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Blaze Flyte, Second year Slytherin.

Full Name: Blaze Flyte 
House: Slytherin
Age: 12 
School Year: Second year
Patronus: N/A
Status: Half-Blood.
Nationality: English.
Residence: Brighton, England.
Wand: 30,2 cm cherry wood and phoenix feather.
Education: First year Slytherin.
Birthday: 6th January 2006
Height: 142cm 
Weight: 34 kg
Species: Human 
Function: Slytherin writer

Blaze Flyte has an upbeat friendly character and is full of joy. Even though he is very friendly he sometimes finds it hard to fit in. He always was clumsy and whenever he would break something he would always try to fix it cause of his hard-working personality, trying to do his best whatever the circumstances. Some people tell him he is sometimes really ambitious when he wants something to be done.

His appearance is as followed: Blaze is very pale and skinny, some people would be mistaken he was sick. His light blond hair which is quite a long length and his bright blue eyes bursting with color. His small pointy nose and large beady eyes, features that defined him as himself... Blaze Flyte!

Since a young age Blaze would always try to make people smile and sometimes that was his downfall, making a fool of himself. That was the exact reason he was left out quite often he only had few friends, The people who accepted him.  That is why Blaze will be looking for a new friend.

He has a flaw one that has made his life difficult one that has changed him the loss of his brother who had been a big part of him who had picked him up when he had fallen or one who had stood up for him! A friend more than anything else! His only friend... For a while!

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Close Friends:

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Arceus powers

Leslez Skoris
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Thanks for your time!
Blaze Flyte~

Stamina 6 Agility 6 Strength 4 Control 4 ArcPower 4 Accuracy 5