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Zany Avatar Exclusives  OOC   Closed 


Welcome to the wonderful place where you can request outstanding Avatars, borders, pictures ANYTHING from MEEE! (You can call me Ari, btw).

If you want to request something, you can either be anonymous and Owl me or post here.

Either so, please fill out one or more of the following and I'll give you what you ask for. It doesn't have to be Hogwarts related, but it can't be inappropriate and must follow the rules, plez. :cute:

Type: (photo or illustration)
Body Type:
Special Effects: (if any)
Reference: (optional but helpful)

Theme: (color, object, idea, etc.)
Description: (please be specific if you want accurate results :wow:)
Example: (fake character)

Abbie Swanson is a golden haired girl with bright blue eyes and soft facial features but she's a hardcore and strong leader who takes no crap from anybody.
Name: Abigail Swanson
Type: Picture
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue, any shade
Skin: Fair or tan
Body Type: Average, petite, or curvy
Other: Blue, purple, or black theme
Special Effects: If can, add sparkles (I can)
Reference: Image
My submissions will vary, thus was just a quickie so if this wasn't what you were looking for, don't worry, I look thoroughly through my resources.


I also resize avatar dimensions if you ask.

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Zany Avatar Exclusives  OOC   Closed 

Name: Ginger Mesley
Type: illustration, please
Hair: Dark, and shoulder length
Eyes: Dark brown
Skin: Dark brown
Body Type: thin, not many curves
Other: none
Special Effects: none
Reference: Sorry I don't have one at the moment


Zany Avatar Exclusives  OOC   Closed 

We already have an avatar shop. It can be found here.

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Zany Avatar Exclusives  OOC   Closed 

Yessiree, Vivienne is right, there is another Avatar shop just down the road at this link!

To all those just checking this thing out, I'm locking it due to Jessica's inactivity. Please check out the thread above for all your avatar needs! Thanks!

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