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The Research Club - Meeting I (again)  Private 

@Meenauh Silmataurea
@Janus Lumley

The 11th of October, 2019
She dropped the books on the table, sighed and sat down. The actual first meeting the previous December was a disaster. Erika didn't come and Meenauh didn't see her for the whole year. Angellica didn't come (why, Angellica, why) and Meenauh didn't see her for the whole year. For the latter, the rumours were that she was transferred to another school, probably Ilvermorny. She could ask the guests whether they knew any Angellica from Hogwarts. Meenauh didn't want to owl them. Neither of them. She just put the club on hold until someone else would sign up. And then the whole year went like a whirlwind. And no one signed up anyway. Up until the next year.

She owled this first-year boy and kindly asked him to wait until October. She said she was busy getting the new study year sorted out, which she was. But deep in her heart, she was giving everyone time to sign up. She had to stop being pathetic about that. It was a niche club and she shouldn't expect people to jump in. She didn't need a lot of people anyway. That would be uncomfortable. She started to advertise the club at the end of her articles for the Headliner so that people could get a taste of which discussions would take place.

She didn't come prepared this time. She wanted to do everything on-site. She spent way too much time the previous time to prepare all the organisational moments and the agenda. Now she couldn't be less engaged. Less engaged... in her own club. Pathetic little research club.

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The Research Club - Meeting I (again)  Private 

Janus felt quite excited as he walked towards the study room. It was probably just going to be him and the club president (Meenauh, he reminded himself) but he wasn't worried about that. Sure, more brains would have been helpful but being just the two of them meant discussion would be quicker and less chaotic. He did think there were going to be at least two more people, but he soon noticed that the names he'd seen the first time came with last year's date. As for new participants, he'd checked the registration form each time he'd passed by it but no name appeared under his own during his month-long wait.

When he had received Meenauh's owl about postponing the meeting he'd just accepted it without complaint as she was after all the club president, and now he actually thought that not starting every activity at once on his first days had been for the better. He had had time to adapt to Hogwarts and notice more things during those weeks and now he felt better prepared to take part in the school's life. And that included clubs. He frankly had no idea how they would proceed in their researches, but he imagined the president must have been a capable student to have founded such a club so he was certain they would always have a plan.

Spurred on by his curiosity, Janus reached the study room's doors almost without looking, and he didn't lose any time before opening them in a one-armed arch. He looked around in the warm penumbra cast after dinner by the candles in the room; he didn't know how Meenauh looked but he was willing to bet she was the Gryffindor girl with auburn hair sitting at a table by herself. Not that there were many other people in the room at this time. Feeling lucky, he strode towards the witch and sat down opposite her.
"You're the club's president, right? I'm Janus," he said, extending a limp hand across the table.

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