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Arceus Powers, Prefect Of Hufflepuff, First Year

Arceus Powers

Prefect of Hufflepuff

Country Of Origin: England

Town: Brighton

Wand:30,8 cm cherry wood and dragon heartstring

Birthday: April 27th, 2006


Arceus Powers was born on a sunny day, April 27th, 2006. He has a mother and father who love him but is an only child, he was always smiling as a baby, he rarely cried and according to his parents, he lightened up the room and was friends with everyone at his kindergarten. he loved the outdoors and would go on walks to the park every day. Once he started going to a real school though, he became more introverted, he stayed inside more and didn't talk to other kids as often. His family got worried when they noticed this because all he did was use a computer, and he used it every day, from the second he got home to when he went to bed, he mostly played educational games, which made him a pretty bright kid but then he discovered the internet and played other games online. When he turned eight is when he completely shut himself out, he wouldn't want as much food as before and would never go outside, he had a friend, a really good friend he would always hang out with and play video games with, the only rare times he did go out, besides school would be to go to his friends house. He would return home from school every day with a scratch, cut or bruise and he would tell his parents he had just fallen but they knew he was being bullied, it was a group of about six boys who would push him about and call him names, and he cried, quite a lot actually, his friend made him feel better then he turned 10 and something happened to his friend, which left him all alone, the bullies left too but he had no one. He stopped eating altogether and once he got the letter he wasn't sure if he should go at all, but he decided to go, and it was the best decision of his entire life.


Arceus Powers is a nice guy, he has a caring personality and will do anything for his friends, if someone is hurt or in trouble, you can count on him to do everything on his power to help, even though he's never had a lot of friends he likes making new ones and getting to know them even though he doesn't know how to talk to people at first. Besides all that he has low self-confidence and gets really embarrassed and mad at himself whenever he messes up, even if it was an accident. He's pretty responsible although he does fool around if he's around his close friends.


Video games
Loyal People
Someone he can trust
Japanese things


People he can't trust
Dark magic
Blood and Gruesome scenes


Arceus is a very skinny boy, he weighs around 36kgs and is about 165cm tall, he has long messy blonde hair which almost covers his eyes which are a beutiful mellow green colour. He has a pretty whimpy appearance altogether.

Have a nice day and peace out..
~ Yours Truly Arceus Powers

Arceus Powers, Prefect Of Hufflepuff, First Year


One of his best friends, he's had a lot of adventures with him and Arceus trusts Blaze with his life.

One of his best friends, he's also had a lot of adventures with her, he understands her and likes hanging around with her.

A pretty cool dude who although keeps to himself, Arceus thinks of him as a nice guy and a friend.

Someone he met a long time ago when he first arrived at Hogwarts, she used to think of him as a little brother but they don't talk anymore.

His fellow Hufflepuff Prefect, together they are Powers and Towers the unstoppable crime-fighting duo!

He just met her and doesn't know much about her except she's quite social.

Arceus was Jake's wingman for a while and helped him get Caitlin, he thinks he's a good guy and although they don't hang out much they're friends.

The Prefect of Slytherin, they only met once in the bathroom but they really clicked and became good friends.

Doesn't know anything about her, she's more of an acquaintance.

Doesn't know much about her either, he visited her by the Great Lake when he was sad.

He's hung out with him twice, in the bathroom and the forest, even though they don't talk much they're friends.

Have a nice day and peace out..
~ Yours Truly Arceus Powers