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In the relatively empty hallways of the second floor, there is a study room from which an unnaturally pink cloud of smoke was currently seeping out. Nothing too out of the ordinary, just a continuous stream that would only be noticed if one were to walk right past the door. Even then, they’d only spot the small amount coming out from under the door, which was the tip of the iceberg for what was transpiring inside. How did the smoke get there, you ask?

Because some idiot decided to mislabel his samples.

No words could perfectly capture the state of the room inside. Multi-coloured smoke filled the air, as if someone had set off a holiday-themed explosion in the middle of the classroom. The furniture in the room had not been changed one bit, and there had been no clear attempt to move them away for safety. Whoever caused this had obviously not prepared for it to turn out this way.

Inside the calamity of the room and right in the eye of the hurricane was a Mr. Gareth Morgan, who at this point was beginning to worry about his own health. He was sprawled out on a table next to his cauldron, in a proximity that would definitely get him in trouble if he were in class. With sleeves rolled up and cloak long discarded, he resembled a mad scientist  rather than a mere student. Surrounding him was a rather hasty set-up, with ingredients from both the magical and muggle world scattered on various desks. Currently, he was checking the sides of the cauldron for damage.

First step post-experiment: make sure you haven’t actually destroyed your container.

Lying there for who knows how long, he painstakingly scanned every inch of the cauldron, occasionally tapping certain spots to see if they’d give out. Gareth then moved on to the stand, checking the rest of the equipment just to be safe. He just had to keep everything intact until his new set arrived on friday, which he had ordered a few weeks ago.

Vaguely registering soreness at the back of his neck, he decided to check over everything one final time before moving on.

Just to be safe.
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