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Angellica Rowley

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November 4th

Hogwarts had so much to offer the young witch in her quest for approval and knowledge. Classes were filled with information she was eager to absorb, and as she had eagerly taken to the mighty syllabi, she quickly began attempting to keep ahead of her studies in hopes to better manage her time. Potions had easily become one of her favorite classes. There was nothing quite like the chill of the dungeons, the scent of various liquids coming to a boil. It was an art of precision and she did so enjoy meticulous precision. Never one to truly wing it, there were some courses that were easier to follow than others, that offered more comfort than other when it came to cause and effect. That satisfaction of instant gratification.

It was a good thing that Angellica's bag held one of those handy expansion spells, courtesy of her mother. The woman did know just how much the blonde tended to be. Armed with her books on potions and herbology, along with a few tomes borrowed from the library, the first year Ravenclaw descended the stairs of her tower, making her way through the castle. Although she appreciated the soothing nature of the common room for studying, she had wanted to try out the Study Hall she had crossed, curious to see the learning habits of other houses. Who knew, perhaps she would find someone like-minded to study with outside the confines of her house.

The Study Hall was an interesting chamber within the castle. Rows of benches and tables, the rustle of parchment and scratching of quills creating a background noise akin to class without the same level of supervision. In the distance she noted a professor making rounds, ensuring a certain level of dedication from the students within not to deviate from the purpose of the chamber. Keeping her head down she made her way to the edge of table, glad there was at least one end open for expansion. As quietly as she could, she settled her bag on the table and removed a few tomes. Her assigned books for Potions and Herbology, some parchment and quills. It was an entire process until she had everything just right for her to feel comfortable to begin.
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The library, study at that place was not a bad decision. You would be able to get more information that you needed with the books there, as long as you didn't break the rules. It was usually pretty quiet. The only problem was that if there were too many students, it would be impossible to find a table for yourself. Not to mention, there might be other students who borrowed the book that you needed. And for Luna's luck, both of them happened today, which was why she changed the place to learn.

The Ground might be a good idea, though there were a lot of people there, which meant it would be noisy. The Great Lake could be a better place, not many people hanged around there. Though she shouldn't forget that there might be windy, and the wind could easily make her parchments fall into the lake. Nope.

All three female Slytherin Prefects had pets. Which was the reason that made she believed that she couldn't concentrate in their dorm. The only place left was the Study Room. The name said everything. Weird, but to be honest Luna had never studied in this place. The places that she mentioned before were where she usually did her homework. Opening the door, the Slytherin Prefect hoped that this place wasn't too noisy.

Luckily, it wasn't. Although there were still some students who were talking, it seemed like they were discussing their homework more than about some stuff that wasn't related. After a few seconds of looking around, she found a good place to study. There was a blond-hair girl [Angellica] sitting next to that spot, but she didn't really care about it. After all, Luna didn't think sitting between some group of people who kept talking was a good idea.

She quickly walked to the table, sat down next to the Ravenclaw [Angellica]. Trying not to make too many sounds, she started talking out the parchments, quills, last but not least, the Potions book. To be fair, she only brought the equipment to do Potions homework and Astronomy. Every student had their favorite subjects, and so did Luna. She only brought those two because they were her favorite subjects and because she wanted to test if studying in the Study Room was a good or bad idea. Luna opened her potion book to the right site and the notes she wrote in class, read them all over again before beginning with writing the answers to the questions.

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Angellica Rowley

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Rustling parchment and scratching quills filled the hall. A few students in clusters chattered away, but under the eye of staff kept it low enough that it could be ignored with proper distance. Which had lead her to chose her spot. Ends of a table were rare enough, and though she knew she could enjoy it for a spell, it would be short lived. All she could hope was that whoever chose the seat across from her would be quiet, or at least someone that wouldn’t be annoying. That was truly all she could ask for. She’d had too many encounters with loud chewers, nail biters, and other aggravating qualities a person could have.

When a Slytherin girl walked by, she felt a bit of relief, at least she wouldn’t end up with an obnoxious Gryffindor. Though she had tried not to feel any bias towards houses, it was hard not to find some when it came to Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs. It wasn’t that she hadn’t enjoyed the company of a few of them, she did have friends within those houses, or acquaintances, but as a whole, they were a bit much to her taste.

A soft smile perked her lips from above her potions tome she was cross referencing with a herbology tome as the girl sat before her. It was something of a habit. Trying not to be too cold or cut off. She didn’t want to be exactly like her parents. Especially when the girl before her was pulling out similar materials to the ones she was reading. Astronomy had never been her strong suit but she did enjoy the class if only to enjoy the sight of the night sky above head.

“Potions homework?” she asked in a soft tone, tapping the spine of the book she held to silently say they were studying the same subject. Even if they didn’t talk it would be at least somewhat comforting to know that she wasn’t alone.

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It was peacefully. It was, until the person who was sitting next to her suddenly started a conversation. And it was to her. How, unfortunately, but she was glad that the thing that girl decided to talk about was related to the homework she was working on, or she wouldn't hesitate to ignore this girl. And if this Ravenclaw kept talking something that didn't relate to the lesson, she wouldn't mind leaving this seat either, or just went back to her dorm, ignoring the pets jumping around. Luckily, the blond hair didn't do any of those, which also meant Luna wouldn't leave this place or at least, not yet.

To be fair, as long as they were still talking about the homework and mainly talking about it, she wouldn't mind talking about other things. She couldn't see anything that could go wrong just because of talking about homework with this Ravenclaw. If she was lucky, she could finish them sooner. And if she wasn't, she just needed to say that she had to focus on the homework. Decided.

Talk about Ravenclaw, the first student that she was talking with while studying was also a Ravenclaw. Sadly, she didn't have the chance to meet that girl anymore, as if that Ravenclaw had disappeared from this school. What happened to her exactly? It was kind of unfortunate since she had asked her brother for the camera for that girl. To be fair, the people she who she met these days were mainly mixing between all the houses but Ravenclaw. Maybe she wasn't mean to meet any ravens, or maybe the places that she went weren't where the Ravens liked to be. Sounded pretty impossible since she usually visited the library, but who knew.

She should respond to this girl as well. Letting her wait for too long wasn't polite. And Luna didn't want to be impolite. It was funny that they were going to do the same homework though... "As you can see, yes. I am doing potion homework, and if things go smooth, I will do Astrology homework next." Now she started to wonder if this Ravenclaw could help her with doing the homework - although she didn't need any help. The blue house, the house of intelligent people. But were they really? Although her mother was a Ravenclaw and was pretty intelligent, the lavender hair couldn't help but doubt this house.

"Why?" This was pretty obvious, to do homework together. But just to make sure, she still asked her the question. Not to mention, acting like you didn't understand anything was much more fun than showing the others how much you knew. They would be careless around you, and they wouldn't put too much hope on you. That was really better than showing yourself to others.

Just because I said you were bad does not mean that I am mean. It shows that I am honest.
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The purple haired girl before her was quiet, which was nice. Exactly how one would enjoy their neighbour while attempting to study. Why she had initiated contact, she couldn’t say. Perhaps she’d felt lonely, or maybe she was trying to fit in. Things were complicated, and though she liked to think she didn’t truly need anyone but herself, immersing herself in work could only last so long. When the girl finally replied Angellica felt somewhat embarrassed. Of course she had seen so, and the next statement made the slightest rush of rose blossom in her cheeks. It had been a stupid way to start a conversation. If she'd been older she might have feared it had appeared as a come on, but thankfully there would be a few years before that became any sort of concern.

"I didn't mean to..." she began and sighed. "I've been running a study group in the Ravenclaw Tower, it's probably just habit to take interest in what others are studying," she spoke earnestly, offering a light closed smile that would be the closest to an apology she would offer. "Potions is my favorite class, though I'm surprisingly excelling in Astronomy," she added and realizing she was babbling she stopped herself cold. No the other girl didn't care for all this information, and she needed to learn to follow those cues. It would be rude not to, and where she might not have needed friends, she didn't need enemies, especially not from Slytherin. Soon enough they had a game against them, and she wasn't exactly wanting to find herself on the side of a blatching.

"I'll let you study," she promised. She'd already disrupted the girl's attempt for a quiet place to study, something she herself had been interested in, yet there she had gone running her mouth, trying to relate to others. Her father might had called the attempt pathetic, though he would have encouraged her to make friends with Slytherins. It was his house in school after all, though she had taken her mother's alma mater of Ravenclaw in the end. Surely the hat knew what it was doing. Looking at her book again she tried to find the passage she had been on. Antidotes had been the theme of class, and she'd brought books to cross-reference with. She skipped through the herbology tome, opening it to Mistletoe Berries to ensure she had the proper information.

Later she'd probably find a place to practice one of the potions seen in class, if only not to completely fail in class. She hated seeming any less intelligent than she knew she was. School was meant for learning, and though that also mean accepting and learning from failure, failure was among her greatest fear. Failing meant lessening her father's opinion of her.

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Luna quietly turn the next page on her potion book, while still listening to the blond hair girl talking. Well, maybe she was actually wrong. This girl was only curious, not that she wanted to team up with the snake to do homework together. Maybe she met too many people that didn't know things. She shouldn't have forgotten that this girl was a Ravenclaw, and a Ravenclaw should not be that type.

Well actually, not all Ravenclaws were intelligent like what she read from the book about Hogwarts. Not her fault. Well, it was kind of her fault that she thought all Ravenclaws were the same. The snake sighed.

"Do not worry about it." She actually did not mind about it. She didn't show any uncomfortable on her face, did she? Obvious, she didn't react like she was happy or whatsoever.

The Ravenclaw had just said that she enjoyed the two subjects Luna was going to learn. She was actually not sure if the girl was telling the truth, or it was some kind lie so that they could get along or just not dislike each other? However, with the fact that she had mistaken about the blond hair raven back then, she should not be guessing around anymore. She had just guessed that this girl wanted to team up with her and that was basically totally wrong.

Yes, she did enjoy Astronomy and Potion. She was not sure why, but basically there were some weird charms she found on them. At least there was still some stuff that she could have interested in. This school was not that boring luckily.

The promise that the blond hair girl had just said made Luna realized that she spaced out. "I apologize." She might feel weird that Luna apologized from nowhere, but whatever. Besides, she had just seen what the Ravenclaw had written on her parchment. This Raven was sure a raven. If she was not going to ask Luna to team up, well then, she would do it. "If you do not mind, do you want to work the potion homework with me? I do not mean that we have to copy each other's homework. Just do and the other check, like that." She did not have any interested in cheating, and she would not do it. If she actually did, that would be her stupidest decision which would never exist. "If you have another idea, just say it." She didn't forget to say that. Respecting other's option.

Just because I said you were bad does not mean that I am mean. It shows that I am honest.
Angellica Rowley

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It was easy to confuse hearsay for fact, and hard ingrained knowledge repeated sufficiently over time could easily become akin to truth. As a blonde, Angellica would have a lifetime of blonde jokes ahead of her, as a perfectionist and a seeker of knowledge, it would also clash against accusations of being a nerd or a geek whichever people felt the need to throw her way. Knowledge was something she felt grew proportionately to power, and she did so love to feel powerful. Although she still hadn't felt the sting of betrayal, she was still very much pleasant and engaging with others. On her way to the school she had met with Hufflepuffs and a Gryffindor and though she still had the prejudices of her upbringing constantly on the edge of her mind, she did try to make an effort not to judge a schoolmate by their robes. Ambition was nothing wrong, heck she had a fair dose herself so engaging the young woman before her had been natural.

At the assurance her interjections weren't unwelcome she offered a small smile that just seemed to brighten her features. A small sound of acceptance escaped her as she bobbed her head in response not quite sure how to word a proper reply. She shifted in her school uniform, the bronze and navy adorning her house themed accoutrement giving her away.

Then the girl spoke some more and the blonde felt a bit more at ease than she had been only moments prior. A brightness in her eyes, she nudged the tome she'd been hovering over and showed the chapter on antidotes she was reading, keeping her tome on herbs handy to compare and contrast ingredients. "I would never copy homework, but I won't say no to studying with you. Sometimes we learn best discussing with others, and I'm always willing to get a new point of view," she offered with a bright smile. "I was reading up on Chapter three for next class, are we in the same class? she asked. "I get so excited sometimes I forget to pay attention to my surroundings," she admitted to the other.

It dawned on her through her babbling that she hadn't bothered introducing herself. "I'm not the most socially skilled. I'm Angellica," she introduced with a hint of self deprication. Honestly, with no siblings, and a lack of cousins, she wasn't well versed in human interaction. Even back home she spent more time in a small chateau that had a ghost for a housekeeper.