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On the Run  PV with Gem 

The halls of Hogwarts were a dangerous place, especially when you were small. Jake had learned since arriving at school that while there were a lot more nice kids than he ever would have thought, that wasn't ALWAYS true. There were still a lot who weren't. There was nobody that scared Jake as much as one though - a boy he had met on the Hogwarts grounds. The memories of being tackled - of having your face held down in the grass as you cried - was one that still haunted Jake and had already given him nightmares. Every day he was in the hall, when he couldn't attach himself to an older kid, he lived in fear of seeing that face again.

One day, it finally happened. Jake turned the corner on his way back from Charms class, just trying to think of how he was going to practice so he could finally do Lumos, and hoping he was going to get sick so he didn't have to go to flying. Then he saw it - that familiar face. The bigger boy didn't have his armor on anymore, but his face was one that Jake would never forget and he recognized it instantly. The small Hufflepuff jumped with fear. In an instant he turned tail and ran as fast as he could back around the corner, trying to put as much distance between himself and the other boy as humanly possible.

A terrified Jake ducked into the first room with an open door he could find, pushed the door closed behind him, and then sank to the ground panting with his back against it. He put his head in his hands as his heart pounded. He waited, and waited, expecting any moment to hear footsteps, to hear the doorknob turning, to feel it opening against him, to hear a familiar voice say 'There you are, little rabbit'. ...but nothing happened. Not yet...Jake waited and waited, and then looked up - he wasn't alone.

Jake stared up at the boy who also occupied this study room, unable to say a word.

On the Run  PV with Gem 

@Jake Morris

It was an empty evening, not a single sound, aside from some distant chatter from other students passing by or... well, that seemed like about it. Right now, Gem felt at peace, quiet, sort of just taking in the fact he was all by himself. No distractions, no nothing, just him, his quill, and some parchment. He'd decided to hand write his next letter to Leland, just because. He had everything laid out nicely, a polaroid sitting by the ink, his wrist moving smoothly with his thoughts.

He only stopped when he heard light pattering down the hallway, the sound of sliding sneakers, and a door swinging shut. His immediate response was to turn his whole body around, staring at the boy huddled up by the door with his head in his hands. He opened his mouth to speak, but stopped when he noticed the panic in his little form. He decided to keep his trap shut, just in case there was any legitimate danger - he waited for any creaking floorboards, taunting whispers, or something that would indicate hazard... nothing.

He'd barely realized the smaller (and familiar) boy was watching him, like he was expecting him to shout at him or something of that ilk. He furrowed his eyebrows, adjusting himself - should he even ask? He looked petrified, like a little mouse that had been chased by a goddamn panther.

"Are you... alright there, mate?" He inquired carefully, setting his quill down on the desk. He didn't move yet, he didn't feel any reason to. "You look like you've just seen a ghost."

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On the Run  PV with Gem 

"N-not a ghost," Jake mumbled, shaking his head quickly. "A-A bully..." he admitted nervously.

After saying those words, Jake looked up at the bigger Ravenclaw, half expecting to be made fun of or laughed at. But Jake wasn't good at lying and the other boy would have known if he he'd had no choice but to tell the truth. It felt shameful, but he didn't know what else to do.

A while had gone by, and Jake turned his ear towards the door so he could listen closely - but there were no sounds footsteps at all and certainly nothing that sounded like he was being chased. Did that mean he had gotten away...? The little Hufflepuff panted a couple more times, and then awkwardly began to make his way back up to his feet - a little figure who stood up tall as he could. Finally, he turned his attention back to the boy he hadn't known had been there. His cheeks turned very red.

"I...I'm okay..." the boy said sheepishly, though he didn't much look it as he still got over his shaking. What was he supposed to say now...? Jake squirmed uncomfortably, intimidated by the boy he hadn't known had been there and suddenly overtaken by shyness. He stared at the Ravenclaw, at a loss for words and suddenly frozen in place.

On the Run  PV with Gem 

@Jake Morris

Gem hummed, turning back to his letter, even going as far as picking his quill up again. It would've been easy, to just start writing again, but every time he'd try to press the end into the paper, he couldn't. He turned back around, sliding out of his seat to go sit by Jake, right at the door. He wasn't sure if he was trying to make him feel more comfortable, or if he was just following natural instinct. He figured it may have been a mix of both.

"Well, ya know... a lot of e' bullies here are real stupid," He said, "an' a lot of the time, they get knocked off guard real easy. All I'd have ta do is pull me wand out and tell em'; Verdimillious! And this real scary green light comes out, an' they probably think it's avada kedavra, and they joost freak e' hell out and run off." He rubbed his knees with his hands, pulling his legs up to his chest. He offered a comforting smile, lightly nudging the small Hufflepuff beside him. "So... wot I'm tryin' ta say is, you're safe wiv me, alright?"

He sat still for a moment longer, feeling weird to pledge loyalty and safety to someone he didn't even know. That was a very Gryffindor-y thing to do, and he wasn't a Gryffindor.
"Ehm, I'm Gem, by the way. Gem Stuart, pleasure ta meet you."
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—and though i try so not to suffer the indignity of a reaction, there were no cracks to grasp or gaps to claw.

On the Run  PV with Gem 

Jake watched the other boy nervously as he was approached - but to his surprise, the Ravenclaw simply slid down and took a seat next to him. Then he began to speak. He had a funny way of talking but Jake thought he understood what he was saying. Or...most of it.

"Abra kadabra...?" Jake repeated incredulously. As a muggleborn, he was used to not understanding everything that everybody said.

But even if Jake wasn't 100% sure about everything that the boy had said, what he did understand is the last part - 'you're safe with me'. Something about the boy's voice was comforting - he seemed like he knew what he was talking about. He knew how to deal with bullies. He was strong. (Even though hearing him say the bad word for 'heck' made Jake uncomfortable).

"...Alright," Jake repeated uneasily, nodding his head. The small boy sidled a little closer to the Ravenclaw, stopping only when their legs touched. He didn't want to go anywhere outside of the small circle of safety that the larger boy provided. If anybody DID show up, Jake wanted to be close. He would stay here with the boy until the danger was gone and until he knew that he hadn't been followed.

There were a lot of bad people at Hogwarts, and a lot of good people too. Jake didn't think he knew how to tell the bad from the good. It was hard, especially when the bad people didn't always tell you at first that they were bad. But he WAS getting a lot better at it and he thought that Gem was good, because when Gem came and sat down next to him Jake felt less afraid...not more.

"My name's Jake," the boy said in a small voice. "And I'm a Hufflepuff."

Now he had introduced himself, and he had managed to say it without stammering too much. He was getting better at talking to the other kids, at least a little bit, even if not a lot. He didn't know what to say next and he was still feeling he put his ear to the door again, and then quietly looked up, regarding the brave boy who had promised to keep him safe. He wondered if Gem could hear anything he couldn't.

On the Run  PV with Gem 

@Jake Morris

Gem smiled when Jake prodded himself closer, lightly nudging his leg with his shoe. He already felt a very brotherly instinct for this kid, or, what he thought a brotherly instinct was. It just seemed... right, sort of. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled his wand out, setting it next to him in the unlikely case he'd need to whip it out and use it.

"Well, I think Hufflepuffs are real underrated, if ya ask me. You lot are kind, carin', and mindful. Can't say the same wiv some of those other houses, you know?" He watched Jake press his ear up against the door, following suit. There was hardly anything, aside from a few footsteps faintly prodding along the floor. He was about to say all was alright, just to get Jake to relax, but there were heavier footsteps approaching, suspicious ones.

He watched the doorknob turn, and quickly stood up to stick his head out and see who it was. Some Gryffindor he'd seen around, just a face in the crowd he managed to spot. He'd tutored him for Charms once, he was sure.

"Aye, what'd you need mate? Bit busy."
"Awe, hey Gem. Nothing much, jus' lookin' for someone."
"Is that right? What's their name, maybe I've seen them around."
"Dunno his name, jus' a small pipsqueak, real mousy. Blonde hair? Real small."

So this is what Jake was running from. Gem's face hardened, looking down to avoid eye contact. He was never a very good liar.

"No, 'aven't seen him around. You'll have ta look elsewhere, mate."
"Mm, right," He hummed, suddenly very suspicious Gem was mostly holding the door shut. "What have ya got goin' on in here, mate?"

Aw, shite. He'd get caught if he said anything out of line, too unrealistic. It was late, there was hardly anyone around.

"Snoggin'. I'm-" He brought his voice down to a whisper. "I'm snoggin' someone."
"Is that right? Lemme see the bird!"
"No! No, she'll be embarrassed."
"Aw, yeah right. Come on, mate, open tha damn door."

Gem's strength was really no match for the Gryffindor's, and he was successfully pushed off to the side, the door swinging open. Well, this was a good run. His heterosexuality would be questioned forever, even by himself. That thought was brushed off, though, when he saw the Gryffindor's hungry eyes on his new little Hufflepuff friend.

"So that's where you were!"
"Aye, mate. Step back, right? He and I are studyin'."
"Thought ya said you were snoggin', don't try to play it off. You lot are fruitcakes, aren't ya?"
"No, oh Merlin, joost go away-"
"Tried to hide off? Did a pretty bad job, hidin' with a Ravenclaw, pip. C'mere,"
"Mate, I'm warnin' you, step off." While he spoke, he bent over, picking his wand up off the floor, clutching it nice and tight. "Seriously, bruv. Don't do it."

Well, he wasn't listening, he was too busy inching towards Jake to even care, so quiet as a mouse, under his breathe, he whipped his wand off and spoke,
"Verdimillious!" And green sparks flew from his wand, right at the culprit. He freaked, as presumed, and shouted at Gem that he was insane, dashing from the room as quickly as he'd barged in. Gem could only stand still, stare at the opened door... he only turned his head when he remembered Jake was there, his big, brown eyes immediately glistening with concern.

"Hey, ehm... are you alright? I... I'm sorreh, I should've kicked him out sooner... Ehm, shite - well, he's gone, now? At least?" Man, that felt bad. It felt really bad.

—and though i try so not to suffer the indignity of a reaction, there were no cracks to grasp or gaps to claw.