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I stumbled into you  Closed 

Aquarius wasn't the best dancer. In fact, when her mother and father tried to teach her when she was little, she kept falling. The only way she could stay afloat was when she was standing on her father's feet.
Aquarius then went to the Ballroom on her 3rd day of school during lunch. She thought if she could teach herself, maybe she wouldn't be considered a freak to the dance floor. Once she arrived she felt the hard brick walls.
Whoa.. She thought as she felt the walls of the ballroom that held so many memories. She may not have known all of the memories that they had kept, but she knew one.
It was one about a beautiful Hufflepuff girl named Jackie Peterson that was in her second year.
And a handsome Ravenclaw boy named Noah Laven that was in his second year as well.
Jakie was going to the Christmas ballroom dance with a Gryffindor.
Noah happened to have no one to dance with. His brother from Slytherin tried to cheer him up.
Back with Jackie, she was waiting for the Gryffindor boy. But she then seen that the boy was going with a Slytherin girl. Once she had seen that she was crying and crying and stood by the door sad. Noah had noticed the girl. He walked up to her and had asked her to dance. Jackie had smiled and nodded her head in surprise. They were a happy couple after that night, but Noah's brother wasn't. But those very people, were her parents.
Aquarius then went into the middle of the ballroom and tried to dance. She then figured after 10 minutes she couldn't.
" M-Maybe I s-should take a... break..." She said exhausted.
" Who knew dancing could be so....hard?" Aquarius wondered.
Wait...I can't just give up like that! Aquarius thought to herself getting up.
Well, I am the only one here, what's there to be ashamed of? She thought to herself when she thought she was alone.
She then swung herself around and accidentally fell into someone.
W-What!? I thought I was alone! She thought with a worried expression on her face.
She didn't know what to say. She was speachess.
" U-Uh....H-Hi?"

Aquarius Laven

I stumbled into you  Closed 

Rosalyn walked into the ballroom, ready to stretch out and practice for the day. Rosalyn At home, she had private lessons with one the most qualified dancers in the world. She took her pirouettes very seriously. Today, Rosalyn was going to be working on perfecting her fouetté, or a “whipped throw. This is one of the most difficult ballet moves. She was also going to work on her pirouettes, which she had down almost perfectly.Rosalyn set her bag down along the wall and began putting on her pointe shoes. While doing this, she thought of all the wonderful memories of her dancing on stage. Even though she was young, she had already performed in ‘The Nutcracker’, ‘Swan Lake’, and many other productions.

As Rosalyn walked into the middle of the ballroom floor thinking about her stretching routine, she was surprisingly knocked over by a girl about her age. Sitting on the floor, she heard, “U-Uh....H-Hi” After dusting herself off, Rosalyn stood up with a welcoming smile on her face to shake the worried girl’s hand. “What’s your name? I’m Rosalyn. I don’t think I’ve seen you around here before.” Waiting for an answer and for the mystery girl to shake her hand back, Rosalyn looked around at the room.