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Leslez Skoris, First Year, Hufflepuff

Biography of Leslez Skoris
"You can call me Lez for short."
Species: Human
Race: Caucasian
Ethnicity: Norwegian

Age: 11 years old
Birthday: 31st October
Birthplace: Lillehammer, Norway

Gender: Male
Blood Type: O
Status: Alive
House: Hufflepuff
Year: 1st

Patronus: N/A

Wand Wood: Chestnut wood
Wand Core: Unicorn hair
Wand Length: 26,7cm
Leslez has ash brown hair that if untied, reaches his shoulders. Usually, he wears it in a short ponytail and pins his bangs to the side. He has pale skin with a fair complexion. His eyes has complete heterochromia, one being blue while the other is green.
Leslez stands at 140cm tall and weighs around 31kg. He may have a skinny looking body, but he's strong enough to carry someone around (not with complete ease of course). His hands and arms are often covered in scratches, a result of him constantly doing things that need his hands, such as planting, constructing, and whatnot. Though he tries not to stay outside in the sun for too long, else he'll get a sunburn.
Leslez is not very open, preferring to keep his thoughts to himself unless needed. He wants to make friends but has a bit of difficulty in doing so. He's a smart child, always curious about many things and always eager to learn. He likes puzzles and things that makes him think, although he's also very fond of daydreaming. Leslez often 'disconnects' from reality in his daydreams, letting his imagination run wild. He constantly zones off and its hard for him to focus when he doesn't feel like it. He likes stories that often delve into mysteries, the supernatural, thrillers, and so on. Leslez can be observant and detail-oriented when needed, and he's quite idealistic while trying to remain realistic as well. He likes trying new things though.
Leslez was abandoned by his parents at the age of 4. Or at least, he thought he was. He was dropped off at his uncle’s doorstep while he cried, begging for the two to stay. They left smiling bitterly, and their hearts broke at the sight of their youngest bawling his eyes out for them, held back only by his mute uncle, who too almost cried at the sight of the poor child begging. They loved him, but they mustn’t include him in their dangerous lives, for they have lost their previous children to their own carelessness.

At first, Leslez refused to eat or communicate for days. He cried in his room until he fell asleep, or he would sit on his bed looking blank, a million thoughts running through his head. Why did mother leave him? Why was father smiling? Why? His guardian kept knocking at the door at 4 pm sharp. Always knocking in hopes he would leave the room. Leslez always ignored him. Nobody could replace his parents. Nobody, ever.
His guardian stood for it no longer after trying to be polite. One day, he just walked into his room after a quiet knock. The child told him to leave weakly, but instead he sat beside him with a whiteboard in hand, gazing upon Leslez with a determined gaze. The boy started to calm down after a few minutes, and asked him “What do you want..?” in a small whimper. The man wrote on his whiteboard and shoved it in the child’s face with a deadpan look.

Stop be weak. You are strong children. Must not cry. I tired of your cry. Your mom and dad will shame of you. It wrote. He had bad English, but he made his point clear.

Leslez felt embarrassed. He shouldn’t be crying. He was 4 already! He wasn’t a baby. “Sorry…” he told the man, who only shook his head. Prove apology. He wrote again. And ever since that day, Leslez did not cry. He wanted to keep his promise to the man. He started to leave his room, slowly. The boy explored the place bit by bit each day, wanting to know the place he would call home for an undetermined amount of time. Sometimes he ran into his uncle. Sometimes they had a ‘chat’. Sometimes Cybil (his uncle’s name) would show him his amazing contraptions and teach him new things he never knew. But sometimes, they would just sit and relax, while Leslez did his puzzles and Cybil watched as he drank from his big mug. The two got closer over the years, and Leslez treated him as his own parent.

He continued school like a normal kid who was considered a quiet kid who refused to make friends, making up his own imaginary ones for a while, assuming that his own mind and his uncle’s company were enough and that he was afraid to trust others due to his past (he dropped the habit after a few years realizing it was kind of dumb but now has difficulty making friends because of it), got good grades and was praised by the teacher. He was taught self-defense by his guardian so he wouldn’t get bullied, but managed to avoid it by luck despite his attitude (or at other times a deadly glare he picked up from Cybil).

Every time he got home, his uncle would always give him a pat on the back and start training together in martial arts, before sitting down for a puzzle or two (and sometimes experiments and building stuff) in the evening. Leslez thought it was cool that he knew so much about many things, but when he asked ‘how’ he would never get an answer. That was fine though. He respected his boundaries.

Leslez picked up many things from Cybil. ASL, simple engineering, some self-defense moves (he prefers climbing trees than training though), interesting knowledge of different things, his bluntness and tendency to offend others, death glare technique (Leslez’s wasn’t too good, but it worked on some), and so on. But he never really understood why Cybil was so insistent on locking every single door of the mansion at night, or why he didn’t let Leslez out for too long in the dark.

One sunny day, Leslez received a letter. Which was odd, considering nobody liked him enough to bother sending him letters. He opened it and read it through. It was odd. What was ‘Hogwarts’? He brought the letter to his uncle, asking him what it meant. Cybil seemed to pale at the sight of the letter. He refused to ‘let him go’. He feared the worse for Leslez, feared the same fate that cursed his parents. However, he knew he couldn’t take him away from magic. He knew he had potential, and it needs to be nurtured, else he wanted it to go haywire at some point. He noticed small things levitating at random times around his ward, despite Leslez not noticing it. Cybil told Leslez a little about Hogwarts, and in that little chat he also stated how he was reluctant to let him go, but he felt it must happen. Leslez refused to go at first, but after some convincing (and maybe a little speech), he accepted the invitation. He tried to be positive about it. He’ll get a new start! He’ll learn magic!

Hogwarts is pleasant so far. But sometimes, his mind wanders off to his past with his uncle. He’ll visit when he can, he promised. He sent a few owls back and forth (Cybil gotten better at English for him over the years and he was thankful that he didn't have to dechiper his words), but he still misses him.
“it’ll be ok.” He told himself. “we’ll both be fine.”

And so he continued living.
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Strength 6 - Stamina 5 - Agility 7 - Control 5 - Accuracy 6 - Arcane Power 6

Leslez Skoris, First Year, Hufflepuff

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Strength 6 - Stamina 5 - Agility 7 - Control 5 - Accuracy 6 - Arcane Power 6

Leslez Skoris, First Year, Hufflepuff

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Strength 6 - Stamina 5 - Agility 7 - Control 5 - Accuracy 6 - Arcane Power 6

Leslez Skoris, First Year, Hufflepuff

The Trunk
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Agility: 7

Strength: 6

Control: 5

Arcane Power: 6

Accuracy: 6

Total Points: 30
Spells Known

Leviating Charm || Wingardium Leviosa
Red Spark Charm || Periculum
Green Spark Charm || Verdimillious
Fire-Making Charm || Incendio
Wand-Lighting Charm || Lumos
Wand-Extinguishing Charm || Nox

None yet

None yet

Curse of Bogies || Mucus ad Nauseam
Potions Known

None yet

Antidote to Common Poisons
Wiggenweld Potion

None yet

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Leslez Skoris, First Year, Hufflepuff


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Strength 6 - Stamina 5 - Agility 7 - Control 5 - Accuracy 6 - Arcane Power 6