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Beauty and the Swine  PV O. Hart 

PV @Oliver Hart
If the Professor wasn’t the one who paired them up, the blonde would skip out and do her own thing. Apparently the boy that Erin bullied at their graduation party the year before was good at Defense Against The Dark Arts. Oliver, she thought with a roll of her eyes. Dymphna didn’t even know his name until someone told her. He was a Ravenclaw too and she prided herself on at least putting names to faces, even if it were someone she didn’t speak with on a daily basis.

It wasn’t at all about his looks. Dymphna wasn’t that vain. Looks don't matter in the slightest. He was just a disgusting boy in every sense of the word. Anytime he seemed to come around, something bad happened. Bumping into her at the party, making a fool of himself in front of everyone and generally being a gross boy. She had to feel sorry for him though but that wasn’t what led to her sitting across the table from him in the Study Room. She wasn’t about to defy a Professor.

The Study Room was warmer than the library but not as bad as sitting next to the fireplace in the Small Hall. The space was more neutral to her than the others. The library was quieter, somewhere that she went to be alone and have a good think about the future, or in the case of the disaster of the graduation party, she went there to cry it out until her cousin Hjørdis came to comfort her. The fireplace in the Small Hall was sacred as well. It was where she and Reid met up to study together, especially nice during the colder months. She shrugged off her school robes as she thought of what to say. They hadn't spoken directly to one another.

Hello, Oliver,” she began simply and as politely as she could. Her mother taught her manners, even if the situation wasn’t ideal she wasn’t about to be rude. The assignment wasn’t exactly a class project, merely something extra to boost her grade and Oliver just so happened to be quite good in this particular class. She dug around in her untidy satchel, finding her parchment, ink and blue-feathered quill. It took her a minute more to find the correct notes parchment, written in her cursive that resembled something out of the 1800’s rather than modern day.

Every class written in a different colored ink but this one in particular was written in black - their eventual boggarts, the curriculum in general made her think of the dark. It was even in the classes name. Dymphna spread her textbooks out on the table, careful to give the boy space for his own things. ”I figure we should swap notes to compare and copy down anything we might’ve missed. You do take notes, don’t you?” Was he so good in the class that he didn’t bother? Without bothering to ask, she slid her notes towards him. Hopefully he would be able to read her handwriting. He wouldn’t be the first person to have trouble with it.

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Beauty and the Swine  PV O. Hart 

When the Professor had paired Oliver with Dymphna, it took him by surprise. So much so that after looking across the room and taking a loot at her, his stomach immediately turned. He had to pretend to drop his feather, tossing it under his desk. As he reached down to get it, a handful of vomit filled his mouth. With a wince and a wild gag, he managed to swallow it back down. He then proceeded to fetch his feather and get back up, having recovered from the shock.

That was just from the mention they were working together. Which was nothing compared to actually having to mingle with the girl.
Dymphna was no ordinary girl to Oliver, she was special. Oliver had a crush on her since early second year, it happened in charms class when a student said a joke. He witnessed her giggle and instantly grew butterflies. She was so naturally attractive to him, it made him feel warm from his core just seeing her happy.

Oliver entered the Study Room, he rarely came here. There was always kids throwing stuff at him here. Hopefully there wasn't any older bullies here today. Although as Oliver was growing taller, his chub was spreading out more and he was less of an identifiable target for bullies.

"Howdy, Dymphna," Oliver replied as he pulled out his chair.
You were meant to say What's Up!
That wasn't part of the plan!
Who the hell says howdy?!

Oliver was already red in the cheeks, he cleared his throat and quietly took a deep breath before sitting back comfortably. He placed his books, feather and ink on the desk then scooted himself in. He didn't bring any bag, just carried the essentials. His DADA book was notably tattered and worn to the point the cover was hanging on by a few threads.

”I figure we should swap notes to compare and copy down anything we might’ve missed. You do take notes, don’t you?”

Oliver nodded and then glanced at her just as she finished speaking. He immediately pulled his eyes away, not brave enough to hold them any longer. His stomach spun, he was going through extreme stress. He really wanted to impress Dymphna but knew he didn't own the means to do so.
"Notes? Y-yeah-," Oliver cleared his throat again, trying to gain control of his stutter, he then continued with a much more stern voice, pushing it out from his chest. "here," Oliver opened up his notebook and placed it before her, it noticeably shook in the air as he moved it.
Oliver's writing wasn't messy but it definitely shared the same structure of what an eight year old's would. It was oddly bubbly as well, all his letters seemed to expand outward.

Around the borders of his pages were tiny doodles, mostly just little faces or silhouettes of fighting figures. At the bottom though were signatures, it appeared as though Oliver was practicing making an extremely flamboyant signature. A large O and H both accompanied with little scribbles by them. However, at the bottom right, it could be seen Oliver actually tried to do the same writing style but using Dymphna's name instead. A big D and T with Y, P and G giving away it was her name. Her name was only other on the page.
As soon as it entered his vision, Oliver shot his hand onto his notebook just over that corner, with that he also grew extremely stiff. His brain raced through solutions. He could feel his back lining with sweat.
Oh, what have you done, Oliver! You ruined our chance already!
No! I can fix this! I just have to... have to...- YES!

"I just wrote your name there to remember you were my partner for this assignment thing, heh," Oliver pushed out a chuckle as he removed his hand, looking at her eyes to make common eye contact only for a second. He then pulled away immediately, returning to Dymphna's notes. He read them quietly and took in every word.
Wow, her writing is just as beautiful as her...
Oliver looked over at Dymphna's leg then her shoe and held back a smile. This was the best moment of his Hogwart's life, he was sitting with Dymphna Teague. ALONE!

Oliver's notes would be a lot fewer in contents than Dymphna's, he would however have a few observations that Dymphna may have not had. Comparisons to past curricular knowledge and the likes.

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Beauty and the Swine  PV O. Hart 

PV @Oliver Hart
Her fellow Ravenclaw could be described as incredibly awkward. Ever since their meeting at the graduation party, others told her of how he was bullied. Specifically by Erin but there were others as well. Perhaps that was why he introduced himself in such a way, or was he an American? Dymph already knew that was false, of course. There was information that his parents were Death Eaters. Looking at him, one wouldn't think that in the slightest.

The blonde didn't fault him for his parents actions however. To do so would be hypocritical as her ancestors favoured the Dark Arts and were prejudiced against anyone who wasn't of Pureblood. Over the years, they moved away from that way of thinking, expanding their views and focusing on helping rather than hindering. That wasn't to say that everyone in her family was supporting the Order by the time of the Second Wizarding War. Plenty stayed neutral and refused to voice their opinions during that time.

Dymphna refused to acknowledge his blush - what in Merlin's name could that mean? Puberty was a strange time and it was easier to ignore her parents words about her Veela traits. If she didn't bring much attention to herself then maybe it would be easier. She could do without everything that her mother warned her about - how people might start acting towards her as she got older, the lingering stares and proclamations of love. It wasn't something she would be comfortable with and it wasn't like she planned on using it to her advantage either.

It seemed that it was beginning. She took one look at her initials on Oliver's parchment and knew that to be a fact. There wasn't anything she could do about it, was there? Ignore it, she thought, locking eyes with him as he floundered for an explanation. Even with the lame excuse, she knew that she was correct in thinking so. She decided to ignore it, to ignore his... crush? Sooner or later, it might come back to haunt her but for now, that was her plan. Perhaps another conversation with her mother was needed afterall.

Trying to focus on his notes, on the bits that she hadn't written down, the textbook kept bugging her out of the corner of her eye. His book was laying in tatters on the table. That wouldn't do. If Oliver was going to make it through Hogwarts, he needed his supplies to be in perfect condition. Without even bothering to ask him, feeling that he would be appreciative of the gesture anyway, she whipped out her wand and did a quick cast. "Reparo." The threads holding the book together twisted themselves tight, the tattered edges folding over to create perfect corners. There were bits that couldn't be completely repaired, not having enough material left to do so but it would do.

It wasn't done to impress him or make him think any more of her than he already clearly did. Dymphna, despite her unorganized school bag and messy desk in the dormitory, believed that to succeed one needed to keep their textbooks in pristine condition. She was only doing him a favour.

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