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A kind word goes a long way  PV   Abandoned 

@Raine Sage 

A scratching of a quill on paper, the rapid scribbling out of the words written down and the reattempted start of the same stupid essay was all that could be heard. It was stupid, why did anyone ask questions like this, he didn't even understand it. History of magic, a history of people he didn't care about. Who cares if they died, who cared if history was doomed to repeat itself if people didn't learn from it.

People would die and then rise and then die again, lives would be lost and no one would lose an ounce of sleep. People that weren't connected to you were worth nothing, they were just another creature in a world full of food chains. Worse than that, they were a creature that devised homework about stupid, inconsequential people that he wanted to rip asunder just so that this homework wouldn't be relevant any more.

He was an odd sight, scratching with a quill grasped in long, tapered fingers, tipped with dull claw like fingernails that were cumbersome when it came to the fine art of writing, especially with a quill that didn't seem to want to let the ink flow smoothly out of the tip. His pupils started to dance in his head as anger started to boil.

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A kind word goes a long way  PV   Abandoned 

Raine groggily made her way toward the Study Room on the second floor to work on her DADA homework. She was already pushing her limit as the homework was due the next day but she wouldn't dare skip out on doing the work. She also had her History of Magic homework she needed to complete and had to borrow books from the Library before walking to the second floor. She would have loved to sit in the solitude of the Library and its many books and work on her homework there, but there were too many students hogging up all of the seats and tables as they studied for the upcoming final exams. So, up to the study room she went.

Upon entering the room, Raine immediately noticed the awkward tension in the space. The students that were in the room were crowded and huddled up on the tables on one side of the room while a lone student was sitting by himself on the opposite side of the room at the only corner table. The young Gryffindor looked between the two groups. His table was the only one with space. She also didn't fancy being crammed like sardines in a can over with the other students, all ranging in age and grade. Shrugging, Raine walked over to the boy in the corner and when she reached his table, she placed her bag and books on the table as quietly as she could so as not to disturb the boy who was furiously writing and scratching at his parchment with his quill.

His complexion was quite pale in comparison to other students of the Caucasian variety and his fingers...were those claws or just really sharp uncut nails? They looked a bit uncomfortable for the boy and even seemed to make writing with a quill nearly impossible. He looked completely frazzled honestly, but that didn't stop Raine from pulling out a chair and sitting down near the boy, pulling out her own quill, ink pot, parchment, and school work to complete.

He completely ignored her as he continued to scratch out and re-write something on the parchment in front of him. Taking a quick glance at his paper, she could barely make out the chicken scratch that was on the page, what with all of the inkblots and scratches, but she was able to read the boy's first name since it was written legibly.


Keeping that information to herself, Raine began writing out her own questions from her DADA homework onto her parchment, but the 'scritch-scratch' of the boy's quill was a bit distracting. Reaching into her bag, she pulled out one of the many pens that she always carried around with her. She always had one just in case she needed to write something down super fast but didn't want to pull out her quill and ink, or maybe she just didn't have the quill on her to write anything down. She never left the common room without one.

Inhaling deeply, the Gryffindor held out the pen in her left hand toward the boy and with a low voice so as not to startle him, she said, "Here. Use this pen. It's easier than using a quill."

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A kind word goes a long way  PV   Abandoned 

A girl sat down, but he didn't care. He wanted to stab something, to lay waste to this dumb paper so that he wouldn't have to do the assignment. He was going to destroy, to kill, to rip apart or just scream so loud his throat blew up. If it was not clear, from the general direction of his thoughts, Kaegen was extremely frustrated, a fact that was entirely due to a complicated homework problem, and not at all because he kept misspelling, misreading, misunderstanding. His head refused to wrap around a simple problem and he just wanted to scream. If the problem could manifest as a corporeal being, Kaegen would have already stabbed it enough to dull a dozen knives.

When the girl started to reach over the odd little wand, he tensed, dropped his quill, and grabbed the edge of the table. He was aware that he was overreacting, but that didn't make it any easier to calm down. Her voice came as no surprise, but what was weird was that she called the wand a pen, and said that it was easier than using a quill. For what, writing? There was no nib at the tip, no way to store the ink. He wanted to go away from the girl, he didn't like her, and had no interest in talking with anyone.

But he was curious, and this made no sense. He was curious enough to venture a question, even.


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A kind word goes a long way  PV   Abandoned 

Raine blinked owlishly at the boy when he replied with only one word. 'Explain a pen?'

" just, write with it. Like this." Raine put the pen to her parchement paper and wrote her name in fine, black ink. When she was finished, she held it back out to the boy. He probably never used a pen before. She was a half-blood so she knew what pens were because of her father and her Muggle schooling. But most magical born people had no clue as to what a pen was or how it could work. The girl smiled gently at the boy. "There's ink already in the little tube so you don't have to dip it into the ink and you don't have to worry about the tip breaking, bending, or staining your parchment if you leave it sitting too long while you think."

That was when she noticed how tense he was. Was it her? Should she move away? "Um...are you alright? Do you want me to sit somewhere else? You seem uncomfortable."

She looked closer at his homework and saw that he was working on a History of Magic assignment. 'Is that what he was writing furiously about? History of Magic? I don't know much about second year HoM, but...'

" you need help? With the homework I mean? I...I may not know anything about the second year lessons, but I like to read and I've read some of the second year History of Magic books in the library. Maybe I"

She had never been the shy type before, but something about the boy made Raine want to be cautious around him. Almost as if he was...fragile. To her, Keagan seemed like a trapped animal and she felt that she should take things very slowly or just be more...careful around him. That wasn't to say she disliked him. She didn't even know him. She only knew his first name. But he definitely reminded her of a wounded or trapped animal. She remembered when she and Arc had found a scared cat when they were seven. She went to go straight and grab the little feline but Arc had told her to wait and coax it out slowly because it was frightened and might attack them instead. That was what Keagan reminded her of, and she knew from that little lesson from her friend that she needed to wait, be calm, and be patient.

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A kind word goes a long way  PV   Abandoned 

Ink in a tube? This was magic, a far more powerful magic than what they taught at hogwarts. This was no magic of wand and word, but magic of substance. This was muggle magic, the kind of magic that struck fear in the blackest of hearts and brought joy to the useless minds of the farthest corner of the muggle world. This was magic akin to the growling carriages, akin to the hollow brooms with stiff wings like a bird. This was a pen. It held enough ink to continue writing, without needing to be dipped or changed, and it didn't scratch or break. But no countermagic would stop it.

This pen was like a rock, it was a thing unmoving, a real thing, but also a magical thing. Kaegen scooted his chair back, moving away from the pen, while reaching for it slowly with one hand. It was a fascinating thing. Power had always fascinated the boy, the ability to kill another had always entranced him. Knives, with their sharp blades, slingshots, with the ability to kill from far away, and every magical spell in between. Muggle magic, however, was on par with the knives and slingshots. They were things that were.

He breathed his next words with near reverence, his eyes danced with the fire that danced in the eyes of a little devil who just found a new fire, a new way to cause pain, a new avenue, a new magic. This. This pen was what real power was made of.

"Muggle magic..."

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A kind word goes a long way  PV   Abandoned 

Raine smiled as she listened to the boy's words of amazement regarding the pen. "I wouldn't call it 'magic' per se. It's just as common for Muggles to use a pen as it is for us witches and wizards to use quills."

Still holding the pen out for the boy to take, Raine held her smile. When it didn't seem as if the boy would take the writing utensil into his own hand himself, the young Gryffindor took her hand and placed the pen into his slightly clawed ones. If Kaegan flinched, Raine wouldn't know as she wasn't paying much attention to his reaction of her touching him yet.

She was more focused on the gasps that sounded in the study room and she looked at the huddled group of students on the other side of the room.

"Are you mad? Don't you know who that is? What it is?" a girl said. Going by the blue of her robes, she was a Ravenclaw and Raine narrowed her eyes at the rude bint.

"First of all, Keagan is not an it. Keagan is a boy, a kid just like the rest of us, and if I hear about you calling him anything but his first or last name again I'll punch your teeth out. Secondly, I know who he is. He's Keagan. That's all that matters. And finally, I am in complete control of my mental facilities."

A boy, a Slytherin this time, sneered at her. "You truly must be stupid. He's a dhampir! He's nothing but a menace to this school and humankind. His kind should be completely eradicated."

Raine glared at the boy and gripped her wand. She wished she knew a less destructive spell than Incendio, but she was really tempted to set the entire group aflame for how they were talking about Keagan. Turning to the boy, she smiled at him and said, "Don't listen to them. They're nothing but cowards and weaklings. They don't understand anything outside of their own tiny brain-worlds so they're naturally afraid of you."

She presented her earlier question to him again, asking if he needed help with his homework. He was a second year so maybe they could exchange ideas and help each other with their homework assignments.

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A kind word goes a long way  PV   Abandoned 

Kaegen certainly did flinch. When the girl's hand touched his, the ravenclaw's entire arm tightened nigh instantly. He didn't really like the feeling of that touch. Her skin felt far too warm in comparison to his own, it unnerved him, it was as if the two of them were more vastly different than they looked. But perhaps, he reasoned, that was just the fear talking. The fear and trepidation that came with seeing muggle magic, the fear that was a constant in his life, gradually building the more he learned of his surroundings.

He heard the murmurs, but thought little of it. They were plotting, of course they were. They wanted him dead, why wouldn't they? The weak often felt envy for the strong. Kaegen may not be the strongest, he knew all too well how weak he was. The reality of his place on the foodchain of hogwarts kept him up long past the hours when all the other ravenclaws were peacefully snoring away. But these people? These students, that spent their time playing gobstones and exploding snap and talking about people they liked based on their level of starvation? No, they were not as strong as he was.

A girl from across the room hissed at the girl who had given him the magical muggle pen, asking if she knew what, or who, Kaegen was. Or at least he assumed she was talking about him. He could hear the fear in her voice, the contempt. The contempt that always joined the voice of something that knew there was something it couldn't change. That girl couldn't stop Kaegen, she couldn't stop him from doing whatever he wanted, she couldn't stop him from killing her, should he decide he wanted to. He had more power, and it felt nice. It calmed him down, just a little.

He was a regular boy? Really? The ravenclaw fought the urge to turn and stare at the girl to his side when he heard her describe him as nothing more than his first and last name. What about his other names, what about anything else? He had been told time and again that he was different, that he was odd. More than that, an omb and a professor had both told him he was a dhampir, a half vampire, something much different than the people around him. But this girl was saying he was the same? She even threatened them to emphasize her point.

A boy spoke up this time, not as cowardly as the girl that had spoken before him, saying that Kaegen was a dhampir. That was more in line with what everyone else had always told him, but it wasn't what he wanted to hear, not really. He had fought monsters all his life, he had run from monsters, stabbed them, tried to blow them up. He had invented traps and tricks and armor and codes to confuse befuddle and exterminate as many monsters as he possibly could, he had trained himself until he body refused to move any farther and still he kept going. But this boy called him a monster? Why?

She offered her help with the homework again, and this time Kaegen decided to nod. Was she stupid, or smart, or a bit of both, no one knew. But he didn't care enough to look further in to the matter. The other students would do their thing and try to kill him, he would do his thing and avoid that fate.

"In transfiguration you can turn a rock into a mouse, a living, breathing mouse. And yet Gamp's law says you can't make a human arm? Why are we that different?"

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A kind word goes a long way  PV   Abandoned 

"In transfiguration you can turn a rock into a mouse, a living, breathing mouse. And yet Gamp's law says you can't make a human arm? Why are we that different?" 
The boy beside her asked the homework question and Raine was truly stuck on how to answer him. She hadn't learned anything about Gamp's law from Professor Lian yet. Hell, she barely knew anything about physics. She didn't want to come off as an idiot to this boy. She wanted him to be her friend. She wracked her brain for the random facts that her childhood friend would rattle off to her, hoping that something in there would be good enough information to help answer the kid. 

"Um...well Gamp's Law focuses mainly on summoning things, right? Food, animals, things...the law allows for witches and wizards to multiply or...or enlarge the item we see and have in front of us...or have summoned..." 

Raine sighed in frustration at herself. She couldn't exactly remember everything that Arc had told her about Transfiguration and the laws of Physics. Especially since that branch of science was particularly boring. Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath and continued. "I'm sorry about that. I sounded like a rambling idiot. I actually don't know for sure why the rules of Transfiguration are the way they are. You may have to ask Professor Lian about that. However, I do know that even though we have magic and can summon things from thin air, we cannot create something from nothing. Even with summoning items or creatures, we usually have to know what that item or creature looks like before we can summon it or transfigure something else into what we want. But to make something from nothing...that's a bit impossible." 

The girl thought about what she just said and tried to expand without being long winded. "I-I know that I said that if we know what something looks like we should be able to summon it. By that logic we should also be able to summon an arm, example let's say, if you had your arm cut off and then it...disintegrated or something, you can't exactly summon your arm even though you know what it looks like. It's already gone. You would have to summon someone else's arm from their body, which would be stealing and really painful for the other person if you really thought about it, and then reattach it Frankenstein or something. Um...I guess what I'm trying to say is that we can't make something from nothing. Everything that we summon already exists." 

Raine swallowed as she looked down at her paper. She was embarrassed that she didn't know the answer to the older boy's question. It was a simple question but she still didn't even know how to answer it properly. 'Oh, I wish Arc were here. He would be able to explain this so much better.'  To add insult to her own self-injury, she also was super long-winded and probably confused the kid more than helped him. 

"I-I hope that I least a little bit." 

She may not be afraid of him, but she hated embarrassing herself. 
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"But shouldn't you be able to turn a wooden arm into a real arm? And shouldn't you be able to attach that arm to yourself? If it's possible to turn into animals, how do wizards die at all? We should be able to switch bodies, or multiply ourselves. Our consciousness is clearly not limited to our brains, this is obviously just some form of weird flesh suit. Why can't I change it?"

She had basically told him she didn't know, but with extra steps. That was okay, maybe she knew something else. Or... anything else, really. Before, he hadn't been sure if she was smart or not. Now, he was even less sure. On the one hand, she had been willing to try and explain something to him, even though she didn't know what it was, which he appreciated. Effort was good, usually. It meant she thought he was worth wasting breath on.

"What are you good at?"

In case she didn't have an answer, and he was worried that she didn't, he didn't want to just pass judgement on someone who had been so nice, and shared muggle magic with him. People had pros and cons, right? There was, of course, something he was going to be bad at, and this may have been that thing that this girl was bad at. His question was a legitimate one, however. In theory he should be able to replicate himself, or make himself immortal. Why did more people not do this? Were they too stupid to grasp the potential?

Kaegen was working on a theory that everyone had some use, however small they might be. This would be a sort of test of that theory.
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