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Seeing Things  PV: Quinn Healy 

The sound of clattering porcelain pierced the silence of the study room as George gathered his implements from a house elf's hands. Study supplies of a most unusual sort, each piece laid out as prescribed. He'd already had some tea leaves brought up - fine ground, and ideal for an afternoon cup or arcane ritual. Boiling hot water waited in a teapot on a secluded corner table. A candle flickered nearby to aid in reading and proper ambiance. Nearly ready.

He leaned over and took a deep breath above the tea leaves. The textbook had mentioned the scent of them being of some importance, but that was trivial compared to what he'd experience once those leaves were prepared. The most important pieces of the puzzle were the last to arrive, and he set them down delicately, pinching the handle of the cup as if he were afraid it might shatter at his touch. It landed on the little dish he'd set out with a soft click. And that was the last of it.

Thumping his rear back down to his seat, the eager student flipped open a dog-eared page of Unfogging the Future and set his spoon down across the center to make sure the dusty pages didn't turn back on him. Bold black text described the nature of the chapter. Tessomancy - the art of reading tea leaves, it was. To a muggle, things like divination were just distractions. Displays of lunacy or finessed con-artistry, charging a pound to reveal what your future might hold. But that was before magic was real. And now that it was, George wasn't about to wait and find out what came next. He wanted to see just how the story ended.

That wasn't exactly how it worked, though. You needed something in your mind, a question to be answered. But he had too many questions, and his stomach was nearly full from lunch. He didn't have the kind of gut required for a long session of deep-tea diving into the vast, unfathomable depths of time itself. The first-year lad plucked up the sugar cube he'd asked to be placed in the cup and pressed it against his tongue, letting the sweet taste melt in his mouth as he considered what he could ask his tea. The absurdity of it made him feel quite stupid - but who could resist at least trying it?

Steam rose up from the spout of the teapot, making his jaw clench with each extra moment of wasted heat. Ink dripped from the tip of his quill, menacing the empty parchment of his notebook with the freshly wet nib. What was he meant to ask?

Stamina: 5 / Evasion: 6 / Strength: 3 / Wisdom: 8 / Arcane Power: 7 / Accuracy: 6

Seeing Things  PV: Quinn Healy 

For all his hard work and continual drive for his own version of perfection. Quinn would be lying if he said he spent a majority of his time in the study room. No he usually frequented the library, grounds, common room, or on rare occasion the great lake. He could never really pinpoint why. Perhaps it just slipped his mind or preferred other more exciting areas despite the quite solitude the study room offered fairly often.

Today was one of those days that the large badger was making his way to said place of study. Dressed in his usual black robes and other vestiges of yellow color mixed in with black. The tall and frankly imposing preteen walked through the halls with confidence. It was fake of course, at least for the moment. He could hear the daunting laughter in his head today. That definitely wasn't good, maybe he was getting stressed again. He always seemed to surface when he was highly stressed. While behaving and gradually becoming easier to subdue, there were times when he stubbornly resisted. So far that only happened once after he got the proper help and stuck to it. But then again it's only been six months.

The red head ran their calloused fingers through their curly dark orange fringe top hair. He wouldn't focus on that no he had exciting things today. He managed to bring a book from home about ancient celtic rituals and their history and a book on xylomancy. But as they entered the room, no feet before even the strange smell of...tea? Yes tea hit their nose.

Who in the hell is drinking tea in the study room of all places? Now he was curious, as he stepped in careful to not hit his head on the door frame again. Their emerald blue eyes rested upon a newcomer. It was a first year from he could gather...they were so tiny now. It was kinda cut-...yeah he should stop that train of thought. "Oi whattre doin?" Although he spoke softly his deep voice made it still boom slightly.

Causing him to wince as he would mentally note that and adjust it accordingly. Even as he asked the question his eyes scanned the table before him. Quinn stood in the door way his broad shoulders just inches from touching either side of the door way, large calloused hands that looked like they could break a wand or door. Sharp well defined facial features that made him look a bit older then he actually was. And a height that no one his age should possess luckily his robe concealed much of the muscle mass that he naturally gained.

To fear the unknown is to fear progress, don't shy away from it. Embrace it and discover something new.

Seeing Things  PV: Quinn Healy 

What was he meant to ask? He still couldn't figure it out. The only ink on the page was a messy smear of droplets in the corner, accumulated from the impatient tap-tap-tap of his quill against the parchment. Something big. No, it'd be too foggy to be worthwhile. Too specific, and it'd be boring. There was a careful balance to be struck, somewhere between both extremes. He hoped it would come to him while he stared off into space, letting the small ideas fizzle out to make room for the big idea.

His eyes settled on the surface of his tea, and he noticed something strange happening in the pot. The surface rippled and shook, warping his reflection as he gazed down at himself in the water. What curious magic was this? Physics, apparently - the darkest sort of dark arts there was.

Looking up and to his left, George found the source of the distortion. A big ginger hulk of a man, draped in the colours of their shared house, trudged into the study room. George lifted his feet up onto the chair and looked around hurriedly, but found that nobody shared the sense of urgency. He blinked away the disbelief. He holds in his breath, imitating the relaxed posture he'd taken before despite the pressure of his heart pounding in his chest. The man was beastly large. Swaddled up in his Hufflepuff robe, George felt like a bumblebee in the path of a school bus.

The little first-year no doubt looked even more adorable than usual, with his bugged-out eyes and white-knuckle grip on the edge of his robe. Maybe this is why he hadn't been able to figure out a question to ask of his tea - fate had preordained that he'd be reduced to a smear under the boot of this cave troll or whatever sort of beast it was. But how could that be? The man was wearing house colours. He was a student. A student just like George. Well - not JUST like George. Maybe one day, if he ate all of his vegetables and drank a pint of milk an hour, but not right now.

"Oi whattre doin'?" He could tell that the giant was trying to speak softly, but it still carried across the room with ease, like a whisper on the wind. Still, it eased the younger student, and George set his shoes down onto the floor once again. The boy's eyes wandered across the desk - tea set, quill and notebook, divination textbook. Right - that's what he'd been doing. He shook off the shock and got back to task, plucking his quill up from where he'd dropped it on the floor.

"I'm- well, I'm just trying to tell my future, sir. But I don't know what to ask it," he said. The words felt a bit strange leaving his mouth. Was this a problem that everyone had? How could anyone resist the temptation of knowing all of what was to come, delivered with the refreshing taste of a fresh brewed cup of tea? He cleared his throat and applied clear and proper enunciation to his words, trying to show respect to someone he perceived as an adult. "I'm George Henry. I'm a first year, but... I'm reading ahead."

Stamina: 5 / Evasion: 6 / Strength: 3 / Wisdom: 8 / Arcane Power: 7 / Accuracy: 6