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⋆*Modern Era Cinderella⋆*  ↳Pv 

—•Is it true that pain is beauty♕
Does a new face come with a warranty?—•


《private to | Dymphna Teague

There were quite a few things to be miserable about. Friendships, people, soreness of the limbs and the like. Although, being a newly fletched teenager meant that all of those perils fell short in lue of the ardently consuming panic that was preparation for the ball and the giddy confusion of navigating through what could be assumed to be crushes and possible relationships. Eris was not having a great time dealing with the fallout of her own awkwardness. She had no idea how to address sweaty palms or nerve induced stomach aches.

But, Eris had an inkling that showing up to the ball with her sweaty palms and extremely nervous energy would amount to little without a good dress to take away from her awkwardness. With all her fussing over Quidditch and Owlbert’s rambunctious behaviour, Eris had forgotten to write home about the ball to request an array of gowns to be sent her way. Now that the ball’s date was closing in, it was clear that they were not to indulge in a Halloween themed masquerade. It would be hilarious and out of place if Eris was to show up in a Halloween costume, however ornate it was. She had planned a costume for Halloween, however. The idea had been to dress as the famous pureblood Irish wish, Morrigan, in a sweeping black gown embroidered with skulls and with an enchanted crow figure to celebrate Morrigran’s animagus form. However, showing up as the Phantom Queen in a dress that literally reminded Eris of death felt extremely out of place at a Masked Ball, when the idea of masks already regaled Eris with ideas of death.

Her own death, mostly.

But, with Ilvermorny students attending the ball, there was a much-lowered chance of firery chaos. They had their own professors and older students. Those were the people who would protect Eris and her friends. Not that, of course, Eris needed protection. But, the idea of adults who didn’t want her to die in a pit was a reassuring one. As long as the Hogwarts professors did not decide to murder the Ilvermorny professors and take over in America too. While an outlandish theory, Eris had no trust for any of the adults working at Hogwarts.

It was because of her lack of trust that Eris chose not to go towards one of the magically adept professors to enlist in aiding Eris in the search or alteration of a dress. Instead, she had asked the most stylish person in the whole of Hogwarts to help her. Dymphna Teague, naturally. Just asking Dymph for help had made Eris sick to her stomach, but there was nobody else to ask. Dymph was so beautiful and would know what to do for a dress, makeup, or literally anything regarding appearance. Blind loyalty and faith were common markers of Eris’s personality and friendship, so it was only natural that she trusted Dymphna would be able to help her. She was just that pretty.

It made Eris jealous to a fault. Jealous enough that before getting ready to meet with her Ravenclaw friend, Eris had stared in the mirror for a long while. To the chagrin of her three roommates, Eris had hogged the mirror for an hour, altering parts of her face. People knew what she looked like. Eris couldn’t just make herself look completely different. So, in the end, she had settled with changing the shade of her skin to be more tanned and less pallid. It was a small enough change that Dymph hopefully wouldn’t notice, and it made Eris feel just a little bit better about herself.

Now, she sat in the study room. Or, had been sitting. At some point, Eris had slouched so far down in the seat that her knees touched the ground and she looked like a gymnast. Her wand sat on the table, and her robe was on the chair. She was dressed in a red shirt and jeans, having taken off the robe due to the sheer heat of the thing. Not very perturbed by the fact her jeans were likely to rip, Eris tried to slouch even further.

Dymph was coming, right? She was cool enough to have other things to do. Eris didn’t doubt that. But, she really did need a dress.

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