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Darius De Amoris, First year

History and Character

Nationality: English

Residence: Manchester, England

Wand: 27,1 cm cherry wood and dragon heartstring

House: GryffindorGryffindorG

Status: Muggle-bor

Father: Antony De Amoris, muggle, status unkn
Mother: Mary White, muggle, chef

Siblings: Ice De Amoris, wizard, Ravenclaw, Fifth-year student

Appearance: He's a skinny and slim boy with lots of red curls. He's got big, round brown eyes and freckles all over his body. He's kinda short and weak and he has a very vulnerable body. He has living mouths all over his arms caused by a curse, but he always keeps them covered with magic silk bandages.

Family: When his Catholic mother found out both of his sons were wizards, she went nuts. She almost repudiated them and even now, they don't talk very much. His parents divorced and now his father is nowhere to be found. The only relative who accepted them was their beloved aunt, who raised them like she was their mother. She sends them owl letters every morning.

Darius is very fond of his older brother, Ice, who is currently an excellent Ravenclaw student. Both share a terrible curse, which is called 'Parasitus Clamoris'. This very particular curse spreads just like a disease: it can't be pronounced or looked at, so no one but the Headmaster knows about this curse and no one must. This horrible curse creates living and screaming mouths all over the victim's limbs or arms, which can bring the victim to insanity and extreme gestures, but it can be handled with magical silk.

Personality:  He's very goofy and clumsy, especially with social relationships. He often forgets things, he's irresponsible and he's very self-conscious about his flaws, maybe too much, but he tries very hard to make people happy. He's very sensitive and caring and he often tries to help his friends as best as he can. He wants to improve and become one of the greatest wizards, even though it will be very hard for him.

Darius De Amoris, First year



Arya St-Onge
- Best friend forever

Sara Palarion - Friend

Dakota Parker - They talked once...?
Ike Corbec - Best friend
Caitlin Jones - They talked once...?



Sally Walker - Friend

Willie Williams - Friend. He gave Darius his notebook!

Fay Nyxe - Friend

Venice Smith She saved him from drowning


Jenna Loveland - In progress...



Erin Ryan - He helped her when she was silenced by the spell "Silencio"

Marcus De Wynter - Neutral
Destrian Dayne - Neutral. Possible friend in the future

(The list will extend by time)
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