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Richard de Montmorency, Fifth Year


& Additional informations

❖ City of Origin : Aberdeen
❖ Country of Origin : Scotland
❖ Parents : Ambroise de Montmorency (French) & Magaidh Fleitcher (Scottish)


Richard is the son of a Ministry for Magic employee (Ambroise, part of the Diplomat delegation) and a Mediwizard (Maigaidh). Settled in Aberdeen since childhood, Richard has created multiple friendships thanks to his parents relations circle. Being a wizard has never been a suprise, since both sides of his family have always been part of the Wizarding World. His first encounter with his own abilities happened during a summernight, while he was playing Pirates with his friends. Waving a stick for a sword, he was leading the next charge, but, engulfed by adrenaline, pushed his opponents way behind. A deep silence had followed the incident, quickly followed by roars of laughters. Since then, his parents paid close attention to his actions, not only to protect himself but also to not expose magic to the eyes of the Muggles, living in the area.

When his 11th birthday came up, he received the infamous Hogwarts' letter, inviting him to the school for his eduction. Although his father was also tempted to send him the Beauxbâtons, he followed his wife's advice so as to ensure that Richard wouldn't be cut off from his friends. In exchange, they would go back to France every summer to visit family and enjoy the South-West. 

Sent to Slytherin, Richard found his friends in the same house : an explosive potion to say the least. Breaking rules but still excelling in classes, Richard developed close friendships with some other students. 
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Richard de Montmorency, Fifth Year

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Meaningful encounters throughout the Years

✣ Mary Emerine Grey, Head of House - Slytherin
[RESPECT] : After many years of guidance throughout his school years, Richard has been asked to participate to a projet, meant to help unify the House of Slytherin. The fact that he has been chosen for this task won't be forgotten anytime soon.

✣ Roderick Twonotchz, Owner of the Leaky Cauldron
[BANTER] : After playing so many tricks and being helped by the Owner of the Leaky Cauldron, Richard has developed a friendly banter with the old man, never missing an opportunity to bother him.
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Richard de Montmorency, Fifth Year

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