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On the Run  PV with Gem 

The halls of Hogwarts were a dangerous place, especially when you were small. Jake had learned since arriving at school that while there were a lot more nice kids than he ever would have thought, that wasn't ALWAYS true. There were still a lot who weren't. There was nobody that scared Jake as much as one though - a boy he had met on the Hogwarts grounds. The memories of being tackled - of having your face held down in the grass as you cried - was one that still haunted Jake and had already given him nightmares. Every day he was in the hall, when he couldn't attach himself to an older kid, he lived in fear of seeing that face again.

One day, it finally happened. Jake turned the corner on his way back from Charms class, just trying to think of how he was going to practice so he could finally do Lumos, and hoping he was going to get sick so he didn't have to go to flying. Then he saw it - that familiar face. The bigger boy didn't have his armor on anymore, but his face was one that Jake would never forget and he recognized it instantly. The small Hufflepuff jumped with fear. In an instant he turned tail and ran as fast as he could back around the corner, trying to put as much distance between himself and the other boy as humanly possible.

A terrified Jake ducked into the first room with an open door he could find, pushed the door closed behind him, and then sank to the ground panting with his back against it. He put his head in his hands as his heart pounded. He waited, and waited, expecting any moment to hear footsteps, to hear the doorknob turning, to feel it opening against him, to hear a familiar voice say 'There you are, little rabbit'. ...but nothing happened. Not yet...Jake waited and waited, and then looked up - he wasn't alone.

Jake stared up at the boy who also occupied this study room, unable to say a word.

On the Run  PV with Gem 

@Jake Morris

It was an empty evening, not a single sound, aside from some distant chatter from other students passing by or... well, that seemed like about it. Right now, Gem felt at peace, quiet, sort of just taking in the fact he was all by himself. No distractions, no nothing, just him, his quill, and some parchment. He'd decided to hand write his next letter to Leland, just because. He had everything laid out nicely, a polaroid sitting by the ink, his wrist moving smoothly with his thoughts.

He only stopped when he heard light pattering down the hallway, the sound of sliding sneakers, and a door swinging shut. His immediate response was to turn his whole body around, staring at the boy huddled up by the door with his head in his hands. He opened his mouth to speak, but stopped when he noticed the panic in his little form. He decided to keep his trap shut, just in case there was any legitimate danger - he waited for any creaking floorboards, taunting whispers, or something that would indicate hazard... nothing.

He'd barely realized the smaller (and familiar) boy was watching him, like he was expecting him to shout at him or something of that ilk. He furrowed his eyebrows, adjusting himself - should he even ask? He looked petrified, like a little mouse that had been chased by a goddamn panther.

"Are you... alright there, mate?" He inquired carefully, setting his quill down on the desk. He didn't move yet, he didn't feel any reason to. "You look like you've just seen a ghost."

What really knocks me out is a book that, when you're all done reading it, you wish the author that wrote it was a terrific friend of yours and you could call him up on the phone whenever you felt like it. That doesn't happen much, though.

On the Run  PV with Gem 

"N-not a ghost," Jake mumbled, shaking his head quickly. "A-A bully..." he admitted nervously.

After saying those words, Jake looked up at the bigger Ravenclaw, half expecting to be made fun of or laughed at. But Jake wasn't good at lying and the other boy would have known if he he'd had no choice but to tell the truth. It felt shameful, but he didn't know what else to do.

A while had gone by, and Jake turned his ear towards the door so he could listen closely - but there were no sounds footsteps at all and certainly nothing that sounded like he was being chased. Did that mean he had gotten away...? The little Hufflepuff panted a couple more times, and then awkwardly began to make his way back up to his feet - a little figure who stood up tall as he could. Finally, he turned his attention back to the boy he hadn't known had been there. His cheeks turned very red.

"I...I'm okay..." the boy said sheepishly, though he didn't much look it as he still got over his shaking. What was he supposed to say now...? Jake squirmed uncomfortably, intimidated by the boy he hadn't known had been there and suddenly overtaken by shyness. He stared at the Ravenclaw, at a loss for words and suddenly frozen in place.

On the Run  PV with Gem 

@Jake Morris

Gem hummed, turning back to his letter, even going as far as picking his quill up again. It would've been easy, to just start writing again, but every time he'd try to press the end into the paper, he couldn't. He turned back around, sliding out of his seat to go sit by Jake, right at the door. He wasn't sure if he was trying to make him feel more comfortable, or if he was just following natural instinct. He figured it may have been a mix of both.

"Well, ya know... a lot of e' bullies here are real stupid," He said, "an' a lot of the time, they get knocked off guard real easy. All I'd have ta do is pull me wand out and tell em'; Verdimillious! And this real scary green light comes out, an' they probably think it's avada kedavra, and they joost freak e' hell out and run off." He rubbed his knees with his hands, pulling his legs up to his chest. He offered a comforting smile, lightly nudging the small Hufflepuff beside him. "So... wot I'm tryin' ta say is, you're safe wiv me, alright?"

He sat still for a moment longer, feeling weird to pledge loyalty and safety to someone he didn't even know. That was a very Gryffindor-y thing to do, and he wasn't a Gryffindor.
"Ehm, I'm Gem, by the way. Gem Stuart, pleasure ta meet you."
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What really knocks me out is a book that, when you're all done reading it, you wish the author that wrote it was a terrific friend of yours and you could call him up on the phone whenever you felt like it. That doesn't happen much, though.

On the Run  PV with Gem 

Jake watched the other boy nervously as he was approached - but to his surprise, the Ravenclaw simply slid down and took a seat next to him. Then he began to speak. He had a funny way of talking but Jake thought he understood what he was saying. Or...most of it.

"Abra kadabra...?" Jake repeated incredulously. As a muggleborn, he was used to not understanding everything that everybody said.

But even if Jake wasn't 100% sure about everything that the boy had said, what he did understand is the last part - 'you're safe with me'. Something about the boy's voice was comforting - he seemed like he knew what he was talking about. He knew how to deal with bullies. He was strong. (Even though hearing him say the bad word for 'heck' made Jake uncomfortable).

"...Alright," Jake repeated uneasily, nodding his head. The small boy sidled a little closer to the Ravenclaw, stopping only when their legs touched. He didn't want to go anywhere outside of the small circle of safety that the larger boy provided. If anybody DID show up, Jake wanted to be close. He would stay here with the boy until the danger was gone and until he knew that he hadn't been followed.

There were a lot of bad people at Hogwarts, and a lot of good people too. Jake didn't think he knew how to tell the bad from the good. It was hard, especially when the bad people didn't always tell you at first that they were bad. But he WAS getting a lot better at it and he thought that Gem was good, because when Gem came and sat down next to him Jake felt less afraid...not more.

"My name's Jake," the boy said in a small voice. "And I'm a Hufflepuff."

Now he had introduced himself, and he had managed to say it without stammering too much. He was getting better at talking to the other kids, at least a little bit, even if not a lot. He didn't know what to say next and he was still feeling he put his ear to the door again, and then quietly looked up, regarding the brave boy who had promised to keep him safe. He wondered if Gem could hear anything he couldn't.

On the Run  PV with Gem 

@Jake Morris

Gem smiled when Jake prodded himself closer, lightly nudging his leg with his shoe. He already felt a very brotherly instinct for this kid, or, what he thought a brotherly instinct was. It just seemed... right, sort of. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled his wand out, setting it next to him in the unlikely case he'd need to whip it out and use it.

"Well, I think Hufflepuffs are real underrated, if ya ask me. You lot are kind, carin', and mindful. Can't say the same wiv some of those other houses, you know?" He watched Jake press his ear up against the door, following suit. There was hardly anything, aside from a few footsteps faintly prodding along the floor. He was about to say all was alright, just to get Jake to relax, but there were heavier footsteps approaching, suspicious ones.

He watched the doorknob turn, and quickly stood up to stick his head out and see who it was. Some Gryffindor he'd seen around, just a face in the crowd he managed to spot. He'd tutored him for Charms once, he was sure.

"Aye, what'd you need mate? Bit busy."
"Awe, hey Gem. Nothing much, jus' lookin' for someone."
"Is that right? What's their name, maybe I've seen them around."
"Dunno his name, jus' a small pipsqueak, real mousy. Blonde hair? Real small."

So this is what Jake was running from. Gem's face hardened, looking down to avoid eye contact. He was never a very good liar.

"No, 'aven't seen him around. You'll have ta look elsewhere, mate."
"Mm, right," He hummed, suddenly very suspicious Gem was mostly holding the door shut. "What have ya got goin' on in here, mate?"

Aw, shite. He'd get caught if he said anything out of line, too unrealistic. It was late, there was hardly anyone around.

"Snoggin'. I'm-" He brought his voice down to a whisper. "I'm snoggin' someone."
"Is that right? Lemme see the bird!"
"No! No, she'll be embarrassed."
"Aw, yeah right. Come on, mate, open tha damn door."

Gem's strength was really no match for the Gryffindor's, and he was successfully pushed off to the side, the door swinging open. Well, this was a good run. His heterosexuality would be questioned forever, even by himself. That thought was brushed off, though, when he saw the Gryffindor's hungry eyes on his new little Hufflepuff friend.

"So that's where you were!"
"Aye, mate. Step back, right? He and I are studyin'."
"Thought ya said you were snoggin', don't try to play it off. You lot are fruitcakes, aren't ya?"
"No, oh Merlin, joost go away-"
"Tried to hide off? Did a pretty bad job, hidin' with a Ravenclaw, pip. C'mere,"
"Mate, I'm warnin' you, step off." While he spoke, he bent over, picking his wand up off the floor, clutching it nice and tight. "Seriously, bruv. Don't do it."

Well, he wasn't listening, he was too busy inching towards Jake to even care, so quiet as a mouse, under his breathe, he whipped his wand off and spoke,
"Verdimillious!" And green sparks flew from his wand, right at the culprit. He freaked, as presumed, and shouted at Gem that he was insane, dashing from the room as quickly as he'd barged in. Gem could only stand still, stare at the opened door... he only turned his head when he remembered Jake was there, his big, brown eyes immediately glistening with concern.

"Hey, ehm... are you alright? I... I'm sorreh, I should've kicked him out sooner... Ehm, shite - well, he's gone, now? At least?" Man, that felt bad. It felt really bad.

What really knocks me out is a book that, when you're all done reading it, you wish the author that wrote it was a terrific friend of yours and you could call him up on the phone whenever you felt like it. That doesn't happen much, though.

On the Run  PV with Gem 

Jake sat close to Gem, listening to what he said about Hufflepuffs. They made Jake blush proudly. Kind, was what he always wanted to be. They were some of the best things that ANYBODY could be. His mum and dad were kind and caring and good, and one day Jake hoped to be just like them - he was sure that THEY would have gotten Hufflepuff.

But right now, the words could only provide the smallest comfort. Jake continued listening at the door, and watched as Gem followed suit. He looked to the Ravenclaw's face looking for any signs that he heard something. Then Gem's face changed, and Jake's eyes widened. Did he hear something...? Then he heard it as well. Footsteps!

Jake looked up, nearly jumping out of his shoes when the doorknob turned. Gem stood up, leaving Jake on the floor scooting away from the opening door. Then he heard the voice, and knew instantly whose it was. Every part of Jake froze. It was of the bigger boys. They had found him. Jake let out a whimper. He was done for. He had to get up...he had to run...but there was nowhere to GO. He was trapped.

Jake barely followed the conversation - he couldn't. He was cowering on the floor, curling himself into a ball - hoping Gem could make the Gryffindor go away. But soon Gem was pushed back and the door opened. The other boy stepped inside, and began to look around. For a moment the little Hufflepuff had the desperate impulse to remain still and maybe he somehow wouldn't be seen... but then a face turned in his direction and fell upon him with a wolf-like grin. Jake nearly wet his pants. 'So that's where you were!' the voice said, and Jake knew he was caught. His eyes rose to meet the Gryffindor's, and the other boy's hungry eyes stared him down.

"N-no..." Jake whimpered, squeezing his eyes shut, the smaller boy beginning to tremble. He was gonna get grabbed now...he was gonna get hurt. Even through his closed eyes he could see the flash of light - hear the sound of retreating footsteps - but when somebody spoke wasn't the bully. It was Gem. Jake opened his eyes slowly and looked up at the Ravenclaw. The other boy was gone.

Time seemed frozen. Seconds felt like minutes. And then everything came rushing back - feelings of terror, relief, gratefulness, dread - it all rushed back into the little Hufflepuff on the ground, and the only thing he could do in response to Gem's question was burst into tears.

On the Run  PV with Gem 

@Jake Morris

And then there were tears.

Gem hadn't grown up around much empathy, but he knew how to act when someone had been so overwhelmed with stress and fear that they'd just snapped - he had a feeling that was what Jake had going on then, the way he curled up in a little ball and wailed. He was stunned for a good minute, his eyes big and unsure - it was strange that he acted so quickly just moments before, and then suddenly hadn't had a clue about what to do about the sniveling Hufflepuff.

"Uh-" He looked around, tucking his wand back into his pocket. He'd crouched down, awkwardly holding his arms out in a hug like his father would do when he was about three, an unsure swirl of emotions on his face. "C'mere, I fink you've ha- you'd had a lot happen taday, buddy," He wobbled towards him, bringing the little guy over to him so he could give him a warm hug - or, warm to the very best of his ability. Gem wasn't necessarily known for having fantastic hugging-abilities, but he figured he could do his very best to comfort this wee lad here.

"Yunno," He mumbled, patting Jake's shoulder lightly, comfortingly. "Crying is quite manly. Bein' able ta cry in front of yer peers, that's quite brave. I fink emotions are a sign of strength, don' let 'nyone tell ya different... I know all these weirdos fink that bein' all tough and showin' no expressive emotions is brave an' cool, but really? Being emotional is a trillion times better. You don't forget that, right? You need another hug, laa?" He felt... like an older brother, sort of. It was a new feeling, but it was good. It was a really, really good feeling.

What really knocks me out is a book that, when you're all done reading it, you wish the author that wrote it was a terrific friend of yours and you could call him up on the phone whenever you felt like it. That doesn't happen much, though.

On the Run  PV with Gem 

Jake had had a lot happen today...just like Gem had said. And as Gem brought him in, the tiny Hufflepuff collapsed against him, bawling as he was hugged. He tried for a moment to hold it stop himself...but he soon found himself gasping. Uncontrollable tears streamed down his cheeks, and as Gem held him, he would feel the small boy's body trembling beneath his robes, the adrenaline still coursing through him after the stress of the day and the terrifying encounter.

Through it all, Jake felt gentle pats on his shoulder...he heard a soft voice and found himself listening as he was hugged. At first, he thought maybe it was a joke, 'cause there was no way that he was manly. But Gem didn't SOUND like he was joking...It was just...nobody had ever called Jake brave before. He knew that he was a lot of things, and not all of it was bad stuff...but brave was something he just wasn't - or at least that's what he thought. He sure wasn't brave or strong today...He had never heard crying be called brave either...Jake didn't like crying...babies cried...but he could never stop it. It just happened...he'd get sad, or scared, or hurt, and his eyes would water up - his feelings too big to be kept inside, and he lost all control. No matter how hard he tried it always happened...nobody had ever told him that meant he was brave...

It was slow...but while Jake focused on Gem's words, his wailing began to lessen...the tears began to dry. It didn't happen all at once...but slowly, Jake's body began to relax to the pats on his shoulder. The shaking began to cease. By the time Gem finished speaking, Jake's sobs had slowed to sniffles, as he quietly thought over all he had said. Gem was kind...and something in the Ravenclaw's voice when he asked if Jake needed another hug made Jake answer honestly.

Jake sniffled once more, then gave a small nod. "Mhm,"the boy mumbled...scootching closer and laying his head softly on Gem's chest. He scrunched up against the bigger boy, knees pulled in, small fists resting by his chin. He closed his eyes...stayed there, quiet...let the other boy's arms close around him. In that moment, it didn't matter that he had never met him before in his life...He needed the hug...the be given a place to feel safe. That's what Gem had said...Jake was safe with him. And the bully WAS gone...for now, at least. He had been scared away by Gem.

For a while, Jake didn't want to move...he wasn't ready. He didn't want the warm feelings of safety to go away...He sniffled a couple times...He didn't know the other boy, but it felt like he felt like he could trust him. He tried to remember all that Gem had said - about being brave, about showing emotions - but still he couldn't help but feel sheepish, and his cheeks turned just a bit red. If it was brave to show emotion, then Jake must have been the bravest boy in the school... "Um, s-sorry," he finally mumbled...though it took him a few more seconds until he was ready to sit back up under his own power. "I...I'm okay," he said, staring down at the floor.

"Thank you for saving me. I-I was really scared..." the boy admitted, tracing his finger along the floor.

On the Run  PV with Gem 

@Jake Morris

Gem could've winced, having Jake bawl into his sweater like that. It was very tempting, to just cringe and push the little chap off him and pat him up, tell him to get it together-- that's when it hit him, right in the damn chest, that that was exactly what his dad did to him when he very first cried in front of him.

He hadn't quite remembered what it was, most likely just a bad situation, but it had put a whole lot of stress on Gem's part, and he started to cry. There wasn't anyone else around, except for his pops, so Gem's little nine-year-old self waddled to his parent for comfort. It was immediate, the way Jeff had held his hand out and pushed his forehead off him, raising a stern eyebrow with that... look, the one that heavily resembled polite disgust.

"I don't deal with hysterics, Gem. Put yer damn big boy trousers on an' go play guitar. I haven't got e' time for that."

Gem's eyes blanked out, remembering that, and his grip around the little Hufflepuff instinctively tightened. He felt the very beginning of tears well up right at the corners of his eyes, the sore lump in his throat, but he coughed into his fist and wiped his eyes with the back of his hand before Jake could get the chance to properly see. This isn't a therapy session, Gem, he reminded himself, this is just school.

"Ya sure?" He cocked an eyebrow, the corners of his lips turning upwards in a playful grin. "Aye, don' worry about it, mate. Tha's wot schoolmates 're here for, right? We're supposed ta protect each ovver." He slid back, propping himself up against the wall again, an exhale of relief to really capitalize on how adventurous that was - even for him. Yeah, right. Gem, me, adventurous? Don't make me laugh.

"Ehm... wull, I guess I'm yer new big bruvver or somethin' like tha', how's that sound? I'm uh... I'm here ta protect ya, right? An' you joost... hang around. I don' have siblin's, I don't know how tha' really works, honestly."

What really knocks me out is a book that, when you're all done reading it, you wish the author that wrote it was a terrific friend of yours and you could call him up on the phone whenever you felt like it. That doesn't happen much, though.

On the Run  PV with Gem 

Jake nodded his head, though there was still a part of him that desperately wanted to hold back onto the bigger Ravenclaw as he slid away. Still, a great weight had come off of him - he was no longer shaking...and he finally felt safe. Jake wiped at his eyes to clear away any stray tears. He nodded his head in response to what Gem said, but if Gem was perceptive he might have noticed some uncertainty and blankness in Jake's eyes, and the slightest hint of a shrug. In fact, Jake didn't KNOW what schoolmates were here for - he had never had them before when he was being homeschooled...He had thought that other kids were there to bully...but he liked Gem's idea of it a lot better and it made having schoolmates sound not bad at all.

"Big brother...?" Jake repeated in amazement (but not the bad kind), as he looked up at the other boy. For a moment, there was pure hope in his eyes, and then a shy gaze down back at the floor. "I never had siblings before either. It was just me and Mummy, and---" he cut off, blushing deeply, sheepishly correcting himself. "Me and my Mum and my Dad." He paused for a moment, but no mocking came.

Jake may have never had a brother, but he liked the thought. He had never known what it would be like to have a brother. Other kids could be scary and what if he had got somebody mean, like his older cousins? They always teased him and made mean jokes. Having a brother might have been like having cousins that never went home. But there could be nice big brothers too...Big brothers protected and played with you, and if you had a big brother Jake knew it was ok to hug them, so if you did what he had done and needed a hug for a very long time that was ok, it was just being a brother.

"It sounds good,"Jake said shyly, a sweet smile appearing on his face at the understatement. "What do little brothers do...?" he asked Gem, looking up at him. He wanted it to be like Gem said - he just didn't know if he knew HOW to be a brother...'cause what if he did everything wrong? He didn't know exactly what wrong would be, but if he did it, Gem was probably gonna change his mind. 'Cause surely there were other little boys at Hogwarts that would make a lot better brothers than Jake would.

On the Run  PV with Gem 

@Jake Morris

"Hell if I know how lil' bruvvers act, joost be yerself an' hang around me, I suppose." Gem shrugged, squinting at the area he'd previously been sitting at, how it seemed like something was moving. He shifted, craning his neck to peer closer - it wasn't until he saw a real big tub of orange lard hop out of the shadows. Basil.

"Oi! It's me lil' boy, Basil! Fatso!" He giggled, watching the tubby ole' cat waddle on over to his lap, curling up right on his legs. "Ya like cats? He's quite friendly, he loves ta be pet. Such a sweetheart, joost never knows how ta... not eat everythin'. I swear, I'll go broke cos' of this critter, always buyin' him food and spoilin' him. He's quite a talkative fellow, though." As if on cue, Basil let out a short, very expressive, meow. "You wanna pet him? He's a lovely cat, truly."

As Gem spoke, his hands down Basil's head, scratching behind his ears, messing with some of the short hairs between his fingernails. He was quite happy now, a little brother and his lovely little (big) cat sprawled out right there. Could life get better? He didn't think so.

What really knocks me out is a book that, when you're all done reading it, you wish the author that wrote it was a terrific friend of yours and you could call him up on the phone whenever you felt like it. That doesn't happen much, though.

On the Run  PV with Gem 

There it was - the bad word again. Jake squirmed a little at the sound of it - it was a word he was NOT supposed to hear - but otherwise nodded his head. He wasn't sure if Gem really wanted that - him being himself. Not a lot of people really wanted Jake to be himself, he didn't think. But it all didn't matter when Jake saw the new arrival on the scene.

Jake's eyes widened in an instant. "I love cats...!" Jake replied. Actually, there weren't many animals that wouldn't have gotten that same reaction. Sure, dogs were his MOST favorite, and nothing could compare to the pure love he had for dogs, but he loved just about every kind of animal there was. He had never had a pet or anything (though he'd begged and begged), and if he had (and his Mum hadn't been allergic) it likely would have been a dog, but seeing the rules at school made him really start wanting to have had a cat after all. He watched the way Basil waddled - he was a pretty cat, large but lovely - and as Gem talked, Jake's eyes didn't leave Basil, enraptured by every little movement or noise that the large cat made, until Gem asked Jake a wonderful question.

"You mean it? I can really pet him...?" Jake asked eagerly. He'd wanted to of course, but it was rude to ask sometimes. His mum had taught him that you can't just go asking to pet every animal that you see. The young Puff's face grew responsible as he contemplated this great privilege he'd been given, because it WAS a great privilege to get to do it. Slowly, he crawled closer, coming to a stop on his knees and inching forth a gentle little hand. He didn't want to scare he went slow. Jake knew what it was like to be scared. Cautiously he got closer, closer...until he felt the cat's warm fur beneath his fingers. Then Jake softly gave Basil a little stroke and smiled. When Basil received it well, only then did Jake scooch closer.

"Thattaboy Basil," Jake whispered, stroking him. and as the cat let out another meow, the boy giggled with delight. "You're a good kitty, huh...? A good hungry kitty aren'tcha? But you're a sweetie-cat," Jake spoke softly, all traces of his stammer gone. And as he continued to pet Basil, an odd thing happened. The encounter with the bully - the fear, the crying - it all seemed very far away. Like something that had happened long ago, or a bad dream that could no longer hurt him. As he sat on his knees, running gentle hands down Basil's neck, his face had completely changed - for once the fear was out of it, and it was replaced by pure joy.

On the Run  PV with Gem 

@Jake Morris

It always fascinated Gem, to see how different people acted around animals. It was so much easier to be gentle, be yourself whenever a little creature - one like a cat - made its presence known. He grinned, feeling Basil purr all happy-like when Jake's finger came down on his head, getting him in all the right areas. Jake's attitude had been turned off, just like a switch; no fear, no tears, not a single stutter. It seemed like he was just as content as Gem was, and that just calmed him more.

"He's quite a unit, in'n't he?" He mumbled, feeling an even bigger smile crack his cheeks up, little dimples at the side of his face. "I can't believe I wos able ta carry him back ta Hogwarts, honest. He's quite a good sleeping partner, until he crushes yer chest and damn hear kills ya." He thought back to this morning, when he was woken up by Basil sitting right on his chest, screaming in his face due to the fact he was... 'famished'.

"Did ya have any pets? Back home, I mean. They're quite good company, as you can see 'ere." He ran his hand down Basil's back, his tail twitching upwards delightfully. "I fink he likes ya. Maybeh it's true, you Hufflepuffs are excellent wiv animals."

What really knocks me out is a book that, when you're all done reading it, you wish the author that wrote it was a terrific friend of yours and you could call him up on the phone whenever you felt like it. That doesn't happen much, though.

On the Run  PV with Gem 

Jake continued to pet Basil, giggling with each purr and meow. There was nothing more soothing than interacting with an animal, and as Jake talked softly to Basil and felt his soft fur, he just felt calm and peaceful. He giggled again as he heard about Gem's predicament, and smiled at Basil. "Aww he doesn't do it on purpose...right Basil?" he asked.

"I wish I had a cat to sleep with," Jake said wistfully. "I only have..." he began, before realizing what he'd been about to say, and cutting himself off sheepishly. "N-Nothin'..." Because Gem didn't have to know he still slept with stuffed animals...not right now...even if he was his big brother. Not that he didn't like sleeping with his stuffed animals (he would never say that about them, because of course he did). But a cat would just be perfect.

"No..." Jake said sadly. "I really want one, but my Mum is allergic. I wanted a dog my whole life...more than anything." When Gem said that Basil liked him, Jake's face lit up with a shy smile - his eyes positively beaming.

"Mum always says I'm good with animals," Jake said, still petting Basil softly. "Is it true that Hufflepuffs are...? Do you wanna know what? I'm in the Scamander dorm - like Newt. I read about him...he was excellent with animals," Jake said, thinking back to the books he'd read at the library and all of the creatures that Newt had taken care of and protected. To tell the truth, he was already becoming a bit of a hero for Jake. "I wanna be like him when I grow up..."

On the Run  PV with Gem 

@Jake Morris
"I fink every kid should be supplied wiv a pet of any sort, honestly. Really, it's like, child abuse. I used ta have a dog, ole' bloodhound. His name wos Tate, loyal and lovin', best pet I ever had, really. He was a bit reckless, though, an' muggles don't really pay attention, so... well, yunno, trains... an' all that." He hated remembering finding out Tate had been hit by a train, it was quite dark. He wouldn't leave his room for a week, nothing could beckon him out.

"Newt! A bloody genius, if ya ask me. Such a humble guy, all he wanted wos for animals ta be understood... treated right, an' all. I fink you've got the potential ta be just like him, with a heart like yours." He patted Jake's shoulder, glancing at all his writing utensils on the table he'd abandoned... it was late, they shouldn't have been out past curfew. "Ehm... hey, I don't want ta rain on yer parade, but I have to get going - you probably should too, or we'll both get sent off ta detention. It's late, an'... well, I'm tired." He pushed Basil off himself, his once darkly colored pants now decked out with strings of short, orange fur. God, he should've bought a lint roller.

"Do... ya need me ta walk you to yer dorm, mate?"

What really knocks me out is a book that, when you're all done reading it, you wish the author that wrote it was a terrific friend of yours and you could call him up on the phone whenever you felt like it. That doesn't happen much, though.

On the Run  PV with Gem 

Jake nodded. "Yeah...I know I would be responsible...and I know I could've taken good care of him...but maybe...maybe now that I'm a wizard I can learn how to cure allergies and then I can have a dog..." he said hopefully. It was lucky for Jake that Gem's reference to trains went right over his head - the true meaning never occurred to him, as he thought about how lucky Gem was that he had got to have a dog. Dogs were the greatest animal ever - loyal and loving and adorable, and having one would be the greatest thing that Jake could ever imagine.

The idea that Jake could one day be like Newt was a huge compliment that brought an excited smile to the boy's face. He wasn't sure if it was true...Newt was a hero, and it would take somebody very special to be like he was. Jake wasn't special, not like that...but he was going to try at least. It was all he wanted. To make animals be understood and treated right. Jake had always understood animals - a lot better than people, actually - but he knew that not everybody else did. One day maybe he could change that...just like Newt had done.

He hadn't realized how close to his bedtime it was until Gem pointed out the time. When he did, as if on cue, a yawn escaped him. Jake looked surprised for a moment - how could he still be tired at a time like this - but it seemed that sleep waited for no boy. The threat of detention alone was enough to make Jake wanna get out of here as soon as he could.

Just...just not alone.

When Gem asked if he needed to be walked back to Hufflepuff, Jake slid closer and knelt right beside him, his knee against Gem's leg, reaching out to touch the Ravenclaw's arm and nodding his head shyly. "Uh-huh...". This room might have become a safe place...but the hallways weren't. His eyes looked up to Gem's nervously with a clear, silent plea. 'Please don't leave me'.