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James looked up as another girl entered the room.
"Well, this place is really just a place to do homework..." James told her.
"I'm James, by the way! What's your name?"

Make a dragon in your mind and then paint it on your shoulder.
~Coming back from long absence...~
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"Never mind then, I'll sneak out of here and head to the leaky cauldron"
Kaegen turned, and looked towards to door. "Do you want to come?"

Shade-Beacon, Master of the Castle of Avarice

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Unsure whether or not Kaegan was speaking to her, Claryssa took a chance and spoke up. "Guess so, though I'm sure if we went to the Professor for Magical Creatures they'd be happy to help instead... Lead the way."

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Samuel had come in some time ago. under the pretense of preparing for his potions class. Although his true goal was to listen to the conversations of those around him and to learn what he could.

"Exploding ants? how interesting" he jotted down a few notes about them while he thought to himself.
  • look into getting exploding ants
He continued to listen however and soon he crossed those off his list. "No way is he getting alcohol, and neither would I, best to forget about these for now" The charms seemed interesting though.

As the other students got up to leave he turned his attention back to his potions book. "I am sure I will enjoy this class, best just to focus on getting ready for it for now"

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Cynthia sat quietly at a table all by herself, studying her potions book and her carefully written notes.  She had a couple of things written down in her neat handwriting that she wanted to discuss with the potions professor.  Perhaps she would stay after her next class and talk to them if they were not in a hurry or anything.  Cynthia loaded her quill with some fresh ink and neatly wrote down a few more notes.  Soon she had filled up four full pages with neatly handwritten notes about potions.  She wrote down a few more things to ask the professor about.  She wasn’t sure if the other students here would know the answers to them so she felt it best to simply ask the professor.

She hoped someone would come and sit with her to study potions.  She liked studying with someone so they could answer each other’s questions.  She really enjoyed potions and wanted to do her best in the class.  She had become so absorbed in her studying that she unknowingly blocked out everyone else around her.  She really did hope someone would come and study with her.  For now, she was okay with being alone.  But still...