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What a Surprise  PV: Jamie Matthews 

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September 4, 2019 - 10:42
Katrina sat back in the cushioned brown chair and opened her new herbology book. She might as well read it now before school started. A few third years were practicing some sort of charm in the corner but as soon as Katrina entered they stopped and started picking up their stuff. They soon left the room and closed the door behind them. Katrina was alone now, the only sound was the sound of her own breathing.

A lone window showed the dreary windswept sky, casting a dull glow on the floor. There was a dead fireplace imbedded in the wall. Four other chairs, identical to the one she was sitting in, were place haphazardly about the room.

Yet, Katrina was oblivious to it all, reading about Mandrakes- they seemed terrifying. This year they would learn about all sorts of things, including slugs.

She was really interested in astrology. Last year they were memorizing names, Katrina could still recite most of the objects in the sky. She was top of her class and loved the challenge.

Katrina eventually continued reading about Mandrakes and their terrifying nature. If you heard a full grown one scream, you could die! Katrina shuddered and continued reading. She paused when she heard footsteps approach the door. She slowly pulled out her wand and set it at her side. She pretended to read as someone opened the door.
Here I set it up for you Jamie.
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“True friendship comes when the silence between two people is comfortable.” – David Tyson
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What a Surprise  PV: Jamie Matthews 

Three pairs of hands grab me and pull me backwards with such force, I almost go crashing to the floor. The hands belonged to my three friends, who I had managed to make within the four days I had been at Hogwarts. I smirk and try to follow them through the bathroom door they had sprinted into. As I attempt to open the door, I realise I could feel all three of their body weights pressed against it. There was no way I was getting through that door.

I can still here they're laughter echoing through the long empty halls fifty feet away from the bathroom. All three of them are really boisterous. If anybody comes across the four of us together they would probably be reminded of how peeves behaves. I know this isn't a good reputation, but they are nice kids actually.

I look down at my red and black Gryffindor robes and attempt to get the dirt off them. We had just come from climbing the trees next to the lake. I was by far the best, seeing that I had a background in rock climbing, but it still doesn't mean I don't make mistakes. Like forgetting to wear sensible clothes for climbing, not my robes. Now I look like a mess.

I haven't even been paying attention to where I was going and find myself near the library. I sigh thinking it would do no harm to get a bit of work done now. A couple of third years glare at me as they come out of the library. I guess it's because of my robes. I enter and shut the door behind me. The door is heavy and I left it swing shut. It creates a large bang and the single occupint of the library turns round to look at me.

It's a girl. About my age, maybe a bit older. Next to her, her wand lies ready to be used. She looks back round and goes back to her book, although, I can tell she's not reading...

Jamie ❤️

What a Surprise  PV: Jamie Matthews 

@Jamie Matthews
Katrina silently slipped her wand back into her cloak as she studied the person who walked in. He was a Gryffindor by the sight of his tattered robes. A smile still on his face and breath loud in the quiet room. He had dark brown hair and blue eyes. She remembered the Gryffindor. Being sorted, but what was his name? Was is Matthews?

Katrina decided she should speak up first, “Um, Hi.” The pupil cleared her throat, “What’s your name?

Katrina put a bookmark in the spot she was reading and put a smile on her face. She wondered why he came in. And his face was hard to read. She looked messy and the lion hoped he wasn’t one of the rough boys. She slowly waited for him to respond and took another sneak look at the page and closed it. And slipped the book back into her bag.

She cleared her throat, “Are you lost? You look lost.” Katrina laughed inwardly, she remembered being lost early on. And his face looked quite surprised. Katrina grabbed her notebook and closed it. A slip of paper cut her skin and she let out a quiet yelp. She shoved the notebook in and grabbed a bandage- quickly placing it on her finger before turning back to the boy.

“True friendship comes when the silence between two people is comfortable.” – David Tyson
>Stats: Sta, 6 Evas, 8 Str, 3 Wis, 9 ArcP, 9 Acc, 5<