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Out of Sight, Out of Mind  PV Lark Flaer 

January 8, 2020
6:30 PM

@Lark Flaer
Saskia stared at the piece of parchment in front of her. It had been blank for quite a while now, with the exception of a greeting scrawled on the top left side of the parchment and a few scribbles of words on the first few lines. But beyond that, she didn’t know what else was there to add. The Hufflepuff impatiently tapped her fingers on the table, keeping a tight grip on her quill. She knew how to write letters. She did it many times, and it certainly wasn't the first time she had sent letters to her mother. This was no different than writing a letter to her father or her sister. Or at least it should have been.

She always had mixed feelings about her mother, which mostly happened to be a flurry of confusion, bitterness, and a bit of yearning. She had never been close with her thanks to her mother being constantly busy travelling for her job. It was a rare moment that she would ever be home, and over time, Saskia had learned to cherish those times when her mother started disappearing for longer periods of time. For the most part, her mother didn’t bother to send a message about where she was, what she was doing, or even when she would be coming back. It was like she already forgot about her family. About her. A part of her was hurt knowing that her mother had pretty much abandoned her, but the pain had dulled for a long time. She had to deal with these things for a long time, and this occasion was no different. It only showed just how her mother really thought about her family, and if that was how her mother was going to be, then she had no reason to suffer because of her. She would move on with her life instead. There wasn’t any reason for something that was out of her control to weigh down on her if she could have focused on the things that were more present in her life.

Really, she should have known better than this. She knew she was dealing with something she wasn't supposed to be worrying about. But she didn’t want to leave this alone. She wanted to show that she still cared, even if her mother didn’t. It might have been a useless sentiment, something that she shouldn’t have indulged in for too long, but there was still that bit of hope in her that maybe her mother would see this letter. She might have been busy wherever she was, but would she at least notice that she was trying to reach out to her? Would she be able to tell that she did care, after all this time? She wanted to make that effort. It was one of those days where that feeling of yearning rushed in her mind. She wanted to talk to her mother like how any other child would want to talk to their parents. Was that really a lot to ask for? For her mother to show that she really did care, at least once?

Saskia kept her quill pressed down on the parchment, moving it along as the words continued to flow through the page. She had to admit, it felt odd writing to her mother again. It was the similar feeling of talking to a stranger. There was no sense of familiarity in her words. She had tried to be as warm as she could be, but it just wasn’t the same as talking to her father or her sister. That wasn’t how families were supposed to act with each other, wasn’t it? Normal families, especially the loving ones, had close relationships. They stuck through hard times, they supported each other. Did her mother even try to be there for her? She still remembered the time she saw her off when she first left for Hogwarts, and when she had been there with the rest of her family. It was so sudden, seeing her back again in her life just to say goodbye to her once again. Even now, she didn’t know what got her to come back. It was just another question left for her to answer. It would only be a matter of time before she would become frustrated all over again, but for now, she didn't want to think too hard on that.

Soon enough, she was done writing. She would have been able to send it off to the owls and retire for the rest of the day, but she wanted to look at it one more time. This was going to be her first letter to her mother in a long time, and she wanted to make sure she had everything she wanted to say. There might not have been another opportunity like this in a while, and she was going to make the best use of it.

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Out of Sight, Out of Mind  PV Lark Flaer 

Returning to Hogwarts had been on Lark's mind since she had stepped out of the castle for Winter break. Thankfully the break had flown by and now she was back at Hogwarts once more and enjoying her routine. Slipping away from her friends as they made their way to eat, Lark had gone towards the study area in order to get some quiet. She had been spending a lot of time around others and hadn't had a change to really go back into her notes and add in some minor tweaks. Small things that she overheard as she left a lesson as the Professor called after them or things she heard older students mention in the halls. Just things she wanted to take note of in case they ever came up.

Adjusting the leather strap that rested across her small frame, the young Ravenclaw stretched her shoulders, rolling them behind her twice before reaching the Study Room. Finally some quiet! She could get her notes done... and if she was lucky maybe even write a letter out to her family. Perhaps.. maybe write in her journal about recent happenings with- SMACK! One of her books slipped from her hands and made contact with the wooden floor warranting a cent amount of scathing looks.

"Oh!" Lark sucked in a short breath and bit her lip utterly embarrassed. She hadn't thought the room would be so crowded yet as everyone had seemed pretty rowdy still from break and not ready to delve into a nightly study session. "Sorry.." Lark murmured as she hastily swept the book back up into her arms and winced at the eyes boring holes into her skull. Slinking further into the room she picked a spot with only one other girl taking up residence at the table. Feeling guilty Lark hoped she hadn't completely cut off the girl's train of thought with such an entrance... Sneaking a glance in the brunette's direction, it was noticeable how lost deep in thought the girl was, staring intently at the parchment in front of her. Maybe it was homework? Lark could offer some help if anything. Strange though... she seemed familiar.. Curiosity took hold of the girl.

"H..hey. Do I know ye from somewhere?" Scrounging through the last couple of months in her mind the silver haired girl came upon the memory eventually. "Saskia? We met during that whole... music room.. thing." She had been napping in the rehearsal room when she awoke to Dale alongside a handful of other students who had wandered their way in. They had not gotten a chance to make much conversation between the two but she had gotten the feeling the girl was a kind person, especially being in Hufflepuff. Lark couldn't imagine someone in Hufflepuff being very rude or inconsiderate. "Mind if I join." Lark nudged her chin in the direction of the seat closest to the girl but didn't dare set her things down just yet trying to be respectful if she needed some space.


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Out of Sight, Out of Mind  PV Lark Flaer 

Saskia might as well have gone cross-eyed staring at the piece of parchment. There wasn’t a lot she could add now that she was done writing, and she was ready to send it off, but there was still something that felt wrong about the finished product. Something she couldn't put her finger on. It wasn't a writing error- she knew that much. She made sure she didn't make any spelling mistakes while writing, and she was confident that she didn't make any glaring grammar errors. If she did happen to make any by mistake, then, well, hopefully her mother would understand the main idea of what she wrote.

That left it to the tone of the letter. More specifically, the word choice she included. Had she kept too much of a distance from her? On a second glance, it looked very... Professional. It was the kind of letter she would write to a professor instead of someone she was supposed to be close with. She supposed it was fitting for someone she hadn’t had a proper conversation with in a long time, but there was something that wasn’t satisfying in the way she wrote it. It may have been the right way, but maybe it really wasn’t.

Maybe she should have sent it now. It was better to do things in the moment than to over contemplate on something that was already decent. There were many other ways to rationalize this as well. Her mother might not have bothered to read the letter, which would make any attempt to talk to her pointless. She had other things to do- things that were more important than a letter that might not have been read. But all she knew was that she needed to stop before she was stuck rereading the parchment again.

Her head snapped up at a loud slam, her heart pounding at the sudden interruption. Her head instinctively swiveled towards the source of the noise, her eyes scanning over to a girl with silver-blue hair hurriedly grabbing a book that presumably fell from the floor. Saskia breathed out a sigh in relief, now that the situation was dealt with. She turned back towards the letter on the desk, idly running her fingers through the parchment. The ink had dried up by now, although it was probably dry for a long time. There wasn’t any point in delaying, was there? She was worrying over nothing. This would have to do.

But there was another interruption. At this rate, she would have believed it if the universe was conspiring against her. Not that she was a superstitious person to begin with, but maybe she could go along with it for now. She could take a break from the letter, even if it was only for a while.

This time, she came face-to-face with the silver-haired girl once again. Now that she brought it up, she did look familiar somehow. Had they met somewhere before? Oh. Right. The rehearsal room. It was a few days back when Saskia randomly stumbled upon the room when she heard someone playing the piano. It turned out that there were other people who joined in before her, and one of those people included the girl in front of her. She did remember she introduced herself, but as far as she could remember, not much conversation happened.

She could have used the extra company. More distractions meant that she could take her mind off the stress that was slowly building up in her. “No, go ahead. The more the merrier.” She swept her things aside on her side of the desk, pulling up a chair for the other girl.

“Lark, was it?” she asked, taking the time to face the Ravenclaw with a grin. “What brings you here? Some studying you have to do? Maybe you just needed space from everyone else? I can leave you alone if that's what you need. No worries.”

"Honestas ante honores."
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