps to herself a lot, but can easily be talkative when she’s comfortable and that the topic of the conversation is something she’s interested in.

Venice’s relationship with her parents was very convenient. Her parents cared for her and gave her her basic needs. She never felt the need to complain, and was accustomed to both of them not being affectionate - but she did crave for affection. She wasn’t scolded when she was, so she knew it wasn’t that it was wrong - it was just that it was not their way. She doesn’t have many friends but is particularly close to a girl named Susan from the next block beside the library, and Mrs. Farrow, the owner of the community center she always visits. As she’s not accustomed to socializing, she is very shy.

On her 9th birthday, she blew up a light bulb in a panic when she can't make her younger brother stop crying. Scared and shocked, she develops a habit to hold her hands as if hiding them, in order to keep herself from blowing things up. Her mother opened up to her about her heritage (but not about her real father) after agreeing with her husband that it was probably the best thing to do. Even then, her mother (who was the 'other' witch in the family) didn't make an effort to teach her what she knows - it was as if she has forgotten. She loves her younger brother dearly and will protect him at all costs. She didn't want to leave him, but agreed to please her parents. Her deciding point was when she was told she could hurt him if she didn't know how to control her magic properly.

*She is under the impression that she is a half-blood.
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All that stops you is fear. Do not allow it.

Venice Smith, First Year Ravenclaw



Joseph Smith | (Non-biological) Father | High School Principal, Muggle | Protective, Somewhat Distant
Desmond Cuthbert | (Biological) Father | Auror | Deceased
Seraphine Rose | Mother | Ex-Healer, Nurse, Pure-blood Witch | Paranoid, Distant
Alexander James Smith | Half-brother | 4 y/o

F R I E N D / A C Q U A I N T A N C E

Susan Rowe | Friend and Neighbor, Muggle
Mrs. Anne Farrow | Maternal Figure | Community Center Owner, Muggle

- o 0 o -

Darius De Amoris | Acquaintance
Alessandria Grey | Acquaintance
Mary Swan | Friend
Serena Towers | Acquaintance
Bloom Silverton | Acquaintance
Lucille Stoatland | Acquaintance
Dakota Parker | Classmate and Partner (Potions)
Consuela Farwell | Roommate
Lora Boswell | Roommate
Felicity Greenwich | Acquaintance
Dymphna Teague | Acquaintance
Ashton Cole | Acquaintance
Delilah Stewart | Acquaintance
Damian McCoy | Acquaintance

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All that stops you is fear. Do not allow it.

Venice Smith, First Year Ravenclaw

{ Stories & Encounters }


a place to cry | darius de amoris; venice saves darius from drowning in the lake.


the smiths | - solo -
a place to hide | darius de amoris & alessandria gray; after the lake incident, they need a place to hide until morning. they meet alex inside the small hall.
compartment # 25 | mary swan & serena towers & liv majestic; the four girls meet inside the compartment on their way to hogwarts.
potions 101 | dakota parker (primary); dakota and venice attempts to brew the pepper-up potion.
corridor gossip | bloom & lucille (primary); casual rp of the three girls thinking of something random to do after charms.
dormitory | roommates; casual rp of the eight dorm members of the helena ravenclaw dormitory
unable to sleep | felicity greenwich & dymphna teague; eating too much sweets, venice finds herself unable to sleep., she converses with two ravenclaws.
lakeside meeting | ashton cole; looking for a place to sit, vee finds an empty spot beside ashton
books and bounds | delilah stewart; on one comfortable day off, vee bonds with another ravenclaw over books
stranded | alessandria grey; vee and ally finds themselves stranded again. it seems being stuck out of their common rooms are becoming their thing.
days end | damian mccoy; lazying around the common room is easily one of vee's favorite things to do, now she's looking forward to it but finds damian on her favorite spots.

U N D E R    D E V E L O P M E N T


All that stops you is fear. Do not allow it.