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Expect the Unexpected  PV D. Teague   Closed 

The Fawley family was loathe to leave their home, when it was so finely decorated and so finely maintained by the best house elves, paid immensely out of the large fortune hidden in the deepest darkest parts of the wizarding bank, Gringotts. Or at least, they were supposed to be paid, but the Fawley houselves were ancient and the family was powerful enough that their house-elves didn’t seem to receive wages, from the tattered rags and the family’s aversion to letting the creatures get anywhere near the clothing of the household.

Today was a different occasion, as the certain family that the Fawleys happened to grace with their presence and kindness did not deserve to see the inside of the glorious Fawley Manor, and Adrian insisted in his usual drawling whisper of a voice that the Teague family was full of blood traitors and oath breakers, besides for the Teague grandmother, Eithene, who was the only respectable woman in the whole family of muggle sympathizers.

Still, the times had changed and the tides had turned. The Teagues were still purebloods, while excluded from the wizarding upper class society. It wasn’t just kindness that drove Adrian and Demetra to invite the family to little dinner, but rather the intent of gaining more magical healing help from the healer in the Teague family.

Getting ready for the dinner engagement took longer than Eris thought it would, as she curled up on the couch in the living room. The girl had woken up minutes earlier, to the insistant tapping of Nym’s long spindly fingers, nails digging into the skin of Eris’s pale face. She pulled herself up, cheek red from the imprint of the pillow that she had been lying on, roughly pulling the elf’s finger from her face--as was their normal morning tradition on the days that the small family had a family meeting, which was rare but dreadful.

Eris was compliant, more tired and more exhausted than usual. She had stayed up late, thinking and staring at the red painted ceiling,studying the chipped paint that exposed a light undertone of green paint. The same paint that her father had stared up at every morning in the Summer, before he became insanely unhinged, due to amount of abuse that having one’s brain tampered with caused.

Eris’s hair was her usual shade of bright red, as the girl had not bothered to change the color or shade of it, while she staggered up, helping Nym tug at the straps of the tight velvet green dress. It was not allowed for Eris to wear something as simple as a red shirt and black volleyball shorts to bed, or to a family gathering.

No, she would have to dress the part of a compliant pureblood child, ready at any and all occasions to be shown off like a show pony to everyone nearby. Once the dress was put on, Eris groaned, smoothing out the fabric and tugging down at the dress, attempting to pull it down more, but snapped back to quiet compliancy, a yawn slipping out of her lips, as Nym took her arm and appeared with a crack to the main living room on the first floor.

Leaving Eris to sit on the massive green couch, Nym made herself scarce. The main living room was very green, similar to the lounge on the second floor, but smaller and more homely. A green fireplace with gold furnishings sat by two green chairs, dark green. Behind them sat the couch Eris was currently lying on, and a foot rest lay between the two green chairs, that were shortly occupied by Luca and Adrian Fawley.

Demetra sat next to Eris on the couch, glaring soundly at the pictures of older family members behind the couch, before settling herself down in a haze of black and green skirts, poofed out and shoved into Eris’s thighs and stomach, as the tullage itched at Eris’s legs. The two woman did not speak, as Luca entered the room, clad in just his fuzzy sweatpants and grey shirt, which quite different from the outfits the three other family members wore.

They ate breakfast first, sitting in a quiet haze of worry and trepidation, occasionally filled by the stammering and chattering of Luca, which was taken with a grain as salt, just as common as a child’s ramblings in a nonsense language. His two parents said nothing, and Eris, who might have said something in the past, stayed silent, picking at her eggs with a silver fork, turning it over in her hands.

Eating took an hour, due to the way all four Fawleys picked at their food and tried to stall, letting the eggs and bangers go cold, before Adrian snapped his hands and one of the small house elf twins arrived to take away the food, shrinking back against the wall before fading away with a loud snap of his spindly fingers.

Brushing a strand of pale ginger hair out of an otherwises impeccable face, Adrian cleared his throat. “You are all gathered here to prepare for the dinner with the Teague family tonight. These blood traitors are not our normal guests for dinner, which is why we shall not be hosting the dinner at this house. We will be dining at the Leaky Cauldron, which means that we shall shop for Eris’s school supplies before dining with them. Understandably, this family is clearly...simple minded, so please don’t dress too well. I expect you both to be on your best behavior,” Adrian looked at his grand daughter and wife, lips curling upwards into a smirk.

“Rest assured, there will be consequences if either of you mucks up this meeting and the promise of getting Luca treatment for his...issues..there will be repercussions. Eris, you are expected to talk to their daughter. Do not let us down, but I don't think you will. She is common through and through, and you, despite our best efforts, are too. Just be yourself, idiotic child.”

Eris couldn’t help but grin at the prospect of going to the Leaky Cauldron, and couldn’t help but beam at the idea of talking to someone who wasn’t pureblood, boring, and annoying. Muffling an eager grin, Eris nodded her head. “Of course, Granddad. I won’t let you down.”

By this time, it was 11 in the afternoon, and the three capable Fawleys each went their separate ways, leaving Luca to be distracted by the promise of a House elf making him a cake. He would be attending the Dinner portion of the Fawley’s day, Adrian explained, but the man had not deemed Luca fit to accompany the daughter he never wanted around to shop. It would be best to not bother Luca and upset the fragile mask of sanity that he had adopted, after Eris’s disaster of a birthday party.

By one in the afternoon, the three were changed into outfits suitable for a day of wandering around Diagon Alley and dinner at the Leaky Cauldron. For Demetra and Adrian, that meant formal-casual, clothing that wasn’t too fancy but still screamed wealth. For Eris, that was bright pink pants, that bunched off the side of her body, clearly too large. Yet, the oversized look wasn’t all that bad, and Eris was convinced it was in style. At least, that was what the muggle woman said when Eris and her grandmother had bought the pants. They had got them in the teenager section! They were an extra small, and hung loosely off of Eris, but the idea of having clothing meant for teenagers made her happy beyond words.

Of course, Adrian could never know that Eris was wearing common muggle clothing, but she hadn’t thought of that, styling the pink with a red shirt that was meant for a far younger girl, and fit perfectly, unlike the pants she kept having to lift up until Nym finally brought Eris a belt.

The three then departed, using side along apparation to yank Eris along, who was rather unhappy with going back to school shopping. She had promised to go with Adam! Nearly dragged along, the rest of the day was spent shopping and trying to convince her grandparents to let her buy a broom. It was a no, and by the time the family of three stopped at the Fawley Manor to pick up Luca and change him into presentable clothing and drop off Eris’s packages, it was nearly time to meet the Teagues.

Eris couldn’t help but feel worried, as they arrived in the Leaky Cauldron, taking seats in the most presentable area of the whole establishment, which was a private room rented out for rich purebloods normally--according to her grandfather. Her grandmother looked disgusted by the area around her, as did her grandfather, while her father attempted to fold creatures out of the napkins.

Eris bounced up and down in her seat, looking for the girl her age, while her family looked around in disgust.

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