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Sally Walker, First year

History and Character

Nationality: English
Residence: Ripon, England
Wand: 32,4 cm aspen wood and dragon heartspring
House: Ravenclaw
Status: Half-blood

Father: James Levitt, wizard herbologist
Mother: Emilia Walker, muggle dentist
Siblings: none

Appearance: Sally has a warm skin tone with brown eyes. She is lean and tall for her age. She has really long hair that reach her waist and lighten at the ends.

Sally's parents divorced an year after her birth. She lived with her mother and spent most of her life in the muggle community. Initially, she visited her father a few times but could never love him. Her father, distant and cold and not bothering to care for her daughter was a stranger Sally could never warm up to, and Sally never developed an interest in his life. As a result, she knew barely anything about magic before stepping into Hogwarts.

Sally's mother cared a lot for her, perhaps a little too much. She didn't hesitate to impose her will on her child for her well being and ended up being too autocratic at times. For instance, Sally could never get her hair shortened because her mother despised short hair. Sally's mother also didn't want her to go to Hogwarts but Sally came anyway. That was the first time Sally did anything against her mother's wishes who she loves deeply. She feels a little guilty about it but given that Hogwarts is so nice and as she has come to think that she belongs in the magical community, she doesn't regret her decision at all.

Sally is optimistic and idealist. She believes in the human potential to create a world where everyone feels at home. She is always hopeful that things will turn out alright in the end.

Sally is fond of knowledge. She loves to read and solve puzzles. She is the ever curious one. Her curiosity is what got her into Hogwarts in the first place. Having decided that she will never join the magical community, she should have refused when the owl with her Hogwarts acceptance letter landed on her perch, but she couldn't bear the suspense of what the magical community is like. There were secrets to be discovered that called out to her. Her curiosity has the potential to expose her to wonderful experiences as well as actions she might someday regret.

Sally is empathetic and likes to help others. In fact, she finds it very difficult to ignore someone who needs help and she gives her aid without  thinking twice which makes it easy for others to exploit her kindness. In school, her classmates would come up and ask her for favors all the time. "Can you help me with my Maths homework?" Sally would start by explaining concepts but end up doing the whole assignment. "Can you bring me water please? My ankle hurts," and Sally would gladly leave to do as directed. Her willingness to always see the best in others leaves her vulnerable at times.


Stamina: 6
Agility: 9
Strength: 1
Control: 6
Arcane Power: 2
Accuracy: 6
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Sally Walker, First year



Willie Williams - Sally saw him at the Ravenclaw table first, then met him at the library where they interacted a little.

Marcus De Wynter - Sally met him at the library where Marcus helped her by repairing her torn book.

Ava Silver - Sally met her at the library where Ava helped her in gathering her books.

Erin Ryan - Sally doesn't know her name yet. She was dragged by her to an abandoned toilet and asked to repeat thrice the name of a dead student.

Curiouser and curiouser

Sally Walker, First year



The Sorting Ceremony - Sally is sorted into Ravenclaw.
The Ravenclaw Table - Sally sits at her house table.
Library - Sally visits the library where she dropped some books.

Mirror Mirror - Sally is dragged to the abandoned toilets by a student who asks her to repeat thrice the name of a dead student.
Dormitory - Sally enters her dormitory and settles in to wait for her dorm partners.
Study group/spell practice - Sally goes to the study room hoping to be joined by other students for a study group. Meanwhile, she practices her first spell Lumos. 

Curiouser and curiouser