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Trapped Within  Finished   PV | Katrina W. 

~Private Thread for @Katrina Walker~
December 11, 2019, 5:01 P.M.

Thora had been forced to move away from the library, away from her place of refuge. The library was typically a quiet place. Combined with its floor-to-ceiling shelves of books, it was the perfect study environment for Thora. Or, at least, it used to be. The early December days ushered in the first of the holiday festivities. Even the magical castle was already receiving much-needed love and decorations. This was many thanks to the errand she had already participated in just a couple days before. And with the upcoming holidays came joy. The type of joy that rushed in at once, seeming to eliminate every negative thought.

Although Thora had always loved the holidays, this year was different. Much, much different. The joy that flooded the broken school was too much for Thora. While the girl desperately needed even the slightest bit of cheering up, the sudden, overwhelming wave she was feeling was definitely not the cure. All--well, most--of the students' spirits had been buoyed up along with the festive mood, and it really showed.

Thora had been writing out a very, very extensive essay in the library for Defense of the Dark Arts. Really, she had wanted to stay there. Perfect for her purposes with its wealth of resources, the library had been her go-to. It was also her escape from the boisterous older students. They were going to go to Hogsmeade the following day and they certainly had no problem keeping that a secret. So when a couple of Gryffindor fourth years stumbled into the library, wands clutched in one hand and chocolate frogs in the other, Thora had bolted. Maybe the young snek was overreacting, but that just resonated much too closely with the Masquerade Ball. Boys--well, a boy--half-crazed by cursed candy.

The scared snek ran all the way down a flight of stairs to the dungeons, beelining for her common room. Slytherins seemed to have some reputation of being evil, and Thora supposed people thought of their common room the same way. It was dark and not too inviting, but at least it was quiet. The rippling light filtering through the window was enough for Thora to do her work.

Her moving had apparently worked, as the rhythmical lapping of the Great Lake's waters against the glass windows washed away all of her distractions. Rolling up the parchment that was her Defense of the Dark Arts essay, Thora stuffed it back into her tote bag, ready to start on Transfiguration. Her worst subject. But then, the dungeon-style door to the Common Room creaked open ominously, admitting another group of fourth or fifth years, all who were cheering loudly. By Merlin's beard, why were all of the older students so out of it today?

Rolling her eyes, Thora slipped out of the Slytherin Common Room and dashed up the stairs. Was there nowhere to escape? Turning on her heel, the small girl took the stairs two by two, passing the first floor… The ever-moving staircases creaked to a stop, locking in so that Thora was forced to exit onto the second floor. Well, that was great. This was useless. The second floor was useless. There was nothing that would help Thora here. Until green eyes darting around nervously landed on the door that was held slightly ajar. The Study Room.

A smile breaking out on the girl's face for the first time in several days, Thora's gaze turned downwards, back to the wooden staircases. They truly were magical. Cheeks flushed, the Slytherin breezed into the Study Room, fixing her face back into a neutral, steely gaze. She didn't mean to come across as terse or rude, but she had work to do. Besides, the small smile wasn't nearly enough to break the petrified girl out of her protective shell. After all, there were only a couple things in the entire world that could do so.

Thora had barely taken out her Transfiguration homework to get started yet again when heavy footsteps sounded outside. Now what? Thora found herself thinking as a groan escaped her pursed lips. Trying to calm herself down, she expected it was a prefect on their rounds. The prefects were pretty good at fulfilling their duties, patrolling the castle regularly. It's a common sound, Thora told herself. There was no reason to shy away from such a commonplace sound.

But then a gush of wind rushed through the room, just as the lights flickered once then went out. Whirling around in her seat, Thora was rewarded only by seeing the door slam shut. The click of a lock was all she needed to know. They were locked in. And all she knew about the mysterious person was sourced from the flash of reddish-gold fabric and an evil cackle that sounded from outside. Great.

Getting up from her chair, Thora froze. She hadn't even checked who else was in the room with her when she had entered. For all she knew, hags or half-giants could be her only companions. Swallowing hard before a wave of nausea could overwhelm her, Thora twirled her wand in a loose loop. "Lumos," she whispered. To her relief, a ball of light appeared on the end of her wand. Movement around her spurred her into action. She had to stand up for herself. First, the door.

Stumbling towards the closed door, Thora violently jiggled the handle. Although it moved just the slightest, it didn't give. "Oh, bloody…" she muttered. Obviously, she could cast Alohomora and everything would be okay, but she needed to get her stuff. Her stuff. There was about a 2% chance that Thora trusted whoever was here with her in this room. Not a very high percentage. Holding her aspen wand ever so carefully in her teeth, the Slytherin packed up her stuff as fast as she humanly could. She had to get out of here. 
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Trapped Within  Finished   PV | Katrina W. 

Katrina Walker didn't really feel the holiday mood. Sure, she was planning on leaving to London that weekend, but it didn't seem like Christmas. She had signed up for the Secret Santa, who knows why, but still hadn't gotten her results back. The Gryffindor hadn't even written down a wish list or even a list of people to buy things for. People were happy and- dare she say- jolly for the last few weeks, but Katrina wasn't feeling it. It would be the first holiday without her family.

Katrina was still wallowing in her depressed mood when she entered her Common Room. So many things had happened here, but nobody was here that would cheer her up. A few lazy upper-classmen sat lounging on the cushioned chairs, taking up all of the space. For a split-second Katrina debated asking for them to move, but her timid self backed down quickly.

As she turned to leave Katrina thought she heard them talking. She heard the words, "Katrina… so odd… it's a pity about her family… she's so weird" Before the trembling lion could say anything she regretted, she ran out of the dorm-room and rushed into the corridors. Holding back tears that pricked the back of her eyes, the girl raced into the small hall.

Katrina found a corner and sunk into a chair. She swung her brown satchel at her waist around and opened her journal. She began to read and entry when a curious first-year walked up.

"What's that?"

Katrina felt like crying as she stuffed the book angerly in her satchel and stomped away. Leaving the child staring in bewilderment. Could the lion have nowhere to think in peace? Her pace slowed to a crawl as the tired student walked onto the stairs. They swung causing Katrina to grumble and almost fall.

The 12-year-old jumped off the staircase once it stopped for she didn't want to end up somewhere she would regret. It was the second floor, she had spent the least amount of time here. Typically, if the girl wanted peace and quiet, she would find refuge in the library. Today, Katrina couldn't bear walking past her judgmental peers.

Katrina opened a random door and entered the room. It was the Study Room, she had been in here a few times, but only for a few minutes every time. She set her satchel on a table by the window and perched herself on the sill. Katrina stared out past the lawn into the forest and sighed. She really should be doing a essay for Defense Against the Dark Arts, but she could barely think strait, let alone write. Instead, she stared blankly into the distance.

After what seemed like a half-an-hour or so, Katrina began to doze off. She had hardly slept since the Masked Ball of Horrors. What little sleep she got was riddled with nightmares. The Gryffindor truly had no reason to mull over the horrific events, but it was more of her guilt. When she tried to put out the fire she had only made it bigger, instead of helping Dymphna she had hurt her farther instead, and she stood around when she could have been helping others.

In Katrina's dream-like state she thought about learning more Charms. There was a prodigal option that would do Katrina a bit of good. She could learn Ferula and bandage hurt people. There were so many more options that would come with advanced learning.

Katrina's troubled mind began to slip away as she napped. The pupil was finally having some good sleep when the door slammed shut. Katrina sat upright and grabbed her satchel silently slipping it over her shoulder. She drew out her wand and held it firmly in her right hand. Katrina had learned from last time to not cast spells unnecessarily. Another shape moved and the lights flickered out. Katrina whimpered quietly as another sound emerged: an annoyed grunt.

The shape stood and Katrina caught a glimpse of a green robe. The girl held her breath inwardly praying it wasn't a scary Slytherin, Katrina had met plenty of those. Then again, it could be Bridget Collins-- someone she had met and determined 'not scary'. Or it could be Thora Larkston, a girl that never quite forgiven her from a rash accident.

The girl spoke with a soft voice and spread light throughout the room. With the light Katrina could see it was indeed Thora. She stood and made her way to the door not even looking behind her to see Katrina. She knew that it was not a good idea to say anything in case Thora accidentally cast a spell that could hurt her so she stayed quiet.

It sounded like the girl cursed under her breath and Katrina wondered why she wasn't casting Alohomora. Katrina could quite easily, but her nerves would often set the spell awry and she wasn't in the mood to embarrass herself. Thora looked rather unnerved as she hurriedly packed up.

"Um… it's me, Katrina" she spoke quietly, hoping she wouldn't startle the snake.

Katrina slipped her wand in her pocket hoping to make herself less of a threat. She took a few steps toward Thora enough to show she was being friendly but still give her space to run away.

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Trapped Within  Finished   PV | Katrina W. 

~@Katrina Walker~
A slight rustle was all it took for Thora, the ever-observant, to know that someone else was in here. Or, something else was in here. If the Masquerade Ball had taught her anything, she now knew that the difference between a human wizard and something decidedly unhuman was larger than the surface displayed. She, along with all of the other students, needed to be careful because if they ran into something that was not friendly nor even partially human, the consequences would be seriously dangerous, if not fatal. 

But only silence greeted the girl's ears. Nothing, not even a whisper of noise, was emitted. As if that wasn't suspicious enough, all of the shadows stopped moving. Perhaps it was just a trick of the light, as Thora's wand and therefore its light had stopped moving along with her frantic packing. Or perhaps it was her paranoia, which had grown ever so much for the worse after the ball. Either way, it was nothing that amused Thora. Was someone trying to scare her? To break her? To tear her nearly nonexistent reputation down to the point where it would never exist again? To make fun of her house? Whatever the hidden force's goal was, Thora would not break.

Following the Masquerade Ball, something had changed within her, for better or for worse. Thora had formed a rock-hard shield around herself, trying to hide from all the unnecessary guilt and the due pain that stemmed from a simple ball. Sometimes pure adrenaline showed her true courage, although most times, a false bravado was all Thora could produce to hide her fears. And that was exactly what was happening in the Study Room on the second floor.

Thora took a breath, wanting to ask the identity of whatever being happened to be as trapped as she was. But then a disembodied voice spoke. Shuddering, Thora stupidly waited for something. Anything. Keeping bright green eyes wide open, the girl expected some hag to move out of the shadows, or a flash of light to pin her to the floor. But instead, a voice introduced itself as a Katrina. As in Katrina Walker? Of all of the people in Hogwarts who just had to be standing in here at that exact moment, it had to be her. As she finished packing all of her books into her already overstuffed tote bag, Thora rolled her eyes with a sigh. The Slytherin swung her bag over her shoulder, carefully removed her aspen wand from her mouth, and turned around.

Shining the light around the room, Thora realized that there didn't seem to be anyone else. The pitiful light created by magic wasn't nearly enough to scope out the whole room, though, and the shadows still freaked the girl out. She made a point not to show it, though, and simply tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear. She noticed Katrina slipping her wand away, as if trying to show that she wasn't trying to hurt Thora.

Sure, there was a part of Thora that was worried that the Gryffindor would try to hex her this time, but she more so questioned the other girl's motives. They were stuck in a dark room that was locked from the outside, probably by magic. So obviously, to open it, they would need magic. And Katrina was putting her wand away? She didn't trust Katrina one bit after what had happened in the library so many months ago, but right now, she more so doubted Katrina's choices. Maybe it was just an act of caution, something to try to make things right with Thora. But now was not the time. Endless annoyances had plagued her all day, so the snek was incredibly short-tempered, which was no mood to make up past grievances.

Honestly, Thora wasn't sure whether the other girl knew what to do with her wand at the right time. After all, she had fired off a spell in a library when Thora had walked into the same aisle as her. That was when she did not need her wand out. But now, when they clearly needed to trust their wizarding skill to get out, she was putting her wand away.

"Well, have you tried the door?" Thora asked condescendingly. Yes, she had already tried the door herself, but if Katrina wanted to try and get out without magic, she was more than free to go ahead. The Slytherin considered putting out her wand, but kept the light shining. However much she disliked Katrina at the moment, the girl couldn't find a good reason to be that rotten. Sure, she had a horrible impression on her house in general--except maybe a person or two--because it had been a lion who had carelessly tossed a pocketknife, nearly killing another student. But still, Thora just didn't feel like it. For all she cared, Katrina could get what she asked for, but rather than furthering the girls' predicament, Thora simply twirled her wand in her hands, watching.

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Trapped Within  Finished   PV | Katrina W. 

Katrina heard Thora sigh and begin to quickly pack up. Katrina hadn't done anything wrong. It just seemed the snake was hyper paranoid. Katrina shoved the worry aside and packed up herself. She shoved her journal into her satchel. Thora held her light out and Katrina thought she would unlock the door.

"No I haven't it seems like you were in front of me anyways," Katrina tried and failed to be polite. She stepped in front of Thora and grabbed her wand. It was hard not to be rude as she stared at the door. She did reach out to try it and the door was still locked.

Her hand was shaky. Katrina rose her wand and spoke. "Aloh-omo-ra" she waved her wand in the appropriate backwards six shape. The door handle just sat there and Katrina felt her face flush.

It wasn't that Katrina was not good at Charms. In fact, she was pretty good at the class. It was just her nerves. Every time she felt someone else's eyes on her it made her freeze. That was the moment Katrina was in then. Her nerves caused her to freeze. Katrina lowered her wand and walked back to the window seat.

Katrina grabbed her satchel and crammed her wand in it. She waited for Thora to make some comment about how bad her magic was. Or to ridicule her on her lack of skill. Her face was burning and Katrina wanted to get out of that situation. Katrina sat on the window and looked out at the forest. She sat there and held back the tears behind her eyes and waited for Thora to talk.
@Thora Larkston

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Trapped Within  Finished   PV | Katrina W. 

@Katrina Walker
Had she heard the other girl right? She was in the way? For Merlin's sake, Thora was standing by the table, packing up. She wasn't even close to the door, where Katrina had stalked over to. Perhaps it was the lack of light, or the girl hadn't been having a good day, or something was just off. The entire atmosphere of the castle had been strangely different, almost like a dangerous tranquil before a storm hit. Nothing appeared to be suspicious, though, except for the fact that people--including herself--hadn't exactly been quite… themselves lately.

Okay, maybe she couldn't speak in the place of others, but Thora certainly hadn't felt the same as she had at the start of her second year. Eager expectation had swept the girl deep into her studies, which quickly revealed themselves to be much more advanced than those of the previous year. But then, everything had obviously gone downhill and now, she just felt like something was missing. Still, however much Thora slept on it, pondered it, and even stressed over it, she couldn't place the feeling. It was like déjà vu gone wrong.

Catching her spinning wand deftly in her right hand--her wand arm--Thora turned to glance at her boot-clad feet. Why was she being so arrogant? Typically, she would've caught herself before revealing the odd weakness to anyone other than people she was absolutely loyal to. The scared girl was basically never proud, contrary to her house placement. So though she was embarrassed, Thora played it off quite smoother than normal. While thin fingers ceased to move, her face remained a deathly pale hue.

It was only when Katrina failed to cast the Unlocking Charm that Thora dared to move her head. She couldn't help but shiver just a bit as there was no telltale click, no promise of freedom. So the Gryffindor crossed the room to the window, glancing longingly out at the Forbidden Forest. Well, if she had wanted to go outside, why was she in the Study Room? But there was something about the way the girl was waiting forlornly that puzzled Thora even more. For some reason, it was like Katrina saw Thora as some sort of monster craving failure.

But really, did she deserve this treatment? Thora wasn't about to deny that she wasn't the nicest to Katrina--in fact, she had been the one to blame for snidely challenging the other girl to unlock the door. But still, it would take a lot for the snek to start trusting again. After all, if it had taken months for her to trust to friends she cared about most, why couldn't she have time to figure herself out after their relationship had been broken with a single blow?

Well, it wasn't exactly gone, but the connection between the two wary girls was as fragile as glass. One wrong move and Thora was absolutely sure their relationship would shatter. But even if she Slytherin didn't feel comfortable verbally apologizing yet, she could show some decency. Reputation didn't come without work, so Thora needed to prove herself.

"Here, let me try," Thora muttered, crossing the room, wand at the ready. "Alohomora," she incanted, moving her aspen wand smartly in the shape of a backwards S. To her relief, a soft click sounded and when the girl reached for the handle, it moved. Thank Merlin. Flicking the lights on, Thora watched as the soft lantern light filled the pitch-dark room once more. "Go ahead," the snek motioned Katrina to exit as she swept the wooden door open, allowing the warm sunlight filtering through the windows drive out any remnants of the fear that had enveloped her inside the dark room. And as the monster of darkness dissipated, Thora shot the other girl a small smile. It seemed that the brightness of day brought more relief than she'd ever imagined.

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Trapped Within  Finished   PV | Katrina W. 

Katrina almost mumbled an apology for snapping at her and debated doing it internally, "Oh man, I'm sorry... that came out all wrong." The Gryffindor gave a half-smile hoping she didn't sound as cheeky as she thought she sounded.

The days have seemed to drag on. Sure, talking with people was nice, but it also drained a ton of energy. The beginning of the year was great, she was excited, determined, and learning new things each day. Every class was intriguing learning new culture, animals, and spells. Her progress was tangible in her success in casting spells. Before the holidays began, days were held with anticipation, counting down the days, hours, and minutes. Now it was practically upon them, and Katrina felt left out. She felt like something should change. There was something within her urging her to change her ways. Telling her that she should reach out, make friends; but the darkness told her lies that she would never be enough and no one would like her. It was time for change.

Katrina realized that she had been standing silent and unmoving for too long and she tucked a strand of her auburn hair behind her ear. Embarrassment flushed her cheeks and the tears slowly went away. When Thora said nothing about her fail at magic, the Gryffindor dared to turn around.

Thora walked up to the door and spoke the Unlocking Spell, the handle turned without a hitch. Katrina noted the emphasis she had done wrong. She was overwhelmingly grateful that she had done it instead of forcing Katrina to scramble. It was almost like she had forgiven. Then the pieces snapped together. It hadn't been Thora who had been unforgiving... it was Katrina who had not given herself enough grace to forgive herself.

Thora offered the open door and Katrina took her bag and gave her a small smile. "I'm sorry about what I said back there...." the second apology died on her lips. The last bit faded to mumbling. Hopefully she got the point across.

"See you later I guess," Katrina gave a small wave and walked back to her common room perhaps she could handle it this time.
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