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Spitballs or Studying?  open 

Somehow, Gem convinced Charlotte that studying would be a good thing. Despite her Ravenclaw robes, she couldn't help but sneer at the fact that she actually had to do homework to keep going to a school made for wizards. She was a wizard, would she even be welcome into a muggle school? The answer was no; trouble was written all over her face all the time- now was no exception. After hours of studying, which was really just her hovering her quill over a blank piece of parchment while her eyes drifted around the room. Of course there were groups of people studying, but that wasn't her style. No, she much preferred to be alone when she studied or she'd get no work done, not that anything was getting done anyway.

Starting to rip up the little pieces of paper, she starting wadding them up, creating little bullets of parchment. She picked one up after she had what seemed like a forcefield of the little things and started to aim. One eye shut, the other squinting slightly, her eye on the prize; some second year she'd run into a couple times, and not once had a good interaction with. No, in fact she hated him- so much more of a coward than she could even believe, but he liked to act tough... Oh did he like to act tough. So naturally, Charlotte chose him as her first target- y'know... Practice.

She wanted to make this count, so she spit on it and flicked it, quickly shoving the other pieced of paper into her bag and in her ropes, making herself look busy. Her eyes were peering over her history book, waiting to see his reaction, and boy was it a good one.
He combed the spitball from his hair, the fact of anger quickly taking over as her scanned the room, his eyes landing on her. She was snickering, not even a ounce of fear running through her as he stomped over to her table.

"Do you want to explain to me how this got into my hair?" He slammed his hands on her table, holding up the spitball in question. "Well how do you think detective? We need your opinion to get this investigation any further." Charlotte had a straight face, her eyebrows furrowed.
"Don't mess with me, Maher, I know you did it." He yelled, not bothering to keep hi voice down regardless of where they were
"That's a pretty serious accusation you're throwing there, are you sure?" Her grin was wide, leaning her chin into her hands.
"Who else?" He growled, Charlotte letting out a small yelp as he pulled her up by her shirt collar. She never thought he'd take it this far. Who knew this would push him over the edge?
"What are you going to do? Punch me or kiss me? Better make your decision quick before I change my mind about the second option." She squinted her eyes, her hands balling into fists, ready to fight if he made the first move.

Spitballs or Studying?  open 

@Charlotte Marie Mahr

Studying, the epitome of death and destruction combined. Millie had no want to study, but there was a rather stupid test in Transfiguration, and if she wanted to be a wandmaker, then she was going to have to ace it. So she grabbed her bag, a few books, a few pencils and paper, and headed out of the common room and to the study room. Even with the long walk separating her trip, she was still dreading it.

She walked in and settled down, opening and beginning to read her book. All was well until she heard two people talking- well, arguing. She licked her lips and looked over. The argument was getting more intense, and Millie was almost certain that it was going to end up in a fight. She calmly removed her wand from her bag, and walked over, keeping it concealed. The argument consisted of a second year and a first year.

"Hey, can you both keep it down and stop fighting?" Millie asked, trying to find out why the two were arguing. "People are trying to study, y'know."

Millie didn't even want to ask why the two were fighting, but her curiosity took over her. If one of them lashed out, she could counteract with a hex of some kind. "Why are you two even fighting in the first place?" She inquired further.

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Spitballs or Studying?  open 

@Charlotte Marie Mahr @Euphrasia Millie

Grayson had been in the study room not because he was looking over notes or reviewing his textbook. No, he came down to write a letter, a letter to his father who would most likely not even read it before throwing it in the trash. It was weird, Grayson knew his father hadn't cared about him an inch. Left him and his mum when he was five, and even once she passed he didn't take responsibility of his own son. So how did he still feel obligated to send him letters?

He hadn't a clue, and his thoughts were shortly interrupted at the sound of two voices arguing back and fourth. Something about.. a spitball? Whatever it was about it was getting bloody annoying. The girls attitude and wit made her seem childish, and Grayson didn't even have to turn around to tell he didn't like her.

As he had been about to stand up, he heard another voice. A familiar one this time. It belonged to a girl named Euphrasia Millie, he knew this because he was in his same year and house. She seemed to be just as annoyed, and asked them what the problem was.

Curious, Grayson turned around too, intrigued of what they had to say.

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Spitballs or Studying?  open 

Maya was sitting in the library it was usually a boring place to be in but she mostly always sat in there anyway because it was quiet and everyone kept to themselves and didn't bother her but not today, she has always been independent and she doesn't really have many friends hense why shes always sitting alone but she just tells others it's because people are annoying most of the time she never says the real reasons or shows how she truely feels she hides behind a tough front and sarcasm

Maya was doodling in one of her textbooks not doing any work like usual when she heard yelling at another table neaby she looked up and curiously listened into their conversation, it was something to do with a spitball and not being able to study, one girl a Gryffindor who seemed annoyed by the arguing asked them to be quiet since she was studying and another boy also a Gryffindor turned around to probably see what was going on, now Maya's curiosity was getting the better of her so she grabbed her books and made her way over to a closer table and just leant against it waiting to see what would happen next

@Charlotte Marie Mahr @Euphrasia Millie @Grayson Ackley

Spitballs or Studying?  open 

Charlotte looked around, smiling to herself as she realized that they'd made a scene. She knew he wouldn't do anything, his poor, poor reputation would be crushed. She didn't feel sorry for him, the whole squabble could've been crushed if he had just thrown it back; after all, all she wanted was to get a rise out of him. The only thing was, he was much taller than her, and her feet were barely touching the ground- there wasn't much she could do in her situation other than punch him and leave. Well, that was until she heard a familiar voice.

"Oh hey," She smiled brightly in Millie's direction, waving slightly despite the situation she was in. "I remember you." Charlotte could feel how irritated the boy was getting with her, he demanded her attention but she wouldn't give it to him. "Yeah yeah, I would stop but I'm in a bit of a predicament." She nodded her head slightly so she wouldn't headbutt him (although she really really really wanted to.) Suddenly, he started shaking her shoulders, and Charlotte couldn't help but roll her eyes.

"Do you need something? I'm having a conversation, you're being rude." She turned her head over to him, clearly annoyed. This whole thing didn't scare her, it was just inconveniencing. After all, she was trying to study.
"I'm being rude? You're the one who threw a spitball at me!" He huffed, the grip on her shoulders getting tighter. Her eyes flickered down to his hands, sneering slightly; it was starting to hurt.

"Rightfully so," She muttered, looking away from him again. She could feel his desire to punch her, and she wished he'd just man up and do it already because her position was starting to get really uncomfortable. She could take a hit from a ninny like him.
"What was that?" He said through gritted teeth, his eyebrows furrowing, the lines getting deeper on his face.
"I said, rightfully so." Her tone was starting to get cold, losing every ounce of playfulness she had before. "Also, might not want to make such an ugly face, it'll get stuck that way," She spat, shoving his face out of hers and moving to the side before he went in to grab her again. She needed to be quick, if they were going to fight, there was no way she was going to lose. She just needed to tire him out and deliver the final blow. He did have the upperhand- he was taller and definitely stronger, but it would be a lie to say he was as quick as her.

Charlotte could feel her heart racing as she looked around the room, looking to see if there was anything she could jump over that would slow him down. No, nothing that wouldn't bother everyone else, but wasn't she doing that already? Yes, she absolutely was, looking at the two Gryffindors that had their eyes glued on the situation. Maybe she'd ask Millie for help, she knew that she knew more spells- she was a second year after all. She rubbed her shoulders and stared the boy in the eye- he had danger in his eyes, and wasn't that exciting... No, she probably shouldn't make it a bigger situation than it already is... but it would be fun. The two thoughts conflicted her, before he went around the table, trying to land a punch on her. She moved back just in time- she guessed she better end the whole ordeal quickly, but he question became 'how?'

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Spitballs or Studying?  open 

Libby raced down the hall. They were not supposed to run in school but she had a perfectly good reason: she needed to speak to one Prefect in particular. But even though she'd had ask people she just couldn't seem to find them and it was getting really tiring, trying to find them them and also not trying to get in trouble.

At a corner she stopped and took a breather, leaning her back against the wall. She rested her head back and sighed deeply. Why was it so hard? She would ask them to colour their hair so it would be easier to find them next time. She had blue hair paint she'd stolen from her sister, for a good reason or course.

Just then she heard some commotion going on nearby. It was muted because it was probably inside a classroom. Libby almost ignored it, figuring that a professor would handle it, but when she began walking she passed the Study Room and realized that it was coming from there.

She opened the door a crack and poked her head in. Somebody was talking about spit balls, which made her nose crinkle. That was nasty, but it was also pretty funny. She had to stiffled a laugh; she could just imagine someone all riled up for something so ignorant, it was something that she would do, but only if it was low chance she'd get caught, and if that person really deserved it.

There were quite a few people in the Study Room, Libby noticed. Her eyes flitted around the room: there was a girl trying to stop the fighting, an irritated boy writing away, another girl looking like she was studying but she was doodling, and a few more people, including the victim of the spit-balling.

The girl who started it began running. She had apparently did something else that warrented the victims to get back at her. This was not going to end well, she already knew, and she kind of liked the girl for the funny thing she did and didn't want her to get in trouble. So Libby decided to do something.

She sucked in her breath and said, “WHY. ARE. WE. RUNNING. AROUND?” Libby's eyes caught on a fist going through the air. Wait—was he trying to hit a girl?

Now, that made Libby mad. She raced over to the boy, pushing past the girl, and tackled him to the floor. “YOU DON'T HIT GIRLS, YOU IDIOT!” She began wrestling with him, fury controlling her mind. All one could see was flashes of red hair and hear punches being thrown. Nobody would hit girls on her watch.

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Things were getting interesting. Soon after Maya made her way over to the commotion, over a silly spitball, the boy and girl were still arguing. When suddenly, the pair started running around and they were trying to hit each other

Maya sat herself up on the table so she was more out of their way, this was not going to end well. The boy kept trying to hit the girl but she was dodging his punches, and then out of nowhere, a girl shouted at the top of her lungs asking why they were running around in the study area. That kinda made Maya giggle to herself, this wasn’t a strange occurrence many people on Maya’s street back home would constantly fight, and the best solution, is to just let them sort it out themselves. Otherwise then you’re the one at risk for a punch in the face, and Maya was not going to risk getting hit in the face for a girl she has never met before, and if the teachers get involved then Maya’s going to be in trouble, for just helping out and she was already disliked with the teachers for never doing any work.

If it was one of her friends, that’s different, she would be up helping before the fighting even began, but she didn’t know the girl, and of course she felt bad that they were fighting, unless the girl knew some good spells she was at a disadvantage, maybe if it got more serious she would get involved. But before Maya could think about it anymore, the girl who was previously shouting at them, shouted again telling the boy he can’t hit a girl and to Maya’s surprise the girl tackled the boy to the floor, and started fighting and wrestling him on the ground, she looked like a small quiet Hufflepuff but she definitely wasn’t

Maya wondered, should she help or would that just get her in trouble too? Is it worth it to get involved?

Spitballs or Studying?  open 


Ah yes! The first-year girl called Charlotte! Millie had faintly remembered seeing her and a boy called "Gem" with her. It wasn't that long ago, but it was long enough for her to remember their names. She tried to remember something else, especially the girl getting in a fight with a boy her age, but nothing else came up.

Millie sighed, if this boy wasn't going to let the girl go, then Millie would have to force him to. Just as she pulled out her wand from her sleeve, another girl sprinted in, and tackled the boy. Millie jumped back in a spite of fear, but realized that this fight was only going to get worst if she didn't do anything. If she used a hex, though, then a prefect might give her detention. But there was no prefect, and Millie didn't know how long it would be before one arrived.

She pointed her wand in the direction of the boy, and hissed "Wingardium Leviosa!" She raised her wand up and up higher until the boy was high in the air. This would separate the girl who tackled him, and Charlotte, who had gotten in a fight with him. It was the safest way Millie could've executed the situation without one or more people getting hurt.

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Spitballs or Studying?  open 

Charlotte was giggling while she was being chased, she could hear the anger in his breath- that was until she heard another voice.She stopped running as soon as she realized someone else had joined the fight. This annoyed her more than she already was; she liked to fight most of her battles alone. She crossed her arms, looking down at the boy getting beat up, her weight resting on one leg.
This new girl had ruined the thrill of getting into an actual fight, or getting caught- a thrill that Charlotte had lived for. Or maybe she had ruined a chance to prove herself. That was a huge thing for Charlotte, being a girl of a small stature- she always felt like she had to prove herself, and this absolutely got in the way of that.

Shocked by the hex Millie had used, she stepped back slightly, pulling her wand from her robes just in case. She didn't know why she felt threatened, Millie was helping her. Her mind wasn't on that right now, she was still seriously ticked off at this girl- so she pulled her up from the floor by the back of her shirt, the annoyance on her face evident.
"What does it matter that I'm a girl? It would be the same situation if I were a boy, would it not?" She scoffed, turning her head away from her- Charlotte would've punched her if she didn't have any self control left, but she knew it wasn't a good idea. Of course Charlotte could handle herself, that wasn't difficult for her, but she didn't want to get this girl more riled up than she already was. How peculiar of a Hufflepuff- she never considered them to be... violent. Passionate, sure, but violent? That was new. She didn't even know her...

She blew it off, her attitude evident in her movements. Walking over to Millie, she smiled at the boy who was in the air- she found it hilarious. He was angry, cursing the three girls out.
She cupped her hands around her mouth and yelled, "What're you gonna do? Gonna try and hit me? Go for it! Let's see if you can land a punch on me from up there." She giggled, her mood lifting immediately. "Thank you, I appreciate it." She nudged the older girl and winked.

Charlotte glanced over at the other girl, her mouth pressing into a thin line. Maybe she had been too harsh- it wasn't like she was against her, she was trying to help... She thought about apologizing, but would it even be accepted?

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Spitballs or Studying?  open 

The frenzy of the fighting enraged her so much that she hadn't really thought about what she was doing. It wasn't until she heard people shouting spells and yelling seemingly at her that she attempted to stop. But the boy was already high above her and she was left with a reddened face on the flooring, huffing for air. She was just trying to help.

The girl who she had tried to help suddenly picked up her off the floor like she was some ignorant puppy, doing things she wasn't supposed to. At first she was shocked but then anger cleared away any rational thoughts.

She slapped the girl's hand away. “Y-y-you know, you're just DUMB. I WAS HELPING YOU, and you're mad because I said don't hit girls? You should be grateful, because if he had beaten you to a pulp, then you'd be the laughingstock of the entire kingdom!”

Libby looked around; everyone was staring at her like she was crazy. She didn't think she was at the very least; she was simply trying to help a fellow female and this girl was being rude. But the fight was really in her anymore, so all she could do was ball up her fists at her sides.

And the girl was still egging the boy on! Libby thought this was unbelievable. “What is really wrong WITH you?” But she just shook her head and stormed out the room, glaring at the boy once more before disappearing down the hallway.

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