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Battle of the Brains  PV Elia Wilfor   Closed 

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Perlyn silently stepped into the study room, her blue eyes scanning the space as her hands tightly squeezed the strap to the small bag that rested on her shoulder and across her chest. The corners of her lips perked up in slight smile. Stepping further into the room, the female silently let out a small sigh of relief.

She was searching for a silent place to study and take notes. The library had been unnecessarily loud and Perlyn refused to study in the Ravenclaw common room or the halls. Thankfully, the study room was quiet, aside from the hushed chatter of some groups of students who also occupied the room.

Picking a small table to the side of the room, Perlyn swiftly walked over and gently placed her bag upon the table. Settling down in the seat, the female began pulling out her materials and organizing them. 

Finishing setting up her stuff, she flipped open the book of charms she was taking notes on and her notebook which was filled with page after page of notes. Taking her quill quickly into her hand, Perlyn instantly began reading, stopping every few seconds to jot down a note or two. Her eyes faltered every once in a while as she unintentionally listened in on the conversations around her, but quickly caught herself before her attention could stay too far.

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Battle of the Brains  PV Elia Wilfor   Closed 

Elia huffed as she walked over to her table with her books. 

Unfortunetly, there was someone was there, who was pouring over her own books. Elia put her books on the table with a bit of a slam. The girl looked at her with a bit of an annoyed look. Elia looked at the girl kind of upset. She hadn't had a good week, and was very behind on her studying due to a prank she was so busy pulling. 

"Excuse...Excuse me..." Elia asked timidly. The girl continued ignoring her. Elia sat down with a huff and knocked on the table. 

"You...You're in... in my spot..." Elia said. 

Nothing. Now normally Elia would allow someone to stay with her at the same table, but Elia was not a quiet studier. Especially when she was upset. 

"Fine... Fine...Sit...Sit there...But...Don't get...Get upset when... When I bother you..." Elia huffed angrily. She started to open her books, and pushed all her papers around the desk. She scribbled, and tapped her papers, making a big inky mess. It got all over the desk and a bit on the other girls paper, as well as Elia's text books. 

"I...I warned you" Elia said as the girl glared at her a little. 

"And...And you're wrong... on question....3" Elia said staring at the girls paper. But she must have gotten on the girls nerves, because there was a loud groan from the other side of the table. 

You've Yee'd your last Haw

Battle of the Brains  PV Elia Wilfor   Closed 

Perlyn jumped ever so slightly as some books were set onto the table next to her with a slam. Knitting her brows together, the female glanced up at the culprit with a slightly annoyed expression. The individual which her eyes landed upon was a young female with auburn hair that appeared to be her height. The girl had an upset expression upon her face. Releasing a sigh under her breath, Perlyn made a small gesture with her head, referencing to the other seats that were around the small table.
'Seriously... There are other spots. Pick one,' Perlyn thought to herself.
Turning her attention back to her studies, Perlyn ignored the female. Eventually, the girl sat down at a seat near Perlyn's.
The auburn haired girl began working, immediately spreading her papers across the table. Perlyn growled deep in her throat. Gritting her teeth, she looked up at the female. She grew more irritated when she realized she would have to tolerate this individual as Perlyn refused to possibly interrupt the other groups within the room. 
The last straws came when the ink the other girl was using seeped onto her papers and they commented on the answer Perlyn wrote for her work. A loud groan unintentionally came from the female as she turned her face up to the auburn haired girl.
"Okay...Okay, look. I'm gonna level with you," Perlyn began, sighing as she did so.
"There is no need to make a big deal about my unknowingly sitting in your seat. For one, I didn't know you had already decided to set up here. Two, there are plenty of other seats at this table. Don't throw a tantrum over this. Just peacefully sit in another seat. Three, my answer is, in fact, not wrong. This question is asking about my opinion. I only responded with such," hissed out Perlyn between her teeth, her upper body instinctively leaning towards the girl as she did so. 


(Btw. Don't be so controlling with your responses, Elia. My character's actions can be written within in your response but you shouldn't control my character's actions (ex. making my character have responses to your character's actions, making Perlyn groan). I should be writing those types of actions/responses, not you. No offense meant, just a bit of advice. I can give you some tips on writing responses if you want.)
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Battle of the Brains  PV Elia Wilfor   Closed 

Perelyn, you can't put flood messages in these. I won't mess with your character, but don't forget to add flood messages under reducio. 

Elia stopped and gave a small gasp. She hadn't mean to upset the girl, but she obviously had as the girl had raised her voice at her. Elia felt on the verge of tears. A tantrum? Elia could barely raise her voice beyond a stuttered mumble. 

"" Elia stuttered behind her hands. She quickly go up and made to dry the ink with her cloak. She started to take her books over to another desk.

"I shouldn't....shouldn't have made....made a mess." Elia started. "But...You shouldn't yell...". 

Elia dared not anger the girl again, for fear she would get in trouble. Elia wasn't one to yell, or retaliate, and was often told this. She couldn't control the girls actions or voice. But Ravenclaws who couldn't see help, where they really as smart as they thought?

"I'll...move...But che...check your answers..." Elia stated. She moved down further, and began to re write her own assignments in silence. She occasionally looked up at the other girl as if to say something, but nothing came out of her mouth except a small squeak.

You've Yee'd your last Haw

Battle of the Brains  PV Elia Wilfor   Closed 

Perlyn watched the girl stutter and move away. After watching her move away, the female let out a small, irritated sigh. Bringing her eyebrows together, Perlyn began rubbing her temples, her abdomen bending so she could rest her elbows on her thighs. 
She knew raising her voice and scolding someone like that was out of character for herself, yet she did it anyways. Perlyn's personality seemed to change to a stone cold, no nonsense type when it came to her studies. 
Turning back to her notes with a slight bit of hesitation, the female began taking notes once more. She couldn't help but turn her blue eyes to the individual she just so rudely scolded every once in awhile. Eventually locking eyes with the auburn haired girl, Perlyn let out a heavy sigh. 
In an exaggerated fashion, the female stood up, at the same time pushing the chair she was sitting in back with the bends of her knees. 
Lightly shaking her head, Perlyn walked over to the girl and swiftly set herself down in a chair next to them, her dark red dreadlocks falling limpy on her shoulder in the process. Leaning forward and keeping her voice down, as to not disturb the other occupants in the room, Perlyn began speaking.
"Look. I'm sorry about that. I shouldn't have acted like that. I seem to get a bit irritable when it comes to my studies. I understand that and it's a fault of my own. In my defense though, you were rather exaggerating everything. It seriously wasn't necessary," Perlyn finished, her lips pressed together tightly.

Battle of the Brains  PV Elia Wilfor   Closed 

The girl was apologizing. To her. It wasn't the other way around with Elia apologizing. 

Now usually Elia was trying to make amends, simply because she always felt like she was messing things up. More often than not, she was and she was constantly apologizing, or straight up breaking down. No wonder she was a Slytherin. She coward in front of people and could barely look at herself for more than 30 seconds in the mirror. 

"It...It's fine...Again...Sorry..." Elia said shifting uncomfortably at the physical touch of the girl. It made her feel more awkward. And stupid. Elia bunched her robes looking down in her lap. This wasn't the first of  incidents Elia had caused. Elia was dreading telling her parents. They would just worry. AJ wasn't talking to her, and in a completely different house. It wasn't like she could talk to her. 

Elia looked at her own homework, which was 88% doodles and scribbles. The other 12% was actual work. Maybe, if Elia didn't move the girl would leave. Usually people left if Elia went all stiff and silent, simply because they thought she was weird. It didn't seem to be working as the girl didn't leave. 

Elia sighed. This was going to be a long study day. 

You've Yee'd your last Haw

Battle of the Brains  PV Elia Wilfor   Closed 

Perlyn's eyes widened slightly as she felt the Slytherin girl shift her body, her face holding a slight uncomfortable expression. Realizing that she was rubbing up against the girl, Perlyn chuckled nervously.
"Hehe... Uh... Sorry," the female stuttered out, moving her body and scooting her chair away.
She found this individual interesting to be honest.
"Um... So...," Perlyn began, deciding what to say, but stopped herself when she looked down at the girl's paper.
Her mouth hanging open and eyebrows raised, Perlyn's blue eyes scanned the page. It was covered in various small drawings and barely any actual work was done on it. 
"Ummm..." Perlyn droned on, unsure of how to respond.
Her astonishment grew as she continued to stare at the page.
'Please don't tell me she's one of those. Well, I should have guessed anyways!'
Perlyn had no idea how people managed to study and do work like this. It was just so messy and unorganized and ugh...
A chill crawled up the female's spine as she drew her lips together in a tight line. Letting a moment of silence pass, Perlyn thought, the pads of her thumbs rubbing against each other. 
"Is...Is this how you and do your work?" Perlyn croaked out the words, attempting to keep her expression from contorting. 
She was open-minded and all but the level of disorganization was just... It was just too much.