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Adalacia had chosen the study room for her free period, having no real use for the library and certainly  not wanting to return to her dormitory it was the one place she could find some real peace and quiet. her notes were spread out around her, color coded and positioned by their appropriate dates, History of Magic textbook thrown open to her side as she continued to highlight the key parts of her assignment.  Seeming she had been there for an hour already she was so involved with herself and her studies, not even sparing a second glance when another student entered, taking a seat to the table directly across from hers. It wasn't until she stopped to take a small break that she noticed his presence. 

Adalacia noticed he too had a History of Magic textbook open and at the ready, gaze flitting back and forth as he read, his evident frustration shining through as he set the textbook down only to flip back to the beginning and start reading all over again. His determination was admirable and the young Gryffindor cocked her head to the side slightly, not quite sure if she should offer her services (being a Prefect and all it was expected of her to help others to the best of her ability) or let him be. From what she'd experienced Ravenclaw's were quite the brilliant group of Witch's and Wizard's, he might figure it out all on his own, but everyone had their faults and she felt obliged to at least try. 

Slowly she stood, softly closing her textbook and edging towards his table. "Excuse me?" She queried with a kind smile, "My name is Adalacia Podmore, I'm the prefect for Gryffindor." She began, not exactly sure why she had offered that useless piece of information, "I-I just noticed you had a History of Magic textbook and was wondering if you'd like to study with me?" She inwardly kicked herself for stuttering, but remained smiling nonetheless. She didn't want to outright let this boy know she knew he was struggling, she could understand pride. So offering to study with him under the premise of making friends instead? That was an easier, and more effective approach. 

'Gryfect' Adalacia Podmore, the one and only!